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Best under desk elliptical | check out 2019’s best

Even though it may seem somewhat unlikely, the truth of the matter is that there is an elliptical out there for you irrespective of your budget.

Nonetheless, at the end of the day, it’s all about whether the best under desk elliptical will give you a value for your money or not which then brings us to what this post is all about. Engineered to have you burn calories when space is a problem, either of these will be a worthy addition to your workout routine.

There’s definitely no better way to get your workout in- here’s cardio made portable and efficient; let’s see what these bad boys are all about.

Best under desk elliptical Comparison chart.

We’re all about giving you the easiest time possible in making your selection and this should be quite easy to do with the comparison chart below. Take a lookat how the best of the best hold up against each other


Best under desk elliptical

Workout monitor


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GOPLUS Under Desk Elliptical Stepper, with 5.5lbs FlywheelGOPLUS Under Desk Elliptical Stepper, with 5.5lbs Flywheel

Goplus Under Desk Elliptical Stepper

Multi-functional built-in
Displays: distance, workout time, speed & calories burned

Cubii Jr. - Seated Under-Desk Elliptical - Get Fit While You Sit - Built-in Display MonitorCubii Jr. - Seated Under-Desk Elliptical - Get Fit While You Sit - Built-in Display Monitor

Cubii Jr: Desk Elliptical with Built in Display Monitor

Built in display
Displays: real-time, RPM, strides, distance

Cubii Pro Under Desk Elliptical, Bluetooth EnabledCubii Pro Under Desk Elliptical, Bluetooth Enabled

Cubii Pro Under Desk Elliptical

Bluetooth compatible with iPhone, Android, Fitbit, Health kit
Displays: steps, distance, and calories burned

The Rundown

As reliable as the comparison chart is, you could use a little more help in choosing the best under-desk elliptical. With the rundown below, you'll be able to know the best under each category. Here goes.

Best high end elliptical: Cubii Pro Under Desk Elliptical it’s compatible with your smartphone, HealthKit, and Fitbit plus it features a compact design backed up with quiet operation.

Best budget under desk elliptical: Goplus Under Desk Elliptical Stepper it's got an anti-skid base and pedals, a stable design, an adjustable tension, and a whisper quiet operation

Best versatile elliptical: jfit Under Desk & Stand Up Mini Elliptical/Stepper you can use it while seated or standing up and get a quiet performance, an adjustable resistance and adjust the pedal angle for utmost comfort.

Best all-around under desk elliptical: Cubii Jr: Desk Elliptical with Built in Display Monitor there’s a display monitor built into it, the operation is whisper quiet, it’s lightweight and easy to assemble and includes 8 resistance levels.

Top under desk elliptical machines reviews

Best under desk elliptical

Here’s the moment we’ve been waiting for. If you are looking to get the very best in the market there are as far as under desk ellipticals are concerned, either of these should be a perfect choice.

If you’re willing to do whatever it takes to get the best of the best, this high end under desk elliptical trainer will definitely be worth every penny. From the silent operation to the compact design, you’ll be getting it all. Here’s what you ought to be looking forward to…

Enjoy minimal distraction with the silent operation

Considering that you will most probably be using this under desk elliptical at your workplace or at home, the last thing you want is for it to be a distraction to those around you.

To ensure that this does not happen whatsoever, it’s designed to offer a super smooth and whisper quiet operation. To add icing to the cake, it is designed to be low impact on your joints and as such, you can use it for however long you want.

There’s more…

The Cubii Pro also does have 8 levels of resistance and as such, you can get you workouts set to your preferred difficulty level based on your physical capabilities.

Get convenience at its best with the space saving design

As far as versatility of use is concerned, you’ll definitely be enjoying what this bad boy has to offer. Owing to the fact that it is optimized for seated use, it has got a low step pattern which makes it reliable for use under desks at your office and equally as good to use while at home.

With the compact and space saving design, it’s also going to keep your surroundings clutter free.

Easy usage and goal tracking capabilities

In addition to being silent and compact, you’ll also be enjoying how easy it will be to keep track of your progress. The Cubii Pro should be able to synchronize your steps, distance and the number of calories burned with your Android or iPhone and the same goes for Fitband smart bands and the Apple Health Kit


  • Has got a smooth gearing for a low impact workout
  • Features 8 levels of resistance for intense and effective workouts
  • Offers a whisper quiet operation for minimal distractions


  • You might want to get stoppers to keep it from sliding on some surfaces

If the Cubii Pro is a little too expensive for you, you could save a few bucks on this one for an amazing performance as well. other than being available in 4 different colors, it also does have a quiet operation, it’s compact and has got lots of other amazing features to look forward to.

