Best elliptical under 1000 USD: 2019’s guaranteed way to keep fit

If you are looking to keep in shape at the comfort of your home, you definitely hit the jackpot with your number one source for the best elliptical under 1000.

With the best cross trainer, you should keep your cardio training on point. Since we’re reviewing the top 15, you’re sure to get the perfect elliptical for workout whether you’re an advanced athlete or just starting off with your workout journey.

Based on our informed research, we’ll review the top 15 elliptical machines and in the event of doing so also list down the favorites then lastly include a buying guide.

Instead of reading all through, you could get the best cross trainer from the side by side comparison of the top 5 down below.

Here’s how to best optimize your elliptical workout

  • Always have your feet parallel to the pedals
  • Vary the incline of your elliptical bike to hit your glutes
  • Don’t get used to using the handle; use your hands less to involve your core and legs more
  • Incorporate the use of light dumbbells in your elliptical cardio workout
  • Step up the resistance to get a high-intensity cardio training

Best elliptical under 1000: an expert’s recommended picks

Here’s what we came for. It’s finally time to take a look at the best home elliptical 2019 reviews- why go through the trouble of hitting the gym when you can have one right at home? Have a look at the 12 listed below and it will definitely be worthwhile.

The rundown

Best overall: AFG Sport 5.9AE Elliptical it features 43 workout programs, has got a 325 lbs. max weight and it’s easy to put together

Best expert-level trainer: Nautilus E614 Elliptical Trainer features 20 levels of resistance, 2 DualTrack LCD displays and 6-position manual ramp adjustments

Best budget: Tomasar Elliptical Exercise Machine comes with 8 levels of magnetic resistance, smooth and quiet operation.

Best compact: Sunny Health & Fitness SF-E3804 Magnetic Elliptical Trainer it measures 54L x 24W x 63H inches hence easily fits in most spaces

Best comfortable: Schwinn 470 Elliptical Machine features an adjustable fan, a 10-degree motorized ramp, DualTrack LCD, RunSocial app, and a 20” stride and an adjustable fan position

If you’re willing to do whatever it takes so as to get the best out of your cardio sessions, then you should consider looking into this.

It's got both the good looks and amazing performance with an easy operation. Here’s why you should go for it.

It features a magnetic resistance system

In order to allow you to optimize your elliptical workout, it has the magnetic resistance system and as it turns out, this is much easier to operate as compared to having a manual system.

With this, you will be able to set the resistance between either of 16 different levels which makes it possible to optimize your cardio training in the long run- the perfect elliptical for beginners and advanced athletes.

Includes versatile controls.

As far as keeping track of your exercises is concerned, this bad boy features a blue backlit LCD electronic computer display which comes with both the push and turn controls. From the display, you should be able to keep track of the total distance you cover, the RPMS, the energy consumption, the time and it also shows different workout data and graphic dot matrix hill profiles.

From this x trainer, you can also measure the heart rate with the aid of the telemetric hand grips. These have got an optional infrared earlobe clip sensor as well as a wireless heart rate chest strap to get the most accurate readings.

It includes different training programs

So as to get you to hit your limits, there are an amazing 8 elliptical exercises included on this bad boy. These come with different levels of intensities and variations which allow you to work out different muscles.

Comes in an easy to use design

Proving to be one of the easiest elliptical machines in the industry, you’ll find it quite easy to use and here’s why:

First, it comes with a quick start feature that activates the machine once you start pedaling it hence no need to switch it on manually. Other than this, there is also a recovery feature for cardio-wellness index calculations. So as to ensure it’s comfortable to use, it has got adjustable foot plates which on 3 different positions with a 20-inch stride length hence you can always vary your elliptical motions and movements.

Durable and sturdy construction.

Boasting to be one of the most durable elliptical trainers under 1000, it features a sturdy, powder-coated steel frame construction which is intended to get you through even the toughest of elliptical cardio workouts. It also comes with a 40-pound flywheel which delivers a smooth operation

The overall weight is 205 lbs and it measures 56 x 32 x 41 inches with a maximum weight capacity of 285 lbs which should prove usable by most people.
What about powering it up…

To get it functional, you’ll only be needing an AC power source of 110 volts.


