Foot Reflexology Pressure Points

Foot Reflexology Pressure Points – The Ultimate Guide for Foot Massage

The first thing that probably pops in mind when one hears about foot reflexology pressure points is possibly getting a rather intense foot massage and that’s pretty much it. Well, I hate to break it to you but there’s more to it than just being a massage.

Let’s first break it down. The term reflexology basically means the application of a different amount of pressure to different body parts such as hands, feet and ears. The reason why this is done is because these body parts are connected to others throughout the body.

So, how does it really work?

A reflexologist’s touch could do anything from helping to calm your Central Nervous System to getting you more relaxed just as any other kind of massage would. Unlike conventional massages, foot reflexology has a myriad of added benefits such as boosting your immunity and fertility, improving your digestion, easing arthritis pain etc.

What does foot reflexology mean?

For a foot massage, foot reflexology isn’t just another term. It is a procedure built on the concept of different pressure points on the feet that refer to the body’s various organs and glands. It generates a healing response when pressure is applied to these points, which can also relieve those symptoms.

According to the reflexology principle, the entire body is divided into ten segments, and the various parts of the feet reflect all of these ten segments. In addition to being an extraordinarily calming and nourishing experience, foot reflexology also has multiple physical health benefits.

The stimulation of reflexological nodes on foot releases the blockage and enables the body to flow freely.

It’s like we have small valves on our feet that, when opened, the energy of life rises through the body and the diseases are flushed out. That’s the idea if the imagination has caught up with it.

The feet have approximately 1500 nerve endings, and these are the vital points. From the viewpoint of reflexology, the foot is compassionate. These terminating nerves refer to different parts of the body.

There are three types of reflexology- hand, foot and ear.

From all of this reflexology foot reflexology is considered to be the oldest and the most effective one.

Is That Safe?

Yes! Yes! It’s absolutely safe.

It has no adverse reactions or long-term risks. People who are suffering from any of the conditions listed below should avoid foot reflexology:

People who injured from any sports:

This is a kind of fungal infection, and in such a situation, massage with bare hands is not recommending to do this.

Pregnant ladies should not opt for it:

There is always a fear that the stimulation of reflexology points should induce uterine contraction.

Plantar cyst:

Plantar cyst arises from a bacterial infection on the sole of the foot. Since it is a skin infection, bare-handed massage is not encouraged.


Due to osteoporosis, the bones weaken. Excessive pressure can further hurt the bones during the reflexology massage.

Autoimmune hepatitis:

This danger of increased sharp pains is still present. So do not do this when you suffer from these symptoms.

Low blood platelet limit:

Due to foot reflexology, patients with a low platelet count can bleed.

Benefits of Foot Reflexology



Reflexology helps to relax your body after a long day of standing and walking around, making you feel incredibly calming and relaxing. A foot massage strengthens the feeling of general well-being before going to sleep.

Better sleep:

Since it soothes your feet and makes you feel incredibly comfortable, after foot reflexology, this helps you sleep better.

Relief from pain:

Because of its pressure points, reflexology is used to relieve pains and aches all over the body. This helps to mitigate pressure from headaches, pain in the stomach, backaches and much more.

Blood circulation improved:

The muscles of their feet are not used sufficiently by people who have an unhealthy lifestyle. This causes blood circulation in their feet to be weak. Wearing tight or closed shoes with high heels often hinders blood circulation. Reflexology helps boost the circulation of one’s blood by transporting oxygen to the cells of the body. For good health, this is important. Even foot reflexology points for high blood pressure can help to give an absolute relaxation from blood pressure.

Healthier feet:

It decreases fatigue and makes your feet and ankles stronger as reflexology strengthens your feet’ muscles. This helps stop injuries to the ankle and foot.

Additionally, it has many benefits like-

  • Daily massage improves Pre-menstrual syndrome(PMS)
  • A huge relief from cervical, and lumbar spinal pain both.
  • It is an outstanding detox. After the foot massage, lots of contaminants are thrown out Immediately.
  • Very effective and useful in skin allergies
  • Healing liver diseases
  • It fights depression and pessimism vigorously.

What kind of side-effects can you face after reflexology of the foot:

  • For some people, the head feels light and dizzy.
  • After treatment, individuals with fragile skin can have tender feet.
  • It will increase urination due to the extreme detox effect.

Foot Reflexology Pressure Points

Per square centimetre, the bottom of your feet has more sensitive nerve endings than any other part of the body.