Easy to set up and equally as easy to use

One of the features you’re going to appreciate on this bad boy is how easy it is to assemble. With only 4 screws, you’ll be able to have it all in one piece in a breeze. It also does have both a whisper quiet operation as well as a smooth gliding motion both of which make it suitable for use both at home and at your workplace.

Reliable goal tracking with the built-in display monitor

Don’t have your smartphone close by? No problem. With Cubii Jr it should be easy enough to keep track of your progress with the included built-in display monitor on which you should be able to see real-time use of the elliptical, the number of calories burned, the RPMs as well as the strides and distance.

With the included 8 levels of magnetic resistance, you’re also going to find it quite convenient as far as getting an intense and more efficient workout is concerned.

Has got a low impact operation

It's not really a good enough under-desk elliptical trainer if you're going to put up with joint pains, is it? With the low impact operation, it should be smooth enough to use yet at the same time be efficient to workout while seated hence making exercises a breeze.


  • Features a display monitor to track your progress
  • Has got a quiet and smooth gliding motion
  • Includes 8 levels of resistance for intense and efficient workouts


  • You might have to tighten the pedal screws after using it for sometime

Standing out to be one of the easiest and most reliable under desk ellipticals you could get your hands on, this bad boy from FitDesk not only looks good but it holds up quite well as far as efficiency and portability are concerned. Here's what it packs under the hood

Features a whisper quiet operation

Starting off with one of the most important features on any under-desk elliptical trainer, you're definitely going to appreciate the quiet operation that this bad boy has to offer. With the inclusion of a balanced flywheel, the pedal is kept in a smooth motion and as such, you won't have to worry about any knee injuries.

It’s also worth mentioning that it comes with 8 levels of magnetic resistance which gives you an effective and intense workout. Being magnetic in nature, its also going to be maintenance free and silent which makes it perfect for both office or home use.

Flexible usage with the low pedal height

As far as convenience is concerned, the fact that this elliptical has an 8-inch pedal height which is the smallest you can get on an under desk elliptical trainer makes it suitable enough to use even with desks that are as low as 25 inches.

For comfortable foot placement, it also does have a large pedal platform that accommodates most feet sizes.

Track your workout progress with the included digital meter

Last but not least, it should be easy enough for you to track your fitness progress with the digital meter included on which you should be able to view 6 different functions. Unlike any other digital meter displays, this one does feature a desk stand and as such, you won’t have to crouch under your desk to see your progress.

Yet another thing that makes it really easy to use is the presence of the foot shifter which allows for hands free adjustments.


  • The 8-inch pedal height makes it easy to use in most places
  • Includes 8 positions of magnetic resistance.
  • For efficiency, it’s got a digital meter with a desk stand.


  • Installing the base panel is a little tricky

When versatility is a priority, this under desk compact elliptical should serve quite well as you can use it while standing or while seated. In addition to the versatile usage, there are other features you should look forward to.

Get versatility at its best with the highly compact design

Other than having an advantage over other under desk elliptical trainers by being usable while seated or standing up, its portable nature is yet another feature you’ll enjoy.

The compact design makes it possible to have it under any desk but most importantly, there is also a top handle included which allows you to move it anywhere with ease. It also does have a front handle which gives it additional support.

Optimize your workouts with the adjustable intensity

Regardless of whichever style of workout you prefer, this is one of the best elliptical trainers you could get since not only can you be able to use it while seated or standing but it also has got an adjustable difficulty. You can tune this up if you prefer to go hard and sweat it out or alternatively, you could go ahead tune it down for a casual workout over long periods of time.

Still, on the usage of this elliptical, the pedal angles can be adjusted which makes it comfortable enough to use while seated or standing up

The included monitor allows you to keep track of your workouts

Knowing how much you’ve done is important and there’s no better way to do this on a mid-range under desk elliptical than with a monitor. With this 2 in 1 elliptical trainer, the included monitor should be able to record your time, distance, speed and the number of calories burned.

Here’s more…

In addition to all the above features, the quiet operation is yet another thing you’ll be enjoying. With the inclusion of larger wheels, it’s able to achieve a smoother and quieter ride while at the same time, there’ll be less wear and tear.


  • Includes a tension dial that provides an adjustable resistance
  • The large wheel provides smoother and quieter rides with minimal wear.
  • Can be used while seated or standing up for maximum versatility


  • You might have to lubricate the wheels to prevent squeaks

First things first, this is going to be unlike any other under desk elliptical since it comes fully assembled right out of the box. Besides this, the operation is quite friendly, it’s compact in size, it’s got different resistance levels and plenty more. Here’s a closer look…

The low-profile design makes it easy to handle

Designed for anyone who’s looking for a functional yet portable under desk elliptical trainer, the low-profile configuration should enable this to be fit under most desks. This way, you should be able to have complete freedom as you exercise.

