Body Champ IT8070 Inversion Table Review

I have suffered from muscle pain in my lower back for several years due to a lot of heavy lifting that I have to do for work. I was looking for an inversion table for a while at the recommendation of my chiropractor that I see once a month.

There are so many different models available, and I didn’t want to spend a lot of money. I purchased The Body Champ IT8070 Inversion Table about eight weeks ago and used it every day since then. Wow! This product has made such a difference in my back pain; I couldn’t believe it.

The pain in my back has virtually disappeared, and I feel more flexible and able to complete my work without the anticipation of the pain that I was getting before.

What is an Inversion Therapy Table

The Body Champ IT8070 Inversion Table relieves strain on your spinal cord to elongate your back, reduce muscle tension, and even reduce stress.

Just a few minutes each day using an inversion table can make a huge difference in how your body feels. Using an inversion table can also improve your posture.


The Body Champ IT8070 Inversion Table is easy to assemble and includes all the parts that you need. The assembled dimensions are 55 1/2 by 29 1/2 by 57 7/8 inches (L x W x H). When the product folds up, it is 13 by 39 by 75 inches (L x W x H). It took about half an hour to put together.

Product Design

It is one of the inversion tables in the market. The Body Champ IT8070 Inversion Table is designed to safely hold people up to 250 pounds upside down. The high-density foam cushion and the cushioned backrest pad provides extra support for added comfort while inverting.

The table frame is lightweight, so it’s easy to move from room to room and to fold up for easy storage. The inversion table also comes with foam rollers for ankle support that can easily be adjusted with the spring-loaded pull pins.


You can control the angle of the inversion by using the safety strap and safety lock to keep the table secure. This enables you to quickly position yourself into the desired angle.

Just rest your body against the table and lock your feet into the ankle straps. Then you will slowly stretch your arms over your head, and you will start to invert.

The U-Shaped handrails make it easy for you to come back to your starting position once you have completed your exercise. Once you get comfortable with the product, you can also use the handrails for light stretching.

Features of Body Champ IT8070 Inversion Table:

  • Adjustable size with height range of 4 feet 7 inches to 6 feet 8 inches
  • Weight limit of 250 pounds
  • Easy to fold for storage
  • Safety lock so table stays in place when not in use
  • Foam cushion for advanced comfort
  • Four foam rollers to protect and cushion ankles
  • Ankle adjustment using pull-pin technology
  • Safety strap to control inverted angles


  • The product allows different angles so you can work up to going fully upside down
  • Back muscles get a break since you are hanging upside down
  • The manufacturer includes parts to assist with set-up
  • Easy assembly and on-time delivery
  • Takes pressure off pinched nerves
  • Comfortably stretches the spine
  • Suitable for herniated discs
  • Affordable price
  • Well-built design


  • Some parts were missing, so the manufacturer had to send them separately
  • Wear socks or shoes for additional cushion on feet and ankles
  • Can’t use the table if you’re taller than 6 feet 7 inches
  • Pins may slip out so be sure to fasten them securely
  • Harder to get back into horizontal position

Question: Does the product allow you to hang fully upside down?

Answer: Yes, you can be fully inverted to 180 degrees when using this product.

Question: Is this product safe and secure to use?

Answer: Yes, this product is safe and reliable to use. When you are assembling this product, make sure to follow the directions and insert the pins in all of the correct places to prevent anything from sliding out while using this product.

Question: Can you do abdominal exercise on an inversion board?

Answer: If you’re looking to do abdominal exercises, this is not the best piece of equipment to use. The inversion board should be used to stretch the spine and relax the muscles.

Final Words:

This product is great! If you’re like me and have suffered from back pain, then this inversion table will help get you relief fast. I use it for 10 minutes every day and have seen such a difference in how I feel. It’s even helped my posture, and I’m able to walk taller and more.

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