  • It features both a sturdy wheel and frame construction
  • Comes with adjustable footplates with a 20-inch stride length
  • Has got 16 different intensity levels with magnetic resistance


  • It’s a little difficult to put it all together.
ProForm 695 Cse Smart Strider 695 Cse Elliptical

ProForm 695 Cse Smart Strider 695 Cse Elliptical

At a slightly lower price than the one we’ve looked at, this elliptical machine is all about getting you the best quality workouts since that’s what really matters after all, isn’t it? Without further ado, let’s see what this elliptical bike has got to offer

It features adjustable pedals

When it comes down to functionality and the details, the best elliptical machines should have a good enough comfort level so as to get you through your whole workout session without much trouble at all.

To achieve this on the ProForm 695 Cse Smart Strider 695 Cse Elliptical trainer, there are oversized foot pedals included. With these, you should be able to rest the whole of your foot on the pedal comfortably so as to hit your leg muscles well enough.

The pedals are also cushioned which means the comfort is not compromised and you won’t have to worry about getting fatigued in the middle of your workout session and in addition to this, they are adjustable as well so you can alter their position to hit different muscle groups in your cardio. The elliptical also has an effective inertia-enhanced flywheel which is power adjustable for a quick incline.

For the upper body workouts, this elliptical has got a hard-plastic soft grip for the arms which does not absorb sweat no matter how intense your exercises are. Speaking of intense workouts, let’s see how much this bad boy can push you

Includes 20 resistance levels.

With as much as 20 levels for the resistance from the flywheel, you'll find this a good enough elliptical machine if you're an advanced user or are just starting off. The wheel is also rear mounted to save on space and at the same time allow for enough room for limb motion.

It’s got a 300 lb weight capacity

For the weight, it’s not really the lightest but there is a silver lining to this: it has got one of the highest weight capacities as compared to other ellipticals in its class, an amazing 300 lbs. and should pretty much be usable by

The overall weight is 190 lbs due to the commercial grade solid steel construction. and though difficult to lift for long distance transportation, you will definitely appreciate the wheels at the bottom for positioning it in your house

Features a versatile design and amazing build quality

Moving on to the interesting part, this cross-trainer machine is designed to give you the most comfortable of your workout sessions.

First, it features an integrated tablet holder which should be convenient if you have your workout program in it and a water bottle holder as well to keep you hydrated. Other than these two, there is an iPod-compatible audiosystem hence you won’t have to worry about boring workouts.

For the built-in workout programs, it features iFit ready and there is also a round watts LED display with as much as 24 workout apps. The elliptical also features an EKG heart rate monitor.

You will also appreciate the easy assembly design right out of the box and the vertical space saver design. For the dimensions, it measures 78 x 17.5 x 29 inches and could easily be set up in your bedroom or living room.


  • It has got a 300 lb. weight capacity
  • Features a durable solid steel design
  • Has got easily adjustable and cushioned pedals


  • It’s a little too narrow
Schwinn 470 Elliptical Machine- versatile

Schwinn 470 Elliptical Machine- versatile

As far as brands go, Schwinn boasts to be one of the best in the production of premium elliptical trainers and with the Schwinn 470, you’re sure going to take your workouts to a whole new level. One of the best designs and performance features anyone could ask for.

It comes with 29 workout programs

Designed to ensure that you get to optimize your elliptical workouts, you’ll be getting an amazing 29 workout programs from this bad boy so you won’t really have to set it up manually all the time.

The workout programs include 12 profiles, 9 heart rate control programs, 4 customizable programs, 2 fitness tests, and a single quick start program. With all of these, you will find the Schwinn 470 quite reliable while starting off and as you advance to being a better athlete. What’s even more interesting about all these workout programs is that they are displayed on a backlit LCD system

In addition to the above-mentioned workout programs, this elliptical bike allows you to keep track of your workouts as well with the Bluetooth connectivity. Find out next how much you can really do.

The Schwinn 470 also has a 20” precision path stride that shouldn’t limit you on your foot motion whatsoever hence comfortable and functional. It also features contact and telemetry-enabled heart rate on the handles.