Besides just being compact, it also does have a centrally placed transportation handle by which you can move it around with ease as it weighs only 24.2 pounds.

You can be able to have intense workouts with the adjustable resistance

Built into this compact under desk elliptical is a tension knob. With this, you should be able to switch between either of the 8 levels of magnetic resistance for high-intensity workouts. The resistance is also silent enough to be used at home and in office environments plus you won’t have to worry about high maintenance while using this.


There are non-slip foot pedals which allow you to keep your momentum up and at the same time have your feet moving safely. The textured pedals are also large enough to accommodate different foot sizes while at the same time giving you a sure footing.

Easily track your progress with the central digital monitor

Also included in the design of the SF-E3872 is a digital monitor which allows you to track your progress with the aid of the centrally placed digital monitor. With this, you’ll be able to keep track of the time, speed, number of calories and the distance covered throughout your workouts


  • Includes non-slip foot pedals for a sure footing
  • Has got an 8-level magnetic resistance
  • Features a low-profile design and a central transportation handle


  • Be sure to lubricate it often to prevent any squeaking

We’re already past halfway on our reviews and we’re doing great so far. Boasting to have a stable and comfortable design blended up by a silent operation among other amazing features, you couldn’t go wrong with this under desk elliptical trainer. Here’s every reason you should check it out.

Track your progress with the multi-functional fitness monitor

Included on the elliptical is a multi-functional fitness monitor on which you should, with ease, be able to track your progress. By being able to see your distance, workout time, calories burned and the speed, you’re definitely going to stay motivated as your workout.

Enjoy a sure footing with the non-slip pedals

With the inclusion of the non-skid pedals which are designed to secure your feet while at the same time ensure high comfort regardless of how intense your workouts are, you’ll definitely optimize every second you’re on it.

It also features an adjustable tension with which you can vary the intensity of your workouts. Considering it’s a quiet resistance, you can use it pretty much anywhere with minimal distractions.

Boasts both a stable and portable design

Weighing only 360 lbs. and with the inclusion of a foam handle and bottom wheels for transportation, it should be easy to get it right where you want it.

As for the design, it features a patented ergonomic handle for smooth and low impact elliptical exercises. It also does have an anti-skid design; adsorption base and it’s designed to reduce floor friction for protection.


  • Has got an adjustable tension monitor for variable intensities
  • The anti-skid pedals ensure that you have a sure footing
  • Features bottom transport wheels and a foam handle for portability


  • It may squeak a little when used while standing.

Standing out to be one of the few under desk ellipticals that can be used while seated and while standing up. In addition to having this much versatility, the build quality is just as amazing and it does have just as good a performance. Here’s why this could just be the best under desk elliptical for you.

The highly portable design renders it quite convenient to have

With this being a priority in the construction of under desk ellipticals, this one is made with an ergonomic handle as well as two transportation wheels. With both of these, you can carry it to and from your workplace or move it over short distances just by tilting it and rolling it by the wheels.

Something else you’ll appreciate on the design is the wide base and low profile which keeps it from rocking or hitting your knees while you’re using it while seated.

Optimize your workouts using the 8 resistance levels

So as to have the utmost control of your workouts, it's possible to adjust the intensity to either of the 8 different levels with which you can match your needs. It also does have the brake resistance mechanism and larger rollerblade wheels with which you can get smoother rides which allows you to exercise with minimal distractions.

Also built into the elliptical are the large and anti-slip pedals that secure your feet for high comfort levels.

Keep track of your workouts using the 5-function LCD display

On the built in LCD display, it should be easy enough for you to keep track of time, count, distance, calories and the total count


  • Features a low profile and wide base design
  • Includes an ergonomic handle and transport wheels
  • There’s a built in LCD display monitor with 5 functions


  • You might want to lube it often to keep it from squeaking

Available in three different colors, you’ll be getting the best of portability and efficiency with this bad boy. Designed to work perfectly well for lower body exercises, this bad boy sure is going to take your workouts to a whole new level and here is every reason why

Optimize your workouts with multiple movement options

Considering this is a compact elliptical trainer, you’ll want it to be as efficient as possible, right? Well, to ensure that you get this at its best, you can, as a matter of fact, use it while sitting or standing up. In addition to this, it’s also possible to pedal it in forward or reverse motion in order to target different muscles.

Speaking of being able to target different muscles, the tension is adjustable so that you can be able to vary the intensity of your workouts just by the simple turn of the adjustable dial even as you use it.

