Teeter Hang Ups Inversion Table | Don’t miss our 7 Best Models Comparison

Teeter hang ups are one of the most popular inversion tables that are widely known and used by thousands of people around the world. One of the most mentionable reasons of teeter’s being so popular is its dynamic features as well as safety standards.

If you’re thinking about getting an inversion table, but aren’t sure where to look? Check our Teeter hang ups review, compression table with our expert buyer’s guide that will help you find the one that will meet your need!

Before going to the central point, we would like to introduce you to inversion tables. We hope you have already come to know what an inversion table is.

Inversion table is a device that is used for helping people of their spinal decompression in a special way, basically by hanging them upside down.

After hours of research, we made a list of Teeter Hang Ups Inversion Table that are available on the current market!! So check out the list and pick the best one that good for you.

teeter hang ups inversion table review


Teeter FitSpine LX9 Review

Teeter FitSpine LX9 Inversion Table

Tired of pills and countless visits to the hospital? Well, as it turns out, all this hassle is not necessary since, with an inversion table, you can get rid of most lumbar health issues at home. It has a compact design, engineered to give you precise control plus it’s FDA registered for guaranteed performance. Let’s have a look under the hood.

Hassle-free assembly for dependable use
Teeter FitSpine LX9

First things first, like any equipment I’ve ever had my hands on before, I was keen on the assembly of the Teeter fitspine lx9. So, as it turns out, it was really easy to put everything together. Most of the parts come already pre-assembled and I was most specifically impressed with the heavy gauge steel parts.

Additionally, the build quality is backed up by UL and it is also FDA registered as a class 1 medical device to take care of back pains, muscle tension, tight muscles, muscle spasms and plenty more. In case you run into some trouble putting it together, you can use the included instructional DVD or the 3D assembly app

Comfort and support is achieved with the Flex Tech Bed

Laying on the teeter's surface, I did enjoy the overall feel of this bad boy. It does have a unique and patented FlexTech bed that has got an 8-point floating suspension system. This allowed me to move with ease which I enjoyed. The weight limit is 300 lbs. and the height specification is 4’8” to 6’6”.

For added efficiency, you can incorporate the use of Acupressure Nodes when needed for a custom pressure point release. For the lower back, I used the lumbar bridge which also enhanced alignment advantages.

At the same time, the inversion table comes with Grip-and-stretch handholds both in the bed and frame so you can have multiple stretching options. At your feet, there are patented wrap-around ankle cups which ensure you get an ergonomic and comfortable fit

The design is easy to use and fordable
Teeter FitSpine LX9 Inversion Table, 2019 Model,Back Pain Relief Kit

Your health is a priority and as such, you must know exactly how to go about when using this inversion table. First off, the boarding platform on the front made it easy to get onto and get out of the inversion table.

To add icing on the cake, there’s the Deluxe EZ-REACH ankle system features a handle with an extended adjusting design that reduces the need to bend. All you have to do is push down on the button and pull the handle towards your legs.

With simple arm movements, I was able to shift my body weight and as such be able to invert and return to an upright position. Speaking of inversion, the teeter fitspine lx9 has got embroidered color-coded angle markers at 20, 40 and 60 degrees to have the angle at your desired setting.

For full inversion, I could disengage the optional lockout angle tether at which point was at 90-degrees for more range of motion and inverted exercises.

  • It is FDA approved for use as an efficient medical device
  • Features a foldable design for easy storage
  • Comes with grip and stretch handles in the bed and on the frame
  • Features preset 20, 40 and 60-degree angle markings for easy adjustment
  • Includes the lumbar bridge support for the lower back
  • It’s mostly preassembled out of the box
  • Has got an optional angle lockout tether
  • It’s a little too difficult to tip it back up
Teeter FitSpine LX9 Inversion Table, 2019 Model, Deluxe Easy-to-Reach Ankle Lock, Back Pain Relief Kit, FDA-Registered


Teeter Hang Ups Contour L5 Review

Teeter Contour L5 Inversion Table

It’s quite obvious that taking care of our bodies should come as a priority, right? Considering the back is the main area of support for our upper body, it’s of utmost importance that you take care of yours as much as possible. With an inversion table, you can be able to handle backpains quite well which saves you trips to the hospital.