It features a Bluetooth connectivity

Thinking of keeping a log of all your cardio training sessions? Well, there's no better way to do this besides the Bluetooth connectivity. With this, you should be able to synch the Schwinn 470 with fitness tracking apps such as the Schwinn Trainer app

Features the run social app

In addition to being able to sync your training with your preferred workout app, this elliptical trainer allows you to get things more interesting with the RunSocial App. This is downloadable freely and it allows you to run through either of 19 locations and a total of 27 routes side by side with other fitness enthusiasts from all over the world

It includes 25 resistance levels

When it comes to getting the most out of your workout, this is definitely one of the best elliptical machines you could go for. As you advance, you can set the resistance to either of the 25 levels available; there’s no way you could go wrong with this much intensity options.


Besides the resistance levels, there is also a motorized and adjustable ramp incline that makes this one of the most versatile cardio machines in the market when it comes to giving you more challenging workout sessions.

When it comes to media capabilities, it has a medial shelf that has in-console speakers that have got an MP3 input port as well as a media charging option

For the dimensions, it measures 28.2 x 63.2 x 70.1 inches and even though it’s not the most compact home elliptical, there’s plenty to look forward to from the Schwinn 470.


  • It comes with a 10-degree adjustable ramp and 25 resistance levels
  • Features a Bluetooth connectivity
  • Features an adjustable fan


  • The assembly is a little difficult
Nautilus E614 Elliptical Trainer

Nautilus E614 Elliptical Trainer

With physical fitness being a priority for everyone, you'll want something that going to ensure you achieve your set fitness goals and the Nautilus E614 just so happens to be the best home elliptical for this. With lots of workout programs and plenty of other features, you couldn't go wrong whatsoever.

It has got 20 levels of resistance

At the end of the day, we all want the most challenging cardio elliptical exercises and there’s no better way to achieve this other than with the capability of altering the resistance levels.

So, whether you’re just warming up for your gym workout or specialize in cardio training, this elliptical trainer allows you to switch between either of these levels so that you’ll be in better shape at the end of each session as compared to the previous.

So as to ensure you have a smooth performance in all the different levels, the Nautilus E614 Elliptical Trainer is run with a high inertia drive system that has a perimeter weighted flywheel with a fast start-up while delivering consistent workouts.

Has got 22 programs included

As far as versatility goes, you’ll be getting an amazing 22 programs. With these, you can choose between 9 set profiles, 8 heart control programs, 2 custom programs, 2 fitness test programs and there’s a single quick start program as well.

With the included dual track LCD, there’s no better way to keep track of your fitness goals and considering it has a maximum weight capacity of 300 lbs. it sure is a dependable elliptical trainer.

Includes an in-console speaker

Regarding the media capabilities, this elliptical machine comes with an in-console speaker which features an MP3 input port so you can always listen to your favorite tracks while getting your workout in. There is also a media shelf included and a USB media charging port which renders the Nautilus E614 quite a versatile option and the best part is that you won’t have to break the bank for it

Comfortable and user-friendly.

Starting with the stride length which is one of the most important features as far as cardio machines are concerned, you’ll be getting 20” of these. With this much room for your leg movements, most people could use this quite comfortably.

Second, the ramp is adjustable manually between either of 6 positions. You can change the positions to make your workout more intense when targeting different muscle groups or set it to the most comfortable position. Either way, you get equally as good a performance.

For the foot plates, you’ll be stepping on large articulating ones with a cushioning which in turn minimizes unnecessary fatigue and you get to have enough room for comfort.

Also, include in the design is an adjustable cooling fan when the workout gets more intense. 


  • It includes 20 resistance levels with a 300lb. weight capacity
  • Comes with 22 workout programs
  • It features in-console speakers, an MP3 input port and USB media charging


  • The assembly is a little difficult
AFG Sport 5.9AE Elliptical

AFG Sport 5.9AE Elliptical

It’s not every day that you will come across a cardio workout machine that is box luxurious while at the same time guaranteed to get that workout in. Well, with the AFG Sport 5.9AE, this is exactly what you’ll be getting. So, how about we find out what’s there to look forward to?

It features a tablet connectivity

Probably one of the most convenient features that are guaranteed to favor every user while on an elliptical machine is the ability to connect your portable device to it.