Pretty insane, right?

This article will address the pressure points in our feet, and how to name a few, we can control those pressure points to reduce common aches and diseases such as headaches, coughs, and other sicknesses.

 What are the foot’s pressure points?

as it turns out, foot reflexology is a practice that has been around for centuries in Chinese medicine. It mostly involves the stimulation of different spots in your feet at which point other organs all over your body will benefit in one way or the other.

I know, this seems rather unlikely which is why in this section, I’ll be breaking down most of the most amazing pressure points in your feet and the body parts that they correspond to.

Let’s break them down…

Tai Chong – LV3

The Tai Chong can be found via placing a finger between the big and the second toe right at the point where the tendon connecting the two meets.

When pressure is applied to this point for a few seconds, you’ll be targeting anger, headaches, irritability, mensural pain, and anxiety.

The Yong Quan

Otherwise known as the KD 1 pressure point, the Yong Quan is situated on the depression that you feel right under the big toe joint. When this point is squeezed rather hard with the thumb then massaged for a minute or two, you’ll get rid of palpitations, memory loss, anxiety, and insomnia.

The Da Dun

This LV 1 pressure point can be found about an inch below the corner of your toenail and towards the inner side of the big toe. With pressure applied to this area, you’ll relieve yourself of hernia, stomach aches, and dizziness.

Tai Bai.

For you to find this pressure point, you’ll need to apply pressure along the side of your foot. Once you get to the depression point on the middle side of the ball of the foot and the ball side of the foot, start the process again.

When this is done, you are going to relieve problems that mostly revolve around dysentery stomachaches, abdominal digestion, vomiting, or diarrhea.

Shen Mai

Finding the lateral malleolus or rather the bony bump that is located outside of your ankle is the trick to finding this pressure point.

When pressure is applied to this point, you’ll experience reduced fear and anxiety as well as relief from cold symptoms. Additionally, it is said that pressure applied to this point promotes patience.

Tai Xi

See that part between the Achilles tendon and the top of the inner bony bump on your ankle? Applying pressure to this point will give you relief from toothaches, bronchitis, arthritis, sore throat, and even rid you of some kidney diseases.

Kun Lun

This pressure point is situated close to the Qui Xu acupoint and happens to be the depression point that is between the highest point of the lateral malleolus and the Achilles tendon. Pressure application to this point is said to cure blood pressure, headaches, intestinal problems, eye diseases, and lumbar pain.

Li Nei Ting

Located on the underside of your foot right between your second and third toes, the Lei Nei Ting is rumored to be quite effective in the treatment of urinary tract infections and food poisoning. In addition to this, it also gets rid of constipation, it’s amazing for stroke rehabilitation and quite efficient in easing eye pain and toothaches.

Qiu Xu

This point can be found by gently pressing the region below the bump located on the outside of your ankle using your index finger and thumb. The reason for the pressure applied to this point is thought to cure intestinal problems, eye diseases, lumbar pain, and high blood pressure.

Gao Ya Xue Dian

This pressure point is rather small and it lies right in the middle of the upper side of your big toe. With the gentle application of pressure to this point for about two minutes, you’ll be relieved from high blood pressure.

Xia Li

You can find this acupoint about an inch below the skin joining the big and second toes on the upper side of your foot. Pressure application at his point helps relieve symptoms of diarrhea.

Zu Lin Qi

To find this pressure point, all you need to do is run your finger on the outer side of your foot then stop when you are one-third on your way down. By doing this, you’ll be able to treat apoplexy, psychoneurosis, eye conditions as well as easing lumbar pain.

Di Er Li Dui

This point lies below the toenail of your second toe and by having it worked on by a professional, you’ll get relief from nausea, appetite issues, and hiccups.

Xing Jian

By using the index finger and thumb, pressure can be applied to the thick skin between the big and second toe. When this is done, one could get rid of sinusitis, liver diseases, vision issues, and leg cramps.

Di San Li Dui

Also situated in the toe area, the Di San Li Dui happens to be what could be the most amazing foot reflexology pressure points. The reason for this is that it is used to treat constant burping and heartburn.

How Do Pressure Points Work?

Pressure applied to the body’s acupoint using fingertips, knuckles, palms, or a tool.

Stretching and other types of massage can also be introduced.

The body is known to have 800 pressure points spread across 14 meridians in traditional Chinese medicine.

These 14 meridians are where a person’s qi flows.

