Teeter FreeStep Recumbent Cross Trainer and Elliptical

Teeter FreeStep Recumbent Cross Trainer and Elliptical Reviewed

Teeter FreeStep Recumbent Cross Trainer and Elliptical

Working out at least 30 minutes 5 days a week can help you maintain a healthy lifestyle. According to research, exercise helps in lowering blood pressure, stroke, heart disease, and many other diseases. If you suffer from joint or knee pain, the Teeter FreeStep can be a great purchase. This machine provides you with useful and low-impact exercises that will help you achieve your fitness goals.

This cardio machine can also be used by the elderly as it features a backrest and low-impact to support the user throughout the entire work out. Its features and quality are more like what you will get from rehabilitation equipment in PT clinics. Keep reading this review to find out more amazing features and benefits of this recumbent cross-trainer.

Teeter FreeStep specifications

  • Dimensions. 54" L×38" W×52.5" H
  • Weight. 110.9lbs/50kg
  • User weight. 300lbs/136kg
  • User height. Between 4 feet 11 inches to 6feet 11 inches
  • Color options. Black
  • Batteries. 2×AA batteries for the display
  • Resistance. Manual magnetic, eight levels
  • Console. Time, distance, speed, calories burned and scan mode
  • Warranty. Frame one-year parts 90 days

teeter freestep recumbent cross trainer and elliptical Overview

There are different aspects that distinguish the Teeter FreeStep Recumbent Cross Trainer and Elliptical from other models on the market. Some of its outstanding features include the following:

Teeter FreeStep

Handlebars and Pedals

When it comes to handlebars, this machine is equipped with two sets. The mobile handlebars and the fixed handlebars. The fixed handlebars are joined behind the seat, and they have got small grips. The right grip integrates the resistance adjustment dial.

The mobile handlebars are attached to the pedal bars, and they will move for as long as you pedal. When you move them, the pedals will also move because they cannot move independently without the pedals. They come with curved grips with a rubber foam layer for the best grip and comfort.

Teeter FreeStep Handlebars and Pedals

Furthermore, the mobile handlebars offer three different length adjustment positions each. This can help users have different workouts each day while targeting different muscle groups. Also, you can get to lock them in either an inward setting or an outward setting.

This cardio machine provides a smooth linear stepping pedal motion. It features huge pedals with anti-slip safety edges meant to keep your feet in place. The fact that they are not circular means they will not put much stress on your lower joints like the knees, which most recumbent bikes do.

Seat and Backrest

Teeter FreeStep Recumbent Cross Trainer and Elliptical Seat and Backrest

What makes the Teeter FreeStep Recumbent Cross Trainer stand out is the adjustable seat and the backrest. It doesn't matter whether you are short, average, or tall with this workout machine; you find optimum workout positions. Both the seat and a backrest come with a contoured layer of high-density foam padding.

adjustable seat

With the multiple adjustment posts, the Seat post can accommodate persons between 4ft 11 inches and 6ft 6 inches. It is approximately 14 inches (35cm) wide, which is larger than other traditional exercise bike seats. This offers users enough contact surface and comfort while working out. When you position it at the lowest, it is approximately 27 inches above the floor.

On the other hand, the backrest is also another great feature for this cardio machine. You can adjust it to three reclining positions with a durable safety lock for each. Most recumbent bikes don't have this feature making workouts more tiresome. The adjustable backrest is specifically to provide a healthy and firm lumbar support, especially for senior users.

Frame & Design Engineering

It features a commercial-grade engineering study reliable frame which can carry up to 300lbs user weight. The whole construction comes with several ABS parts like the pedals, the drive system covers, and many other smaller covers. This makes the machine more durable and sturdy.

Teeter FreeStep Frame & Design Engineering

It is designed with adjustable feet levers located at the back plus anti-scratch feet in the front. The adjustable parts of the handlebars plus the seat adjustment post come with a chrome finish. Its frame is rust-resistant paint to add on its durability.

When the frame is completely assembled, it weighs approximately 110lbs. Its center of gravity is low as most of its weight is placed under the user, which offers excellent stability. The rear base comes with adjustable stabilizers with large rubber pads. Although it is quite heavy, it is easy to relocate once assembled as it comes with transport wheels. It also features a bottle holder to help you stay hydrated during workouts.


Teeter FreeStep Recumbent Cross Trainer features a silent magnetic resistance in both the handlebars as well as the pedals. Most recumbent bikes only offer it to the pedals. The resistance adjustment lever is located right next to the seat to make it easy for you to reach it during exercise.

Teeter FreeStep Variable magnetic resistance

The magnetic brake is connected to the tension knob, which is included in the right grip of the seat. When you turn the knob, this magnetic brake will either move closer or further from the flywheel. This will increase or decrease the pedaling difficulty.

There are eight distinct levels that you can adjust through a dial. Also, the maximum resistance out isn't too extreme to put you on the Edge. The levels are from light to mid-range and are focused on comfort than resistance output. You will still benefit highly from it and lose some pounds.

Drive Mechanism

This recumbent cross trainer comes with a rear Drive stride made of durable ABS material. The set of extra-large pedals features a ribbed surface to prevent your feet from Sliding to the sides and sleeping off.