By allowing for tablet connectivity, you can be able to use the AFG fitness app in order to control and keep track of your workouts and in the event of doing so be able to track your cardio exercises over time. What’s even more interesting is that it uses a wireless Bluetooth connectivity which just so happens to be really convenient.

Considering it comes with as much as 43 workout programs, it will be much easier to use the AFG app in tweaking the different settings on the AFG Sport 5.9AE Elliptical.

It offers the most natural movement

Boasting a design that has been arrived at from extensive biometric research, you'll be getting quite a smooth motion with each stride you take.

It features a heavy duty 23 lb. flywheel with a precision drive system that is guaranteed to deliver a smooth running through a flat ellipse motion while at the same time giving you a 20-inch glide path. This is as natural as an elliptical machine’s motion can get and by doing so, you won’t have to worry about joint pains after your elliptical workouts

The dimensions and build quality

Since durability is a priority on the best home elliptical, there's more to this one than just the quiet and heavy-duty flywheel. It comes with a heavy and welded steel frame and weighs 236 lbs. for the dimensions, it measures 76 x 34 x 57 inches.

As for the max supported weight capacity, it can hold as much as 325 lbs.; thanks to the heavy-duty steel welded frame

It features user-friendly controls

Yet another thing you’ll appreciate on this elliptical are the controls. Just in case you’ll not be having your tablet, you can always use the multiple LED screens to track your workouts.

There is also an integrated audio system with surround speakers that will definitely have you looking forward to every workout and this can be used with the Bluetooth 4.0 compatibility

The elliptical also includes USB charging ports for your mobile devices and you’ll also be enjoying the fitness fan in the more intense workout sessions. Speaking of intensity, the AFG Sport 5.9AE also has got free chest straps included for wireless heart rate monitoring

It comes with 16 levels of magnetic resistance

If you’d like to step things up a little bit, there are 16 levels of magnetic resistance that should do just fine and you can also change the incline levels between any of the 20 options allowed to have it as comfortable as possible or make the training even more intense


  • It has got wireless chest straps for heart rate monitoring
  • Includes a high-quality flywheel and steel welded frame design
  • Comes with 43 workout programs


  • Might take some time to put it all together
Schwinn 430 Elliptical

Schwinn 430 Elliptical

Yet another elliptical bike from Schwinn is the Schwinn 430 Elliptical. Boasting to be from one of the most reputed brands which are not in vain as it is engineered to be as user-friendly as possible and ensure that you get to meet your cardio workout goals.

It’s run by a high inertia drive system

By paying attention to the tiniest details regarding an elliptical workout, Schwinn designed this one with a high inertia drive system that is amazingly easy to start up. After you have the setting s as you deem fit and start pedaling, it’s going to give you one of the quietest workouts you’ve ever experienced.

What's even more interesting is that in addition to having an easy startup, it’s a high-speed drive system as well that you’ll definitely appreciate.

Comes with a DualTrack LCD display

For the display, you’ll be getting a DualTrack 2 LCD screen display which gives you increased visibility to all the programs included in the Schwinn 430 as well as goal tracking.

Speaking of programs, you'll be getting a total of 22 preset workout programs. These include 9 profile programs, 8 heart rate control programs, 2 fitness tests, and a single quick start program. These should be good enough for both the advanced competitive athletes or anyone just starting their fitness journey.

Has got various resistance levels and incline options

Yet another amazing feature on this elliptical is the resistance levels. To make your workout more productive, you could switch between either of the 20 resistance levels for more intense cardio.

In addition to this, the Schwinn 430 provides 6 different incline positions with the adjustable ramp so you could blend this with the resistance levels to have an even more intense workout session

It features a comfortable design

Being what distinguishes the best of the best from the average elliptical machines, the build quality on the Schwinn 430 elliptical bike is strong enough to support users that weigh as much as 300 pounds.

As far as comfort is concerned, it does have large cushioned foot plates which result in low-impact workouts as well. It also has a flexible hand placement as you can also switch betweenthe fixed and moving handlebars depending on your workout and desired comfort level.

For the path stride, it offers 20 inches and on top of this offers a precision foot motion technology which simulates your natural running motion.