The best part about the Contour L5 teeter inversion table is that it’s an FDA registered medical device. Now, regarding how much you can be able to do with it and what makes it a dependable enough inversion table, read on below to find more on what it packs under the hood.

Comes with an easy to reach ankle closure
Teeter Contour L5 Inversion Table Easy-to-Reach Ankle Lock

Unlike most inversion tables where you have to bend all the way downwards to have the ankle closure secured, the lock on this one is extended. This, as it turns out, is ideal for you if you’re really limited on how much you can bend.

To add icing on the cake, it comes with the ergo-embrace ankle cups which not only keeps you comfortable but also wraps them completely. This, in the long run, gives you a perfect blend of comfort and security.

There’s more…

On this teeter inversion table is also an ankle comfort dial. Though it’s a small feature, it makes quite the difference especially if you have small feet as the height of your feet will comfortably sit in the table without compromising comfort.

Use the pre-set angles to get the best back relief

Considering the working behind this teeter inversion table is to allow for natural spinal decompression, you can be able to set the angle of inversion by presetting the tether.

With the teeter contour L5 inversion table, you can have it set at 20, 40 or a 60-degree angle depending on how much decompression you want.

To add icing on the cake, it comes with a one-click balance system which makes it really easy to use. You can conveniently also be able to set the height as you prefer. With this, it will be easier to transform the balance point in order to accommodate different shapes and sizes without the need to remove the bed.

Have increased decompression with the acupressure nodes

As much as being inverted upside down allows for a little bit of decompression, it doesn’t really get the job fully done which is why you’ll be getting additional acupressure nodes. These can be adjusted and re-positioned as desired to ease muscle tension.

Additionally, it also comes with a lumbar bridge, an accessory that fits into the bed design at different positions and the arch can also be varied. When it comes to getting rid of lower back discomfort or Sciatica, this should come in handy quite well.

Ease of use is enhanced with the sleek frame design

Last but not least, yet another feature you'll appreciate on this bad boy is the build quality and design. Unlike most inversion tables, the curved design of the front legs makes it easy to mount and dismount.

For durability, the Contour L5 frame is made of aerospace grade stainless steel that’s got a ratcheting micro adjusting closure and gravity lock security.

Working hand in hand with the lumbar bridge are the traction handles and with these, you’ll get a better manual decompression at the slightly steep angles by pushing onto them. Besides the traction handles, you can go ahead and use the side handles not only to invert yourself but also as grip and stretch handles to get realignment and elongation benefits.

As for the bed, it comes with an 8-point suspension system which when laid on allows the bed to flex hence curving around your body. This, as it turns out makes it comfortable while at the same time allowing for maximum stretch.

  • It’s an FDA registered inversion table
  • It comes with a lumbar bridge for added stretch
  • Includes acupressure nodes to ease muscle tension
  • Has got traction handles for a better manual stretch
  • Includes a one-click balance system
  • Comes with a tether strap that allows for use in preset angles
  • The aerospace grade stainless steel frame allows for easy mounting and dismounting
  • The side handles could be a little too short for some.
Teeter Contour L5


Teeter EP-560 Ltd. Inversion Table​

Teeter EP-560 Ltd. Inversion Table

Teeter EP-560 is a particular Inversion table that gives relief from back pain.This exercise kit has Acupressure Nodes with Lumber Bridge accessories.

It also has an exercise DVD and back pain relief stretch. While inverting, it comforts you with the patented pressure reducing ankle system.

Teeter products are the best in the market. This particular back pain relief kit comes with Acupressure Nodes. 

Teeter EP-560 Ltd. Inversion Table, Back Pain Relief Kit

This function is planned to create pressure on the very points of the muscles. The Better Back Lumber Bridge gives extra traction to the lower portion of the back for better benefit. This one is one of the bestselling products of Teeter Company.

It is very easy to be adjusted to the body. This product has the function which helps to get relief from muscle discomfort increasing blood circulation.

It comes with Ergo-Embrace Ankle System. This feature helps to place the feet comfortably to the machine.

Teeter hang ups EP -560 Ltd is a steel based machine featuring a raised grip. The grip is comfortable to hold. You can control the rotation with Stretch Assist Handle.