The stride is approximately 13 inches to give you the best range of Motion. It is designed to deliver a very consistent momentum plus a steady motion. The system allows reverse motion though it may be a little hard due to the lack of straps.

Also, because the drive system uses a poly v belt, it doesn't need any form of lubrication. Moreover, when you're using this machine, it provides a whisper-quiet operation.


It comes with a console, which is a basic fitness meter. The machine isn't compatible with any online fitness apps or any other electrical systems. The console offers you the ability to track the distance you have covered, pedaling speed at the moment, calories burned as well as time used.

Teeter FreeStep Recumbent Cross Trainer Digital Console

It is easy to use, and it's not complicated at all. It uses two AA batteries, which come included with the unit. It has one push-button for its functions and will start working once you begin pedaling.

The console only uses imperial units to show speed and distance. You can reset all your progress by long-pressing the button if you wish to begin again. The top of the console has a small shelf where you can place your tablet or phone.

Assembly and Maintenance of Teeter FreeStep

Teeter FreeStep Recumbent Cross Trainer and Elliptical Assembly and Maintenance

This cardio machine comes with its internal mechanism assembled as well as most of the frame parts. However, you will have to attach a few frame parts like the mobile handlebars, backrest, and pedals, among others. If you see it's too complicated, you can hire a professional to have it appropriately assembled for you.

When it comes to maintenance, its internal mechanism won't need any lubrication. You only need to look for loose bolts or any other parts and fix them. You can also have it wiped to remove that or sweat on the frame.

Simple Storage

Another impressive aspect of this recumbent cross trainer is ease of storage. You can workout from any part of the house but prefer to store the machine in a separate place. Moving this trainer from one location to the other is easy. As compared to its competitors, this model is lightweight and features wheels hence making transportation easy. It also features a compact design making it easy to store in different locations.


  • Gives full body work out
  • Whisper quiet stride system
  • Supports weight up to 300lbs
  • Good for seniors as well
  • Has a durable frame construction
  • Comes with eight distinct tension levels
  • Features an adjustable seat
  • Features both fixed and mobile handlebars
  • Comes with an adjustable backrest
  • Transport wheels for easy transportation
  • It also features a bottle holder
  • Requires very little maintenance
  • It comes with a tablet/phone holder
  • It is relatively easy to assemble
  • Features a console to track progress
  • Comes with large pedals for Great foot positioning


  • Doesn't have an online connectivity
  • Pulse sensors are not available
Teeter FreeStep Recumbent Cross Trainer and Elliptical

What to Look For In a FreeStep Recumbent Cross Trainer and Elliptical Machine

Versatility and muscle targeting

Go for a recumbent cross trainer which ones give you the same workout routine. The Teeter FreeStep Recumbent Cross Trainer and Elliptical offers us are targeting workout. This is possible all thanks to the customized handles which can lead to target the triceps, biceps, and back muscles. You can get to change your workout each day to become stronger and fit.

In other recumbent bikes, most don't have customized handlebars. Or you don't have an option to isolate your arms when resting your legs. It is always the same workout routine, which can get boring.

Easy storage

Most people dislike having to work out in the same space, especially when you are at the gym or using a workout unit that can't easily be relocated. With that Teeter freestep you can get the best home exercise at the comfort of any part of your house.

Whether in the living room, in front of your TV or in the backyard, the options are endless. Thanks to the wheels for easy transportation. It is also important to go for a machine that isn't too heavy, one that weighs less than 150lbs. The Teeter freestep weighs 110lbs with a length of 54 inches. Its compact design will allow you to store it easily regardless of the location.

Fitness and physical therapy at a very affordable price

Go for a machine that will offer you both, and you don't have to break the bank to get it. Although most recumbent bikes offer these services, they come at a very high price. The Teeter FreeStep Recumbent Cross Trainer is an affordable fitness unit, and you can go for it with Confidence without wasting a lot of your hard-earned money. It is affordable, and you will get the best workout experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does this Teeter FreeStep Recumbent Cross Trainer
have a heart rate monitor?

A: The recumbent cross trainer doesn't have a heart rate monitor. But I can monitor your distance, time, and the calories burned, among other parameters.

Q: Is it possible to stride in reverse with this trainer?

A: Yes, you can. I have been doing that with my machine, and it is pretty easy to do.

Q: Can this machine damage my floors?

A: If you are worried about your floors getting scratches, you can place it on the carpet to protect your floor.

Q: Is it possible to change the seat with a larger one?

A: Yes, you can change the seat if you like. However, I find the included seat pretty big, so I don't think you will need to replace it.

Q: Is assembling this machine hard?

A: If you are conversant with assembly, then you will not have a hard time assembling the unit. It comes with included assembly tools to make your work easier.


With over 35 years in the fitness industry, Teeter is among the best in creating quality work out units. Unlike other recumbent bikes, the Teeter free step cross trainer and elliptical is designed to provide the best full-body workout. It is a seated low impact cardio exercise machine that will ease joint strains.

With that said, it is an excellent value for money, and it can help you burn plenty of calories at the best workout comfort. If you are looking for the best recovery training machine or a perfect gift for your parents or grandparents, then this cardio machine is the way to go. Maintain an active and healthy body with the Teeter free step recumbent cross trainer and elliptical.

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