Here’s more…

You will be getting a USB charging port for continuous operation of your phone, tablets and music players which should be quite handy if you prefer to use a workout app during your training


  • It features an easy, smooth and quiet startup
  • Comes with a DualTrack LCD screen display
  • Has 20 resistance levels for more intense workouts


  • There’s no clear instruction for the use of different programs
ProForm 520 E Elliptical

ProForm 520 E Elliptical

Yet another one from ProForm is the ProForm 520 E and in addition to bearing one of the most popular brands as far as elliptical bikes are concerned. Built to allow you to get the most out of your workouts, this is definitely one of the best to start off with. Here’s what makes it the best elliptical under 1000:

Has got a 5-inch display

Intended to give you the smoothest workout sessions, you will be getting an amazing 5-inch display on this bad boy which also does have a backlight added to it so you’re sure to have the best visuals of the settings. In addition to this, it is also compatible with MP3 players and has iPod compatibility as well to keep each workout interesting.

Resourceful workout options

When it comes to keeping track of your vitals as you work out, this elliptical trainer is bound to do the trick. Right out of the box, it is iFit ready and by using the tablet holder you could optimize your workouts by following the iFit coach workouts.

From the LCD display, you should be able to watch your mileage, the speed, calorie burn as well as the heart rate. Regarding the heart rate, all you have to do is hold on to the built-in EKG grip which will then sense your pulse and you’ll be able to receive an automatic reading on your console.

It features a comfortable, user-friendly and durable design

Besides the reliable workout options you'll be getting, it also features commercial-gauge solid steel construction and due to this, it has an amazing weight capacity of 300lbs which makes it a viable home elliptical machine for most people.

For the flywheel, it’s a 15 lb. effective inertia-enhanced flywheel which comes with 18 resistance levels so you can step the intensity up a notch for more intense workouts.By blending these with either of the 18 programmed workouts that come with it, you couldn’t go wrong with this one.

It’s a front-drive design which allows for a 19 inch of strode length that is adjustable. Whereas the stride lengths cater for the lower body workouts, the soft grip stationary and movable handles included should be ideal for an arm workout.

As for the pedals, it’sgot both oversized and adjustable ones. These allow your feet to comfortably sit in a place which prevents any imminent fatigue.

For the dimensions, it is 69.3 inches, 34.4 inches and 68.25 inches for the length, width and height respectively and considering it’s fairly heavy, there are front-mounted transport wheels

Comes with an adjustable power ramp

You can also be able to quickly adjust the power ramp manually to five different positions between 0 and 20 degrees that allows you to hit different muscle groups.


  • It’s got a commercial-gauge solid steel construction
  • Features a 20-degree adjustable power ramp
  • There are front-mounted transport wheels


  • You’ll have to join a membership so as to use it
Schwinn A40 Elliptical Machine

Schwinn A40 Elliptical Machine

Already through with the best elliptical under 1000 reviews and we're doing great so far. With yet another amazing elliptical trainer from Schwinn is the Schwinn A40. Despite the simple design, it packs a lot more under the hood from the performance to the functionalities. Here's what makes it the best home elliptical 2019 workout companion.

It includes 8 resistance levels

Since the whole point of getting this elliptical bike will be to push you way past your limits, the Schwinn A40 is built with a magnetic resistance that can be switched to either of 8 levels. This way, you could step up the intensity of your cardio workouts to optimize the results. The magnetic resistance is also friendlier as compared to a mechanical one.

If you want something that’s affordable yet good enough for entry level and the advanced users, going for this would be a good idea.

Features a large LCD console

We all like to see how well we progress during our elliptical workouts, right? In the case of the Schwinn A40, you’ll be getting a large LCD display.

On this, you'll track your speed, time, distance, RPM, calories, results, and the heart rate. There are also 7 preset workout programs which include 6 profiles and a single quick start that should be quite versatile if you are using this for your first time.

Comes with ergonomic handles

Whereas most elliptical machines will only focus on the lower body, this one pays equally as much attention to your upper body. It features both the moving and the fixed handlebars.

For the moving handlebars, you'll be able to get the utmost flexibility and optimize your upper body workout. On the other hand, the fixed handlebars give you utmost stability and are just as comfortable as the moving ones but in addition to this, they've got ergonomically placed heart rate contacts.

