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Best Arm Blaster in 2019 – Excellent Selections by Expert!

If you are trying to build bigger biceps in no time, the best exercise equipment which will help you achieve your goal is the best arm blaster.

This little piece of fitness equipment was very popular among bodybuilders in the 70’s and 80’s and its principles are widely accepted today by modern bodybuilders as epitomized in the preacher bench and spider curls technique.

​It is for this reason that the arm blaster has been making a resounding comeback in the last couple of years among bodybuilding enthusiasts.​

​Preacher curls and spider curls are performed by modern bodybuilders using the “elbows in front” technique of the arm blaster.​ In recognition of this, the arm blaster is currently experiencing a huge resurgence in acceptability.

It is now accepted as a better alternative to the preacher curls and spider curls, and later in this article, we’ll see why. To achieve the desired results using an arm blaster techniques, the bodybuilder has to first get a hang of how to position this equipment.

Quick list of Top Arm Blaster

Best Arm Blaster Reviews

Here is a list of top 10 arm blaster in the current market. I think, This reviews will help you to get easily that your need. So check it and pick the best one that meet your need!

Best Arm Blaster


RAD Heavy Duty Arm Blaster

Most bodybuilders know RAD - The ultimate strength because the name is synonymous with quality when it comes to exercise equipment.

The arm blaster from RAD targets focused bodybuilding and keeps in line with the RAD tradition of providing quality equipment.

I’ll let you know from the get-go that this is one of the very popular arm blasters available out there today.

Build Massive Biceps Fast​​​​

This equipment helps users build lean big muscles by enhancing the effects of bicep curls. To achieve this, It has a clip made of heavy plastic which keeps the belt secure and can fit around any body size. This to me, is a good advantage as users are not worried about getting the right size.

Enhances Positive Effects of Biceps Curl

To provide isolation for the biceps, which is what allows users enhance the positive effects of bicep curls, this equipment uses top quality 8mm biceps isolators. Added to this is a unique metal design which helps isolate the shoulders and arms.

What the work u gve me

One key feature of its new modern design is the RAD v2 foam neck padding which makes exercising with this brand of arm blaster a lot more comfortable than many other brands.

Complimenting this benefit is the presence of super soft, dense elbow padding which provides more comfort while forcing the elbows to remain in front of the body while exercising.​

Without a doubt, this is one of the best equipment out there today. An overwhelming majority of users have scored it high in terms of effectiveness


Body Solid BB23 Bicep Bomber

The next offering is also a portable, sturdy arm blaster brought to you by Body Solid, another trusted brand when it comes to arm blaster gear.

It has a heavy weight capacity, and you may want to use this with the Body solid 47 inch EZ curl olympic bar which is offered separately.

This equipment helps users isolate their arms and shoulders while maintaining their backs and elbows in the perfect bicep curling position.

Improved Efficiency

As obtainable with this arm blaster equipment, this brand effectively locks the back and forces the elbow in front of the body, thus ensuring that every curl is powered by the user’s biceps. This improves efficiency.

Heavy Weight Capacity

If you work with heavy weights, then this brand is perfect for you when you want to do bicep curls. This is made possible because the product is designed with a 1,000 pound capacity nylon belt. It is simply perfect for users who desire bigger arms.

Score High on Comfortability

Dense elbow pads provide more comfort and stability for the user, allowing him to exercise with low impact on the skin.

Perfect for Building Bicep Muscles Quickly

The strap on this product is long and adjustable. For best results, adjust the support to hold the back of your arms in place; not your elbow.

You are sure to get great results within a week if done properly.If you are a heavy lifter who wants really ripped biceps and triceps, this brand is a great fit for you.


Cannon Curl + Fit Grips - Arm Blaster

Now this is a product which gives you some extra umph! In addition to the arm blaster, it comes with a fitness training bar with silicon handles to increase the bar diameter.

These features offer the benefit of extra muscular contraction while performing bicep curls.

I personally prefer the idea of getting your curl bars, fit grips and arm blaster together as one package, rather than buying the bars as add-ons.

Increased Muscle Activation

Combining the Cannon Curl and the fit grips activates the muscles using a principle called muscle irradiation. This helps users build muscles faster.

