Best yoga wheel for back pain | Pro expert advice & reviews

Upon taking a first look at a yoga wheel, it might be mistaken for just any other wheel, right? It's quite sad that with chronic back pain being an issue faced with most people all over the world, only a few know about the yoga wheel.

Like most equipment that can be used to do what it does(such as inversion tables), there are also just as many yoga wheels brands. Sadly, however, as many as they are, getting the best yoga wheel for back pain isn't easy which is where we come in.

Let’s find out all there is to know about choosing and using a yoga wheel for the best results.

Before we move on to the interesting part, perhaps it would be worth your while to have a look at the side by side comparison of the 5 best yoga wheels in 2020


Name/Model No

Material design


ATIVAFIT Sports Yoga Wheel Yoga Roller

TPE and ABS inner core

Ultimate Back Roller

Acumobility The Ultimate Back Roller, Yoga Wheel

EVA molded foam

REEHUT Yoga Wheel for Back Pain

REEHUT Yoga Wheel for Back Pain

High-quality EVA foam

URBNFit Yoga Wheel

URBNFit Yoga Wheel

Recyclable plastic & TPE foam padding

Top 5 best yoga wheels for back pain – an expert’s review

Upon testing dozens of yoga wheels, we were able to sample out these five either of which will be worth investing in.

ATIVAFIT Sports Yoga Wheel Yoga Roller

ATIVAFIT Sports Yoga Wheel Yoga Roller Rad for Back Pain
  • Premium Quality & Eco-friendly
  • 3 Pressure Levels
  • Sweat-Resistance
  • Materials: TPE foam & ABS inner tube

Coming in a pack of three, the ATIVAFIT Sports Yoga Wheel is the perfect solution to getting rid of most back pains on your own.

First things first, it comes with thick padding that keeps your feet, palms, and back protected as you exercise. 

Additionally, you’ll also enjoy an unmatched level of comfort since it won’t flex under your body weight; the ABS inner core is strong enough to support weight up to 220 lbs.

Whereas the large 12-inch wheel is perfect for an average-sized adult, the 10-inch will give you medium pressure massage. The smallest 5-inch wheel, on the other hand, gives you a deep focused tissue massage.

Last but not least, you're going to appreciate the sweat-resistance feature. Designed to be free of both sweat and dirt (thanks to the 6mm padding), you can use the wheel in every yoga session.


  • Supports up to 220lbs of weight
  • Has got a sweat-resistant surface
  • Features 3 different pressure levels.


  • It’s a little uncomfortable for weak backs

Acumobility The Ultimate Back Roller, Yoga Wheel

Acumobility The Ultimate Back Roller, Yoga Wheel
  • Holds 1000lbs!
  • 11 inches tall
  • 7.5 inches wide
  • Travel Friendly

Unlike most of its counterparts, this bad boy comes with a therapeutic bump pattern which makes it one of the best yoga wheels in its class. Additionally, it measures 11.5 x 7.5 inches that makes it both portable and capable of supporting persons between 4-7 feet with a weight limit of up to 1000 pounds.

For the construction, it boasts a tough EVA molded foam. As for the height, it should be easy and comfortable enough for you to access hard to reach places such as the upper, middle, and lower back.

Since safety is of utmost importance, the wheel comes with a spine gap which is included to prevent the exertion of pressure to your spine.


  • Designed to support up to 1000lbs.
  • Comes with a spine gap to prevent pressure on the spine.
  • Easily portable for utmost convenience.


  • Takes some time to get used to the bumps

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