A blockage in the flow amuses the normal rhythm of the body and can result in pain, discomfort, and even illness.

A qualified therapist applies regulated, gentle pressure to a pressure point to release stagnant Qi and restore equilibrium to the body’s life force.

TCM describes the relief as the return of energy flow to an environment.

There is pain relief and discomfort is reduced or goes away entirely.

Science was not completely able to clarify life force’s idea and continue to research pressure points and their advantages.

The relief is due to muscle tension relaxation and endorphin release from the body.

Foot Reflexology Pressure Points Chart

Here and below the picture, all of you will get to see the map of reflexology foot pressure points.  Exact reflexology pressure points zone on right and left foot, and learn more about which pressure point reflexology in feet will introduce the extreme relife on labor,  which pressure point reflexology in feet will resolve high blood pressure and many more.

Foot Reflexology That Beneficial For Head/ Brain:

The pressure point on top of the feet toes of right or left feet actually is the part from where your brain or heads nerves can get relief. This is the exact reflexology pressure points for head or your brain. A gentle massage on the top of each toe will give you extreme relief from any pain ir stress you get in your head or your brain.

So, how you can massage?

Gently rub on the toe with your right and left hands finger, give some tolerance level of pressure.

Massaging for 10 to 15 minutes is enough for expectational relife.

Foot Reflexology That Beneficial For Teeth/ Sinuses:

Behind the toe knuckles, the tops of the toes are the Chinese Reflexology Points for the teeth. There’s just one knuckle on the big toe, so the reflexology points are positioned above and below the joint.

The field of reflexology is formed like a thin strip that goes across the top of the toe, and on each toe, there are two stripes. The distal (top) strip is for the upper jaw and teeth. The proximal (bottom) strip is for the lower jaw and teeth. These pressure points are also beneficial for sinuses; a gentle massage will give a great comfort for irritating sinuses.

Foot Reflexology That Beneficial For Eye:

Though there is no scientific proof massaging the feet will make your eyesight better. In foot reflexology there are points on the foot if pressed, rubbed or stimulated can improve the health of the area it represents. Bottom of the feet toes middle finger is the pressure point suggested  for eye pressure point. For better result sometimes you can massage foot pressure points with hot oil.

Foot Reflexology That Beneficial For Ear:

“The ear is connected to every part of the body because of the ceaseless circulation of energy and blood through these meridiens and vessels.” – Dr Helena Huang. 1974.

The points for Ear Reflexology are similar to those in auricular therapy (ear acupuncture). A sensitive point is identified with a finger. By attaching a seed, with plaster, on to a point, the patient can easily work it when required between treatments.

The Chinese believe that Ear Reflexology works by stimulating the central nervous system, as opposed to traditional reflexology which relaxes the body to allow balancing of the systems. Below of the fourth toes is suggested as a pressure point for ear.

Foot Reflexology That Beneficial For Trapezius:

Did you know that any tension in your feet, hands, and face could affect what’s going on in other areas of your body?

Whether it’s aches and pains, built-up tension, or problems sleeping, reflexologist Michele Stevens will guide you through self-massage techniques to tackle some of the most frequent issues we all struggle with.

The symptom of discomfort, stiffness, and tightness of the upper trapezius muscle is trapezius myalgia (TM). Acute or chronic neck-shoulder pain characterises for this type of pain. According to the Chinese reflexology theory, they believe that massaging on the feet below can give relief from trapezius pain.

Foot Reflexology That Beneficial For Armpit:

Sometimes we suffer a lot for our armpit side pain. Foot reflexology on foot pressure point such as the corner of little toes is known for armpit pain pressure points. A gentle massage and rubbing can help a lot get relief from this kind of body pain under or corner the armpit.

Foot Reflexology That Beneficial For Lung/ Chest:

Reflexology is the application of pressure to areas on the feet, hands, or ears in order to relieve stress or ease pain in other areas of the body.

Though no studies have proven the underlying theory of reflexology yet Chest pain, in particular, may be relieved by reducing stress or targeting particular problem areas that cause it, such as digestive problems, lung issues, or panic attacks and depression. Following the picture mentioned in this article will give you accurate knowledge where you need to massage to cure these issues for lung and chest pain.

Foot Reflexology That Beneficial For Shoulder:

Just below the little toe, the shoulder point is located on the sole of your foot. It is shaped like a rectangle where the upper part of the region corresponds to the upper part of the shoulders (near the base of the neck), and the lower part corresponds to the lower part of the shoulders, closer to the blades of the shoulder.