It comes in a portable and efficient design

Other than allowing you to use it while seated or standing, it also does have a quiet and unintuitive operation which makes it perfect for use at home or at your office.

In addition to this, yet another feature that makes this the best under desk elliptical is the compact 24.5 x 17-inch design which makes it eligible for use in small spaces.

The multi-functional meter makes it easy to track your progress

Last but not least, there's a multi-functional display monitor on which you can track your progress with complete ease. On it, the number of strides per minute is displayed, the total stride, exercise time and the number of calories burned. There's also the scan function which shows you all your workouts statistics periodically.


  • Has got an easy to use tension knob to control workout intensity
  • Includes textured pedals for a sure footing
  • Has got a quiet and unintrusive design


  • Lubricate it once in a while to keep it from squeaking

From the unique design that allows you to use it while seated and standing up to the highly versatile and compact design, you’ll be enjoying every minute of your workout while on this under desk elliptical. Here’s what makes it one of the very best.

Experience minimal distractions with the quiet operation

Perfect for use both at home or at your workplace, the large roller blade wheels ensure that you get both a smoother and quieter ride while at the same time, there’ll be less wear and tear. What’s even more interesting is that you can use it while seated or standing up and have a silent operation all the same.

Customize the difficulty level using the tension dial

So as to match your fitness needs perfectly well, the tension can be set to whichever level you want and upon doing so get either a hard or casual workout.

Keep track of your workouts with the fitness monitor

Built into the design is the fitness monitor with which you should conveniently be able to keep track of your time, distance, stride count and calories burnt. Yet another feature you’ll appreciate on the design is the presence of the top handle to carry anywhere as it is only 24.3” long, 17.5” wide and 11.4” high.


  • Get quieter rides with less wear and tear with the large rollerblade wheels
  • It’s got a top handle for easy transportation
  • Includes the multi-functional fitness monitor on which you can record your workout progress


  • You might want to lubricate it once in a while as it may get squeaky

How to choose the best under desk elliptical trainer

On their own, the reviews are not really good enough but when complemented with the buying guide below, there's no way you could go wrong. Here's everything you should take into consideration before spending your hard-earned cash on any under desk elliptical machine.

Is it a portable enough under desk elliptical?

The sole purpose of getting the elliptical trainer is for you to be able to use it at your own convenience, right? As such, portability is the very first thing you should be concerned about.

If, for instance, you intend to use it at your work alone and you could leave it there, then you might go for one that's a little heavy. If, on the other hand, you'll have to carry it with you frequently then you should go for the lightest you can get. It would also be a good idea to look for a foldable one since one of these will be much easier to carry around.

Noise levels

Second, to portability, something else you should take into consideration is how noisy it can really get. The last thing you want is to distract your colleagues at the office. This, however, may not necessarily be the case at home since you could use it in a different room away from everyone else.

The height

You’ll be using it under the desk which means you will be having limited space to work with. This being the case, it’s important that you take into consideration the distance between your knees and underneath the desk.

In such a case, pay attention to the pedal height which is normally the highest distance the pedal can reach and then find out whether or not you can use the elliptical without your knees bumping on to the desk.

Resistance levels

Being a must-have feature on an elliptical trainer, it’s important that you do know how much you can actually be able to do with your elliptical trainer. On most ellipticals, you should conveniently be able to alter the tension levels so that depending on your physical capabilities, you should have it set to the resistance level you are most comfortable with.

I’d recommend that you settle for as high resistance levels as you can get on an elliptical since more resistance means that you get a more efficient workout.

The build quality

Like the standard ellipticals, you'll get at the gym or for home use, it's just as important to go for a heavy duty under desk elliptical trainer. You definitely don’t want your unit coming apart after a few uses.

It’s therefore important that you settle for one that is not only compact but also features a heavy-duty construction especially if you’ll be carrying it around often.


Under desk, elliptical trainers are designed to be used while you are seated so that's not really surprising. If, however, you'd want to get more out of your workouts, you could go for one that allows you to workout while standing as well. such an elliptical could be quite convenient especially when you are holding on to some weights and engage your arms as well

Final verdict

It goes without saying that working out plays a huge role in our overall mental and physical health. With the under desk elliptical machines proven to be quite a reliable way of ensuring your health is on point, you owe it to yourself to get one of these. Since you have the best under desk elliptical reviews at your disposal, there’s no way you could go wrong.

Before we call it a day, one thing I would like to emphasize is the importance of paying attention to the manufacturer’s recommendations regarding using your machine. The last thing you want is for it to come apart after only a few uses, right?

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