Here’s more…

With foot placement being an issue on most ellipticals, this one features a 17.5” stride with precision path foot motion technology which is comfortable enough. At the same time, this is a long enough stride length to ensure you hit the leg muscles perfectly well.

For the flywheel, it includes high speed and high inertia perimeter weighted flywheel which gives you both a smooth and quiet workout experience. For the weight limit, it has a maximum weight capacity of 275 lbs which, though not the highest should prove viable for most fitness enthusiasts.


  • It includes a large LCD console to track your workouts
  • Comes with 7 preset programs
  • Has got high speed and high inertia perimeter flywheel


  • Assembly takes a while
Sunny Health & Fitness SF-E3804 Magnetic Elliptical Trainer

Sunny Health & Fitness SF-E3804 Magnetic Elliptical Trainer

By being one of the best mid-range elliptical machines bound to give you a full body workout, the Sunny Health & Fitness SF-E3804 promises one of the most intense workouts for both beginners and the advanced athletes due to its versatile functionality.

It includes a performance monitor

Being able to track your performance using your elliptical machines accurately is the whole point of getting an elliptical trainer. There is an easy-to-read display on the SF-E3804 elliptical bike which will record the speed, the time calorie burns, the distance as well as the RPMs.

Besides the display, there is also a tablet holder built into the design which will make it possible for you to work with online fitness videos or fitness apps.

Has got the endurance zone, digital monitor

Besides the above-mentioned functionalities, you will also appreciate the 60-second heart rate recovery function that’s easy to use. One can be able to calculate your body fat percentage and it is also equipped with a recovery heart rate testing function.

The heart rate monitor also functions as the body fat percentage analyzer in the sense that it allows you to keep track of your lean body mass as compared to the fat mass which is one of the best elliptical weight loss features you could get.

There are also four highlighted goal specific target heart rate zones, the age range, and the heart rate beats per minute and with these, you can be able to determine whether or not you are performing in the optimal target heart rate zone.

Has got a heavy-duty construction

Moving on to the build quality, this elliptical boasts a heavy-duty frame that measures 54 x 24 x 63 inches for the length, width and height respectively. For transportation, it has got built-in transportation wheels at the front so all you have to do is tilt and roll it out.

Regarding the maximum weight capacity, it’s able to support as much as 287 lbs. While on the elliptical, you will have the front handlebars that allow you to work on the legs exclusively and for a full body workout, you can always use the moving handlebars.

By taking your balance and safety into consideration, this elliptical bike was built with one of the best foot pedals since being non-slip and oversized in nature, it will be able to accommodate all sizes. At the same time, it will prove to be dependable even for the most demanding elliptical workouts

It features a 13.5-inch stride length

The stride length basically determines how much you are going to get out of your leg workouts. With the 13.5 inches on this one, one is able to achieve both forward and backward pedaling for optimal workout sessions.

Comes with 8 levels of magnetic resistance

If you want to switch between different workout intensities, the 8 levels of magnetic resistance will surely come in handy. Now, not only does this home elliptical intensify your workouts but it also gives you some of the smoothest and quietest workouts while at the same time being less demanding of any kind of maintenance.


  • It includes a heart rate testing function
  • Features both a forward and backward pedaling motion
  • Has got a heavy-duty frame with front transport wheels


  • The computer board doesn’t have clear instructions
ProForm 150i Elliptical

ProForm 150i Elliptical

ProForm has already proven to be a good enough brand as far as elliptical machines go and with the ProForm 150i, you’ll be spending less for more. The operation is smooth, the design comfortable and bound to last for long. Here’s more on what you should look forward to.

There's a built-in LCD display

It’s definitely the best elliptical if the display is straightforward enough, right? With the ProForm 150i, you’ll be able to see everything on the large LCD display.

What’s more interesting about this is that it comes with 12 workout apps and is iFit ready which means you'll be optimizing every workout session. Still, on the display, you can also see real-time progress upon selecting the street view setting since it is compatible with google maps.

Now, if you are just starting off with this as your first elliptical workout machine, there are 12 workouts already pre-programmed for you in the unit and you can switch between either of them for different intensity levels.