There’s a shoulder reflexology point on each foot, and the left foot is for the left shoulder, and the right foot is for the right shoulder.

Foot Reflexology That Beneficial For Liver:

The liver plays important roles in fighting infection, filtering toxins, producing and balancing sex hormones, storing energy, repairing cells, and aiding in the digestion by processing and synthesising foods and producing bile.

Foot reflexology on the mentioned pressure points(Below the little toes, middle position of the corner) can give an incredible relief from liver pain.

Foot Reflexology That Beneficial For Kidney:

According to reflexologists, the kidney zone is nearly smack dab in the middle of the foot and, it’s shaped like a kidney bean. But you don’t need to know the exact outline of the kidney zone in order to perform reflexology on foot effectively. It’s in the same location on both feet.

To locate the area, first, get into a position that allows you to comfortably view the foot’s bottom. Trace one finger down the underside of the middle toe and down to the center of the foot. Use another finger to find the center of the arch of the foot, then draw that finger across the foot. Where the two fingers meet is the kidney zone. It’s small, only about the size of the top half of the thumb.

Foot Reflexology That Beneficial For Elbow and Hip Joint:

You just need to identify the place and get into a position first that allows you to comfortably see the bottom of the foot. Trace down the little toe’s underside with one finger and down to the centre of the foot. To locate the bit of the foot’s arch, use another finger and then trace the finger across the foot. The elbow and hip joint zone lie below little fingers corner, and the position is almost the end of your feet.

Foot Reflexology That Beneficial For Appendix:

Chinese believe that you can cure your major health problem without medicine and keep yourself fit; that’s the main key to living longer. So They also believe massaging under the feet(end of the feet) can give a cure or comfort if you are suffering badly with appendix pain.

Foot Reflexology That Beneficial For Cervical Spine:

Cervical Spinal reflexology is specific to improving almost everything, including headaches, muscle pain, hormone issues, anxiety, respiratory problems, digestion, circulation, to name just a few, since it treats the Entire spine through the nerve roots that come from between every pair of vertebrae. On the picture, you will see the exact pressure point that’s beneficial for a cervical spine.

Foot Reflexology That Beneficial For Stomach:

When used in combination with exercise, a well-balanced diet, and other therapies, such as colon cleansing, reflexology for digestive or stomach purposes is most effective. Owing to the improved blood flow that it provides to this region of your body, reflexology is beneficial for the digestive system. The above, besides, reduces digestive system discomfort and facilitates faster healing.

Foot Reflexology That Beneficial For Bladder:

Discover how to minimise the risk of urinary infections with Chinese reflexology if you suffer from chronic cystitis or chronic bladder infections and are searching for natural ways to avoid urinary tract infections (UTI). Although online there are several natural treatments and remedies, several of these tackle the illness only. You need to look at the root cause to avoid chronic UTIs.

By looking at what makes a person more likely to get a bladder infection in the first place, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) takes a different approach. The TCM approach is about harmonising and balancing the body to make it less vulnerable to urinary tract infections. A safe and reliable body, in a nutshell, = no UTIs.

According to the article, I just mention a few health benefits with smaller detaills. I said the body parts would get the cure or relax after reflexology, but there are more benefits in every other body part. Amazingly, Chinese treatments are always best, and they find a way to skip the medicine. Is medicine always good for your health?


Tough this reflexology massaging are not proven scientifically, but it has actually proven traditionally.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

What are the reflexology pressure points?

Pressure points are areas of the body that reflect acupressure points and are a treatment used in traditional Chinese medicine. With reflexology pressure points, the main focus is applying pressure on either hands or feet for this kind of treatment.

What does it mean when a reflexology point hurts?

Normally, reflexology does not hurt but it might get a little painful when the congested reflex area is being treated.

What Foot pressure point relieves stress?

The pressure points that serve to reduce stress include Tai Chong and Qui Xu. Just apply the right amount of pressure and you’ll be good to go.

How do you relieve pressure points in your feet?

These normally occur when a muscle is contracted more than it should be. As you probably guessed, massaging the area concerned (feet in this case) relieves the pressure. But, how do you do this? Well, there are three different ways:

You could curl your toes and then place your thumb in this depression while holding the top of your foot with the other hand. Next, go ahead and massage the section in small circles.