Teeter EP-560 Ltd. Inversion Table, Back Pain Relief Kit, FDA-Registered


  • Compact storage capability
  • Hip supportive and Ergonomic inversion
  • High quality materials
  • Safe and comfortable design
  • Durable steel base


  • This particular inversion table has no cons to be mentioned else the usage of plastic and steel combination

This particular Teeter pain relief kit is a wonderful solution of your pains. It is recommended for you if you want to purchase any pain relief kit.


Teeter EP-960 Inversion Table

Teeter EP-960 Inversion Table

This model is probably the best on the market and is made by an industry leader. This upgraded model includes optional accessories that help elevate your inversion experience to top level.

It comes with Acupressure Nodes and Lumbar Bridge that you can modify for stretching to improve healing pressure and increased decompression.

This is an ideal unit for people who suffer from back pain. Its EZ-Reach Ankle System has extended handle which will reduce your need to bend when securing the ankle supports.


​The Teeter EP-960 LTD Inversion Table with Back Pain Relief Kit is considered one of the best models on the market because of its comfort, quality, and incomparable design.

​It’s an updated version of the well-known 950 model and contains new frame improvements and a backrest. Your purchase is supported with a 5-year warranty.


More expensive than similar models but the quality is well worth your money.

Teeter EP-960 Inversion Table, Extended Ankle Lock Handle


Teeter EP-970 Ltd. Inversion Table

Teeter EP-970 Ltd. Inversion Table

If budget is not a major issue to you, going for Teeter EP-970 LTD Inversion Table will be the best choice for sure.

This particular hanging up machine by the Teeter Hang Ups is some sort of a hybrid table with all the essential and advanced inversion table features.

In short, you can regard this one as a more improved version of the earlier EP-960 Ltd inversion table by Teeter.

There are some significant changes in the designing concept of this particular inversion table, and they are quite noticeable.

While the weight capacity of EP-970 LTD is still like the earlier ones, 300 pounds, Teeter’s Vibrating Cushion has been introduced to provide users with more relaxing inversion sessions.

Like the rest of the models by Teeter Hang Ups, EP-970 is also made of quality grade raw materials to ensure longer lifespan and the best return on your investment.

It also comes with a full-length Stretch Max™ Handlebars featured with EZ-Stretch™ Traction to allow users deeper muscle stretching for much more better decompression.

It is true that being a pricy and premium like inversion table, this particular model lacks the Flex Technology collections that could add a new dimension.

However, the ComforTrak feature along with Acupressure Nodes and Heated Neck Pillow can be regarded as suitable replacement for more comfortable and relaxing inversion therapy session.

To add an extra layer of security, Teeter Hang Ups EP-970 comes with Deluxe EZ-Reach™ Ankle System featuring smooth ratchet closure. It also has the gravity-activated safety lock feature to ensure a secure workout session on the table.

Considering all these amazing features, you can surely go for this particular model for a more comfortable, secure, and relaxing inversion therapy session.


  • 13 minutes assemble in 5 easy steps, easy to adjust and use
  • Lumbar Bridge Backrest featured with ComforTrak, Acupressure Nodes, and Heated Neck Pillow
  •  More secure Deluxe EZ-Reach™ Ankle System
  •  Extra-long handlebars and longer grips for enhanced stretching
  •  Includes full-color user manual and instructional DVD
  • 300-pound weight capacity with up to 6 feet 6 inches accommodation compatibility


  • Despite it comes with almost all premium like features, it lacks the latest Flex Technology in inversion therapy
  • Seems a bit pricey that will discourage average users though it is okay compared to the features
Teeter EP-970 Ltd. Inversion Table, Deluxe Easy-to-Reach Ankle Lock, Back Pain Relief


Teeter FitSpine X3 Inversion Table

Teeter FitSpine X3 Inversion Table

Standing out to be the best in the X-series, it boasts an amazing build quality from which you'll get some great results. Well, other than getting rid of any back pains or discomforts, it's also user-friendly and does have amazing support.

Here’s a closer look at what it has in store for you…

Designed to achieve more stretch

One of the key features that make this stand out from the rest in its class is the amount of stretch you get from it. the design features an extra-long design which gets you an extended stretch on the decompression surface that’s meant to allow for maximum body slide for better results.

To add on to the stretch, there are grip and stretch handholds which are built into the Flex-tech Bed and frame and as such, you get added stretching and decompression.

