How to Wear Shoes without Socks in the Summer?

Are you thinking of going this summer sockless? Do not know how to wear shoes without socks? We guess this post is absolutely for you then.

Going sockless has become a trend these days, in particular among the young stars. No matter, whether you are a professional who needs to stay formal in official hours or a “Hip-Hop” guy who tries to stay cool, and rock with the trend, you can always live the way you want.

Wearing shoes without socks is not confined to style alone, it has some positive aspects as well. In summer, wearing shoes seems uncomfortable due to scorching sun and excessive heat let alone wearing shoes with socks. So, naturally, each and every single person who cannot help wearing shoes, looks for tricky ways to go without socks.

Going sockless has some positive sides though there is huge chance of facing embarrassing situations as well. We know it is quite tough to keep pace with, but you can easily get rid of those embarrassing moments being a bit aware of a few things. Yes, there are some tricky ways to avoid those unwanted circumstances.

  • Let’s go through the tricks on How to wear shoes without socks and welcome this summer sockless!

Wash Your Feet:

The first and foremost thing that you need to keep in mind and follow is- washing your feet frequently using anti-bacterial liquid or soap. It is a major concern while you are thinking of going sockless.

As most of the men do not care much about washing their feet and the lower portion of their body while in the shower, there remains a huge some amount of bacteria when wearing shoes without socks.


So, when you are going to wear your shoes without socks, first of all, you need to destroy those bacteria that is responsible for the foot odor.

To get rid of your foot odor while going sockless, you can scrub your feet with any anti-bacterial soap and remove those dead skin from your feet that invites bacteria. We hope you will get the difference at the very first time!

Alternate Your Shoes:

It is always better to avoid wearing the same shoes each and every single day while thinking of going sockless. If you don’t have any choice, at least allow your shoes to get dry before you wear. Not because you shoes get tired due to frequent use, it gets wet and gives off the bad smell.

So, try to wear a different pair of shoes instead of wearing the same one every day if you want to go sockless and avoid embarrassing situations. A pair of Dunham shoes, especially the casual one, can be a decent choice, I guess.

Even if you can’t afford different pairs, let your shoes get dry before you wear it again. We highly recommend wearing different pairs so your shoes can get the interval of a day at least.

Use Foot Powder:

Foot powder is another effective way to get rid of bad smell from your feet and inside your shoe. Foot powder contains talcum as well as backing soda. While talcum absorbs the sweat from your feet, backing soda helps to get rid of the odor.

So, while wearing your shoes, give it a dusting of foot powder, especially when wearing your shoes without socks. Foot powders help to sustain the dryness of your foot all day long as well as kill the bacteria.

You can also try Sneaker spray and other odor eater sprays as well instead of foot powder. Foot sprays also play the same role as foot powders with some extended benefits. Such as, you can use foot spray both on your shoes and feet to keep them dry and odor free throughout the day.

Try No-show Socks:

No-show socks have become another popular shoe stuff nowadays. If you like, you can use any no-show loafer socks while planning to go sockless.

No-show socks are usually made of ‘antimicrobial fibers’ that prevent odors. These socks are cut in such a way that it don’t peep out of your shoe. No-show socks can be really a good choice to keep your feet dry and your shoe odor free.

Cedar Shoe Tree:

Cedar tree is also another popular shoe stuff that is used widely by many people around the world. It has several notable benefits like, it absorbs moisture, prevents odor, and adds scent as well. Cedar trees also help in maintaining the shape of your shoe while you are not using them. So, you can use cedar tree in between wearing your shoe to deodorize them.

At the end of the post, we are expecting that you went through the tricks as stated above and hopefully come to know How to wear shoes without socks. You can follow any of these tricks while going sockless.

No matter, if you are on the long travel of several days or going to an office, as usual, we hope, these tricks will help you to a great extent to wear your shoe without socks.

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