Comes in a high-qualityand comfortable design

For the design, the unit measures 66.75L x 22.5W x 63H inches and should fit in your Livingroom or bedroom. Considering it has got a long-lasting steel frame, the ProForm 150i stands out to be one of the best elliptical machines under 1000 as far as durability is concerned.

For the stride length, you’ll be getting 17 inches of these and with every stride you take, the front drive motor should give you a smooth action operation.

To get the upper body workout for your arms, it’s got both the soft grip stationary and moving handles.

Features 12 resistance levels

It’s always a good workout if it gets to be as intense as possible, don’t you agree? Well, with the 12 levels of resistance, you’ll find this convenient as you advance in your workouts. Considering this elliptical bike features oversized pedals and an inertia-enhanced flywheel, the operation will be smooth as well.


It includes transport wheels that make it easy to move around, a water bottle holder to keep you hydrated as well as iPod audio compatibility to keep the workouts interesting.


  • There’s an EKG heart rate monitor included
  • Features 12 resistance levels
  • Comes in a long-lasting steel frame


  • You’ll have to sign up first in order to use the console
Tomasar Elliptical Exercise Machine

Tomasar Elliptical Exercise Machine

It’s compact, it’s functional and it’s durable- a combination that most people only dream of having from their elliptical machines and what’s even more interesting is that you won’t have to spend a fortune in order to have this home elliptical machine. Let’s find out how it holds up, shall we?

It’s got 8 levels of magnetic resistance

If you’re serious about getting in shape and reaching to your set fitness goals, then you’ll definitely appreciate the magnetic resistance present on this cross-trainer machine. With 8 different levels of magnetic resistance, you’ll get optimal results from all of your workouts.

So as to adjust the resistance, all you’ve got to do is use the convenient tension knob to have more intense exercises with just a simple clockwise or counter-clockwise motion.

It features reliable digital monitors

Its always important to keep track of your progress and there’s no better way to do this on this elliptical other than with the digital screen, on it, you’ll be able to see the time spent, speed, the distance covered, the pulse rate, the calories burned and also see your results to maintain power and speed.

There is also a convenient scanning mode that allows you to keep repeating these functions so as to be up to date with all the calculations.

For heart rate monitoring, there are additional stationary handlebars that take your pulse.

Features a smooth and quiet operation

Even with the capability of being able to set the intensity level as you prefer, you’ll be enjoying a smooth & quiet driven operation.

There is a precision balanced flywheel as well as a V-belt both of which ensure you get the most silent elliptical workout sessions. Considering you’ll probably be having this in your living room or bedroom, this feature will come in handy.

Easily portable

The overall weight of the machine is 35.8 kg which makes it fairly heavy to move. So as to take care of this, there are front wheels on the unit which allow you to move it around from one room to the next with ease

Has got a durable build quality

Besides the wheels at the front, there's more to look forward to in the design of this elliptical machine. It features a steel tube construction which measures 40.9 inches x 18.9inches x 63 inches for the length, width, and height. It also comes with a flywheel that's 121 lbs. heavy and with this and the durable frame working hand in hand, this elliptical bike will be able to support a max load weight of 256 lbs.

For the feet, it comes with a 13-inch non-slip foot pedal which provides a no impact and smooth flowing workout with higher stability and comfort


  • It’s got a smooth and quiet flywheel
  • Comes with 8 levels of adjustable resistance
  • Features an LCD digital monitor


  • It does not have instructions for the LCD to set the programs
Simpfree Elliptical Machine Trainer

Simpfree Elliptical Machine Trainer

The last item on our review is yet another affordable elliptical machine that despite going easy on you with the price, it's guaranteed to get the job done. It features high-quality construction, user-friendly operation and all the features you need to meet your fitness goals. Here’s a closer look

It comes with an LCD monitoring technology

In order to ensure that you get to meet all your fitness goals, there is an LCD monitoring technology on this trainer, with this, you’ll conveniently be able to plan and record all of your fitness statistics.

You’ll get to see the distance covered, the number of calories burned, the time taken, the speed, scan and the target zone of heart rate monitoring. When it comes to heart rate monitoring, there are the pulse rate grips that make this possible.