Engineered to give you a high level of relief

Considering it includes a one of a kind 8-point suspension system, you can count on this bad boy to hold you in comfort and flex with you as you move. This way, you’ll have added decompression as well as back pain relief.

It also does feature acupressure nodes and lumbar bridge. you can place anywhere along the tracks in the bed for trigger point release ad support for the lower back for deeper decompression

Designed to give you ultimate support and comfort

Teeter FitSpine X3 Designed to give you ultimate support and comfort

Whereas the backstretch is the most important thing you should pay attention to when getting an inversion table, the comfort, on the other hand, should not be overlooked whatsoever.

To ensure that this is not compromised whatsoever, you’ll be getting ergo-embrace supports around the ankles to distribute the weight comfortably and evenly around your feet and heels. To add icing to the cake, there is also an ankle comfort dial that is designed to offer an adjustable foot platform height for smaller or larger feet to ensure ultimate comfort.

It’s also worth mentioning that there is an extra-long, aerospace-grade stainless steel ankle lock handle that makes securing easy

Precise rotation ensures total control

As far as ease of use is concerned, this inversion table should do the trick. It does include precision rotation which in turn ensures total control. By simple arm movements, you should be able to shift your body weight and as such effortlessly invert the table to an upright position when need be.

In addition to this, it’s also quite easy to adjust to any angle with the optional lockout in full inversion.


It features heavy-gauge steel parts that’ve got patented security features which can be confirmed with its FDA registration which deems it eligible to eliminate or minimize back pain, muscle tension and spasms, sciatica and other lumbar health conditions.

For the user limit, it’s able to support persons weighing a maximum of 300 lbs., and support heights between 4ft 8in and 6ft 6in.


  • Features an 8-point floating suspension system for decompression
  • Has got comfortable ergo-embrace ankle supports
  • It’s FDA registered for ensured safety
  • Designed to ensure total control with the precise rotation


  • It’s a little too heavy to move around
Teeter FitSpine X3 FDA-Registered


Teeter Contour L3 Inversion Table Review

Teeter Contour L3 Inversion Table

As it is the case with most teeter inversion tables, the Teeter Contour L3 too does boast to be an FDA registered medical equipment. It stands out to be one of the best when it comes to getting rid of muscle spasms and tensions, Sciatica, degenerative disease and plenty more lumbar problems.

What makes the Contour L3 a unique inversion table is the functional yet comfortable design it’s got. From the precision balancing system and expertly designed bed to the wrap around ankle cups and the rubber coated handles, you couldn’t go wrong with this bad boy.

Here’s a closer look at what it packs under the hood.

Boasts an aesthetic yet functional design

It’s not always about the table rotation when it comes to inversion tables, right? Well, considering the front legs have got a slight curve, mounting and dismounting will be quite easy. Though it’s not as strong as the aerospace grade stainless steel on the Contour L5, it shouldsupport a reasonable amount of weight.

There’s more…

The table features an EZ-Reach ankle system as well as an extended handle which negates the need of bending too much when securing the ankles.

Get a comfortable fit with the one-click balance system
comfortable Teeter Contour L3

This features a patented pivot system with balance point adjustment with which getting the ideal setting will be easy. At the end of the day, the Contour L3 teeter inversion table will be eligible for use by people of different sizes and shapes.

With this bad boy, there’s also a patent-pending pivoting system which ensures squeak and rattle-free rotation throughout its use.

Have full inversion benefits with the pre-set rotation control

Included on the L3 are pre-set angle points at the 20, 40 and 60 degree angles which can be set easily with a tether strap. To add icing on the cake, there is also a traction handle that can be used to realize the full benefits of maximum stretch at the different angles.

Still on the adjustments, the height can also be adjusted as preferred for maximum stretch and comfort.

  • Includes a one-click balance feature
  • Has an easy to use EZ-Reach ankle system
  • Features a tether strap for preset rotation control
  • Includes curved front legs for easy mounting and dismounting
  • It’s an FDA registered medical device
  • The side handles are a little too short for some


Teeter Hang Ups EZ Up Inversion

Teeter Hang Ups EZ Up InversionTeeter Hang Ups EZ Up Inversion

Teeter Hang Ups EZ Inversion and Chin Up System is a doorway chin-up bar. It comes with Inversion Rack Back DVD and Gravity Boots.