Alternatively, you could massage the whole arc of the sole of your foot with the motion being an alternate thumb movement in short strokes from the heel to the toe.

Last, you could sit on a comfortable chair and place a golf or tennis ball under your foot. Roll it around till you find a sensitive spot then press down on the ball log enough so that the point feels softened.

Is reflexology a hoax?

Reflexology is based on the concept that pressure application on one part of the body will affect another body part. Though there is no scientific research to support this, the fact that the practice has been around for centuries leaves room for benefit of the doubt, doesn’t it?

Can reflexology detect illness?

No, it doesn’t. Rather than treating illnesses, a reflexologist will use your past medical history to realize the best way to treat you.

Does Foot Reflexology release toxins?

Reflexology can help flush out toxins from the body via stimulating the flow of energy through the important organs such as the colon, liver, and kidney that are involved in the detoxification process.

Do foot reflexology points Help for high blood pressure?

Yes, it does help with blood pressure. There are mainly two pressure points- the Gao Ya Xue Dian and Kun Lun both of which serve to relieve high blood pressure.

Can Foot reflexology be harmful?

Reflexology is a harmless form of physical therapy since it is meant to leave you more relaxed. When the massage is too intense, however, you could suffer from a sensory injury so only the right amount of pressure must be applied.

How long do you hold a foot pressure point?

This normally depends on the pressure point concerned. In general, however, the hold is on average about two minutes.

Does foot reflexology work?

Yes, foot reflexology does work but only if it is done as recommended, the results are mostly cumulative. Having a few sessions weekly will be more beneficial as compared to having a single one in 3 months.

Where do you massage your feet for anxiety?

The main pressure points for foot reflexology include the Tai Chong, Yong Quan, and the Shen Mai.

What conditions does foot reflexology treat?

Foot reflexology has been said to relieve anxiety and stress, ease arthritis pain, improve digestion, help recover from back pains, boost infertility, and plenty more. Generally, it is a harm-free and non-invasive way to improve your general wellbeing.

Why do foot rubs feel so good?

Though it may not seem like so, feet are some of the most complex body parts. For starters, there are thousands of nerve endings. Additionally, the anatomy of the feet consists of 26 bones, 33 joints, 42 muscles, 50 tendons and ligaments, and a lot of sweat glands.

In addition to the nerve endings, something else that makes feet rubs feel right is the complexity of the feet muscles and the distribution of feet reflexology points in the different muscles.

When should you avoid feet reflexology?

As much as treatment using reflexology pressure points in feet is quite beneficial, it is not recommended for patients with fractures, active gout, or unhealed wounds.

Is Foot Reflexology scientifically proven?

No, it is not a scientifically proven form of medical treatment but studies back up the possibility that it can be used to treat illnesses.

Can feet reflexology help nerve pain?

Yes, provided the right amount of pressure is applied at the right point and for the required amount of time, foot reflexology can help relieve nerve pain. A good example is using foot reflexology to relieve sciatica.

How do you massage your feet yourself?

First, you need to sit in a comfortable chair then have your left footrest on your right thigh.

Next, pour a little bit of lotion on the area you want to massage then spread the oil with your hand.

I’d recommend that you do a deep massage. This can be done by pressing your right-hand knuckle in your left foot and knead it as you would bread. Alternatively, you could use your thumbs to press down on the skin of your feet and apply the desired amount of pressure.

Last but not least, use your hands to pull on the toes in a back-and-forth motion then forth or apart to stretch the muscles around and under them.

Once you are done with one foot, do this with the other foot

Are reflexology and acupressure the same thing?

The difference between the two is that whereas acupressure focuses on a collection of reflex points located along energy lines (meridians) that are over the length of the whole body, reflexology uses reflex points that affect different body parts.

Do feet massages release emotions?

Thanks to the foot reflexology pressure point that this is possible. The Shen Mai, for instance, reduces fear whereas the Tai Chong releases anger.

Recommended foot reflexology pressure points workout tools

Final Verdict

From the much that we’ve looked into, it’s crystal clear that foot reflexology pressure points are indeed quite important for your health. From nerve stimulation and blood flow to migraine relief and pain relief. There’s plenty more that you can benefit from.

After all, our feet are ever working but ironically get the least amount of attention. As such, the prolonged neglect of them would add to pains and aches in different parts of our bodies as we age. Because of this, it’s of utmost importance to be safer and sorry and take advantage of its benefits whenever we can.

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