Has got a high-quality construction

Besides being reliable when monitoring your vitals, the build quality is just as good. Weighing 35.5 kgs and being 40.9 x 18.8 x 63 inches for the dimensions, it should be easy to move around. Despite having a compact design, the base is wide enough to ensure you don’t topple over regardless of how intense the workout gets.

The elliptical features a tubular steel construction so despite weighing less than most ellipticals in its class, it’s really durable should prove viable for persons weighing as much as 250 lbs.and be usable for a long time as well.

So as to ensure you’ve got the most comfortable elliptical cardio exercises, the pedals are large and have got ridges to keep your feet from slipping. 

Smooth operation

There's a12 lb. built-in flywheel on this bad boy and considering it has got a precise balance and a V-belt drive as well, you’re sure to get a quiet and smooth operation. This makes it a good enough home elliptical to get those cardio workouts done.

Has got an adjustable resistance level

At the end of the day, we all want to be as fit as possible, right? Well, there’s no better way to do this other than getting some of the most intense workout sessions.

With the included 8 different levels of magnetic resistance, you should be able to get a more challenging workout as you strive to be an advanced-level athlete.

For a smooth flowing workout, you’ll be getting a 13-inch stride length which should allow you to target your leg muscles effectively. Whereas you can use the stationary handles to focus on your lower body, there are the moving handles which allow you to get an effective upper body workout. Each of the handles is comfortable enough to get you through your workout sessions. 


  • It features a tubular steel construction
  • Includes an LCD monitoring technology
  • Has got a variable tension control


  • The instructions print are a little difficult to read

How to choose the best elliptical machine

So as to complement our reviews, here are the top tips you should have on your fingertips if you are just getting started with choosing one or want to upgrade to the best elliptical.

Best elliptical under 1000

The wattage

The core idea of getting elliptical machines is improving your physical tolerance and getting a better cardiovascular endurance, right? So, to get the most out of your elliptical workout, going for a one with a higher wattage level is always advised since this indicates a higher level of resistance which is exactly what you want to have on your elliptical.

Speaking of resistance, let’s see the options that you got.

Pay attention to the type of resistance

The mechanical resistance is the alteration of the level of difficulty when pedaling by turning a wheel. With a magnetic resistance, however, you will be able to alter the resistance on the console during your elliptical exercise.

The magnetic resistance is what you’ll get on most ellipticals and what is also recommended.

The build quality and design

Since we’re talking getting the best home elliptical, you’ll want to get the best of the best as you’ll be accountable if it happens to be damaged.

So, not only is it good to focus on the build quality but the aesthetics should second the quality construction. The best home elliptical should have metallic parts rather than plastic ones especially if you have kids around. Regarding the aesthetics, go ahead and select one that’s got the looks as it will be in your bedroom or Livingroom

The elliptical weight and maximum user weight

Just as the best elliptical trainer should have a high-quality construction, the same still holds for the overall weight. I’d recommend that you refrain from going for one that’s as little as 30kg but instead go for one that weighs over 60kgs.

Regarding the weight tolerance, this is entirely a matter of personal opinion. Budget ellipticals are cheaper than the high end and most will have a maximum of 100kgs for the weight limit. On the other hand, if you want something that's more robust, go for the mid-range or the high-end ellipticals that can handle as much as 150 kgs.

The size recommendation

Regarding the size of an ideal home elliptical trainer, attention is normally paid to the stride length whereby the recommended length is 40 cm to avoid being limited in your movements.

Other than the stride length, the overall dimensions of the machine count so you know where to best place it once you get it. Most elliptical exercise machines will have a max length of 84cm. You should also pay attention to the elevation distance and a space allowance for the sake of safety and free movement.

The consoles

Some of the best elliptical bikes to go for nowadays are those with a Bluetooth connection to your mobile device or an in-built wireless connection. With either of these, you can share your workout data on social media and control the elliptical as well. Other than this, some allow for USB connectivity for data transfer.

Final verdict

Form our review of the best elliptical machines under 1000, there’s no way you could wrong in optimizing your cardio workouts. From the latest and most reliable tech features to the most ergonomic and functional designs, each of the listed ellipticals is ideal for both beginners or advanced athletes.

So, do weigh out your options when choosing one and also observe utmost care and maintenance after getting the best for you.