This bar has a door with quick disconnect locking brackets. The brackets secure the doorframe.

The Gravity Boots of this product fits easily to the ankle. The Handles are in the comfortable height. The handgrips are made of foam.

This standard doorway chin-up bar will certainly grab your attention for its attractive features. This tool is complete with healthy back DVD, Rack and Boots. The quick disconnect locking brackets help to move the body without any interruption.

The Inversion Rack can be installed just in seconds. Teeter Hang Ups Gravity Boots makes your workout easy and comfortable.

It builds the hamstrings and quads, improves the flexibility of body and strengthens the core. The special features of this bar is it increases blood circulation, increases joint mobility and gives relief from back pain.

There are a number of other products in the market but this chin up bar comes with double-bar design. This function is special because it helps the body to move with ease.

  • Safe and secured inversion
  • Adjustable chin up racking facility
  • Comfortable fit
  • Easy to mount and dismount
  • Low compression with double self-looking buckles
  • Limited weight capacity

So if you are looking for a tool for everyday workout, this product is highly recommended!


Teeter Hang Ups Dex II Decompression Review

Teeter Hang Ups Dex II DecompressionTeeter Hang Ups Dex II Decompression

Teeter Hang Ups Dex II is a manual inversion machine. It is a forward rotating workout tool. It is very useful for the back extension exercise.

This machine helps to flatten the lumber curve. The product comes with Traction handle.

It is helpful for body strengthening and stretching exercises as well. The DEX II comes with forward rotating system.

This product offers adjustable leg support and a robust lap support. While using, it fixes the body in a sharp 90-90 degree position.

This function separates the vertebrae and flattens the lumber curve. It helps to stretch up your body and is very adjustable. The traction handles are used to stretch the lower back position.

The handles increases the decompression of the spine and hip joints. DEX II has a square tube made of steel featuring a sturdy. It is stable on the slippery floor and is very comfortable to use.

  • Easy to assemble and carry
  • Adjustable lap support
  • Fully controlled rotation system
  • Pressure lessening ankle system
  • Scratch Resistant
  • The price of this inversion table is a bit higher in comparison with the similar models

Teeter Hang Ups Dex II is highly recommended for you if you are looking for the ultimate solution of your back pain. Though the price is a bit higher, it’s really worthy of buying for the amazing features of this particular Inversion Table.

About Teeter Brand

Teeter is one of the most popular inversion table manufacturer on the market today. Roger Teeter and his wife Jenny founded the brand. They started making inversion tables after Roger was suffering from chronic back pain for many years.

As an engineer, he decided to make safer and better inversion tables so that people could use them at home. Teeter products are manufactured in different countries like Thailand, Korea, China, and Taiwan. The products meet high-quality safety standards and work well to relieve back pain. Today, there are over two million users of Teeter hang-ups world-wide. We also Review Teeter FreeStep on our website you may also can check it out. It was also fantastic product from Teeter.

Teeter Hang Ups Unique Features

Several unique features distinguish Teeter inversion tables from other types of hang-ups on the market. Some of their best-selling features include the following:

Stretch max handles:- 

most of them have an angle guide which enhances stretching for experienced inverter only and maintains the profile for storage.

Preset rotational control:-

is a unique feature that allows elevating angles thus provision of guide to a position where the inversion begins.

Unique security features:-

 These features create an inversion table that's is reliable, safe, and secure.

Stable base:-

it lowers the center of gravity and reduces slide over hard surfaces for decompression of nerves and stretching.

Smooth and quiet rotation:-

it has specialized and stabilized bearings that ensure free rotation and lifetime squeak.

Precision balancing:-

Teeter hang-ups Inversion Table  are the most precisely balanced equipment used to relieve pain. They allow oscillation and promoting fluid movement in joints.

Do Teeter Hang-Ups Work?

This is a question you have probably been asking yourself. The answer is yes. These tables are customized in a way that the users' bodies are kept upside down while keeping the feet supported by ankle clamps.

Teeter hangups work well to relieve back pain. They are the best, and well-known techniques medical professionals recommend to use to deal with back pain. Apart from relieving back pain, Teeter hang-ups also claim to improve blood circulation, make you more flexible, build your muscles, and improve your joints.

Can Teeter Hang Ups Inversion Table Really Help Reduce Your Back Pain?

Yes, teeter inversion tables work well to relieve and reduce back pain. The following are some of the solutions of teeter hang-ups and how they reduce back pain;

Muscle spasm- they are used to elongate the spine and to align the inverted decompression as well as reducing pressure. They make muscles relax, thus relieving back pain.

Spinal stenosis- this occurs when a vertebra in your spine narrows and shrinks the spinal cord. Regular decompression of teeter hang ups diminishes the pressure in those spines, decreasing inflammation of nerves and muscles with users' own weight. This helps surrounding tissues to heal at a higher pace decreasing pressure in nerves.

Degenerative disc disease- this causes a decrease in the size of the spine. Teeter hang ups combat the effects of degenerating discs by inserting fluids and nutrients into the discs, thus reducing pressure and inflammation.

Herniated disc- teeter hang ups aids in decompressing, widening the vertebrae and mollifying the pressure on users' discs. In simple terms, inversion tables naturally heal a herniated disc, thus lowering your back pain.

Spinal curvature- this is caused by tight muscles. Inversion tables cause a decompression that helps in promoting an upright position by elongating and stretching and aligning tight and weak muscles. Thus, easing relieves of back pain. The spine works this in proper and best alignment.

Muscle tension- it is caused by physiological effects more so of stress. Inversion tables gently elongate and stretch the soft tissues and spinal muscles, reducing back pain and the best flexibility ever. These tables reduce back pain as well as relieving the pain.

What Are The Benefits Of Inversion Tables?

Using inversion tables will benefit you in many ways. The following are the main benefits that you will get from using inversion tables.

Relieves Joint Pressure

Inversion tables relieve joints pressure by strengthening the joints and putting them in order. When a patient is inverted, a gravitational force pulls blood into extremities and preventing varicose pains. Make sure you get instruction and prescription with these tables by the physician before using them.

Reduces Nerve Pressure

Inversion tables reduce nerve pressure since they align and elongate the nerves and strengthening them. Most of the patients who have suffered from this disease have reported a reduction after they started using the inversion tables. They allow the heart to rest. It is essential to discuss inversion tables with the nearby physician before using them since they may cause consequences.

Eliminates Back Pain

Inversion tables help you to eliminate back pain totally. Physicians have recommended inversion tables since you may avoid surgery, live pain-free for more than a decade without undergoing surgery. Teeter hang-ups have been effective according to research done. It has won patients who suffered from sciatica diseases. This research shows that if you suffer from back pain, the Teeter hang-ups prevent you from major surgeries. But I recommend you inform the physician before using the inversion tables.

Dealing with Muscle Spasm

They are used to elongate the spine and aligning the inverted decompression as well as reducing pressure. They make muscles relax thus relieving back pain. The inversion tables reduce and align patients' neck and shoulder spasms by relaxing the muscles and decreasing stress. Remember it is recommended to inform your physician before using these inversion tables or teeter hang-ups.

Decompressing the Spinal Disc

This occurs when a vertebra in your spine narrows and shrinks the spinal cord. Regular decompression of teeter hang ups diminishes the pressure in those spines, decreasing inflammation of nerves and muscles with users' own weight. Inversion tables help surrounding tissues to heal at a higher pace decreasing pressure in nerves. This is why it is advisable to discuss with your physician about the equipment before trying it.

Boosts Circulation

When you are in an upright posture, blood pools into the lower parts of the lungs. When inverted blood redistributes to help improve lung functions and provision of oxygenated blood. Teeter hang ups help in improving the circulation in nasal passages and sinus cavities. They also help in strengthening the diaphragm, which aids in breathing systems. They also help patients to breath deeper, thus making the lower part of the lungs healthier. This aids the body to receive more oxygenated blood, thus promoting healing and health.

Enhances Distribution of Nutrients-

Inversion tables help in eliminating and removing toxins and waste products from the body. They transport white blood cells through the entire body to fight off diseases. These allow equal distribution of fluids and nutrients throughout the body.

Who Should Not Use Inversion Tables?

Are inversion tables for everybody? Well, some people are not advised to use inversion tables because they can make underlying conditions severe. These people include the following:

Those with inner ear problems may cause bleeding from the eyes in case of high blood pressure, thus affecting your health at large.

Those with heart conditions reduce the normal functioning of the body from the pace at which the heart beats hence hindering the breathing system, which may later cause death.

People affected with glaucoma should not use this inversion tables. This will cause or affect the optic nerve system by damaging the eyes and getting worse every time. It also builds up pressure inside the eyes thus causing blindness. Make sure if you are affected by glaucoma you avoid using this causing you to lose vision.

Those also affected by fracture problems, osteoporosis and hernia should avoid using inversion tables since their lives will be worst than expected.

Expectant mothers- pregnant women should not use inversion tables since it may cause miscarriage, a coma, or even death. No expectant mother should use teeter hang-ups. The same applies to those affected by heart diseases.

How Long Should You Hang Upside Down On Teeter Hang Ups?

Hanging upside down using inversion tables for mostly adults helps in relieving pain, as mentioned earlier. The main aim is to stretch out of the spine and hang upside down though it may be a fun activity to others as well as diminishing pressure on nerve roots and discs.

While using these teeter hang-ups for more than a few minutes, blood pressure increases as well as heartbeat slowing down. Remember, hanging upside down for a long period it is dangerous since blood pools to the head.

Physicians prefer hanging in a moderate position for half to one minute time. If you feel unwell return your body to an upright posture for 10 to 20 minutes at a time. The tree branches or any other hanging equipment can not be compared with inversion tables.

Falling asleep while using these inversion tables will also lead to danger to your health, coma sometimes even death. 

Teeter Which Model inversion table Should you Buy? - Buying Guide 

teeter hang ups

Model Photo from Teeter

Before you buy teeter hang-ups, there are several essential things that you need to consider. They include the following:


Teeter hang-ups are easily transported and transferred from one place to another. They mostly have wheels reducing friction and center of gravity while moving from one point to another. Inversion tables can also be easily stored. This helps in reducing risks and preventing back surgeries.

Height Adjustments

Most of the inversion tables are freely adjusted in rhyme with the height of the user. They also have adjustable clamps enabling the user to adjust according to his or her wish. They also have adjustment nobs to enlarge heights and widths of the body.

Weight Capacity

Teeter hang-ups have frames that enable the users to either minimize or maximize their weight as well as height adjustments. They as well have thick back pads that are more comfortable as well as holding those users with more weight. Most of them are made of metals to hold such a large capacity of people with many kilograms. This aids in carrying and holding all sizes and shapes of its users. This helps you while hanging upside down in supporting your full weight.

Value for Your Money

The more the amount you use, the best quality you purchase. Teeter hang-ups are of different kinds with different prices. They mostly say cheap inversion tables are preferred as dangerous ones.  There are some with incredible low-quality metals and can be dangerous. Their prices range from $ 180 to $ 750 dollars. I recommend you to buy a quality made teeter hang- up with no risk that should be made with high carbon steel.

Safety Rating

They remote-controlled, thus increasing safety. They have guaranteed key safety structures to ensure safety to its users, endurance, and strength. I preferably recommend buyers or users to use a solid and safe inversion table to get the best results while preventing injuries.

Watch The Video to know How an Inversion Table Decompresses Your Spine

Inversion Table Tips And Warning

Inversion tables are used to relieve pain more so to those with low back pain. Also, space is created between the joints and relieving pressure as well as treating the pain. The following are some of the tips for using an inversion table safely:

Avoid leaning back too far- It is not advisable to be completely upside down. This can be dangerous to adults or cause unexpected diseases.

Set the safety strap- It hinders one from leaning back too far making the person get into the position that makes him or her turn upright painfully.

Avoid hanging out too long- Avoid overstretching connective tissues since they hinder joints from performing the required task.

Return at a slow pace to an upright posture- Returning to an honorable posture with a quick pace can cause spasms as well as causing back pain worst.

Those with vascular headaches or uncontrolled high blood pressure should not use the inversion tables. This is because they increase stroke risks and cardiac problems.

Teeter hang -ups stretches as well as strengthening since they are useful tools in pain management programs and pain-relieving.

Final Verdict

Upon reading the teeter hang ups review and guidelines stated above, we hope you have already come to know the most important factors regarding inversion tables.

With each authentic reviews, we have tried to provide you with buying guideline to let you find out the best one as per your requirements.

These products are highly recommended by our professional fitness trainers. You can buy any of the products reviewed above keeping your eyes closed!