​Increasing the bar diameter increases muscle activation even more, leading to faster development of bigger bicep muscles. In as little as one week, users are likely to start seeing the desired results.

Helps Maintain Correct Posture

In addition to supporting the the arms, shoulder and back during bicep curls, this equipment helps users maintain correct body posture.

The overall effect is that users exercise correctly, with the biceps achieving maximum gain. This also means the weight is not placed on the user’s back, thus the equipment is less likely to cause back pain.

Fit Grips Last for Years

The fit grips are made of high density silicone, meaning that they can last for years without requiring any maintenance. On the long run, this adds to the cost-effectiveness of this equipment.

​While this product will work as efficiently as most in the market today, its key advantage is the fact that it is more cost effective than any other offering we have seen out there.​

Since you are buying the arm blaster and the training bars and long-lasting grips in one package, you spend a lot less in the long run.


Ader Arm Curl Blaster

This brand of arm blaster is well known and has been trusted by bodybuilders for several years.

It is a resilient piece of lightweight equipment which gives all the benefits that the arm blaster equipment offer users.

This aluminium plate has a 1000lb capacity belt made of webbed nylon, which gives the product that highly needed support base for heavy lifting.

Well Designed for Use With Dumbbells and Curl Bars

As with most brands, the Ader sporting goods Arm blaster is well designed to be used with dumbbells and curl bars in the aim of building bigger biceps. The harness is placed around the neck, and the metal plate across the chest.

This array provides the much needed arm support which will force the elbows forward and help keep most of the work-out effort and gain within the biceps. The results - bigger, leaner muscles, faster.

Solid Support for the Arms and Back

Now, if you are trying out the market for a product which would keep your arms and elbows firmly in place while doing bicep curls, look no further than this brand which ensures huge gains for your biceps.

Believe it when I say you will start developing the bulk in your arms within a week. Another prime product for the heavy lifters and bodybuilding enthusiasts. It is portable and durable, and will withstand heavy loads.


Blue color , RAD Heavy Duty Arm Blaster Bicep Isolator for Biceps & Triceps

Just like the RAD arm blaster we considered as the first product on this review, this gear is brought to you by RAD.

The two equipment are very similar and offer you the same sturdy support for boosting your bicep curl workout, thus helping you build bigger leaner biceps.

In addition to improving your efficiency, this equipment comes with better aesthetics, a key feature being the look-good blue metal plate.


4fit Heavy Duty Arm Blaster

Similar to the RAD arm blaster in design and efficiency, this equipment is brought to you by 4fit.

It comes with some very comfortable neck padding and elbow groove padding which provide comfort for users.

The product is quite stable and helps reduce the normal momentum a user would build while swinging the elbow back to compensate for deteriorating form experience during a workout devoid of the arm blaster.

Its design ensures that the arms, back and elbow are stable, thus forcing the elbows in front of the body with the resultant effect that the biceps do all the work and gain more bulk.

This is largely a “me-too” product. What it lacks in terms of creativity in its generic nature however, it makes up for that with an excellent entry price.


RDX Arm Curl Blaster

Brought to you by RDX, a well known brand when it comes to sports gear, this arm blaster actually fits the payline - “gearing for war!” - together with their other offerings.

It is packed full with features you would find in the best equipment anywhere in the world. The rigid metal design with specialized contours simply means this gear is not going to bend out of shape anytime soon.

With stability assured, the equipment keeps your elbow and back locked in position, thus making your bicep and triceps workout more efficient.

While this product prides itself in being quite sturdy, a number of users have complained that it bends out of shape too quickly, and may fail to work as stated.


ARD-Champs Heavy Duty Arm Blaster

The new ARD champs arm blaster is gaining popularity fast because it has proven to be very sturdy and efficient.

It comes in at least five different colors, meaning users can choose the color which fits their personality best.

You are getting a bargain when you purchase this product. Like all the arm blaster equipment, it retains its advantage over the preacher’s bench and the incline bench.

Firstly, it is portable, so you can take it everywhere with you. It comes with 7mm biceps isolator which holds the arms in position and eliminates that swinging motion which bodybuilders experience when they are not using arm blasters.

Simply put, this eliminates the self-negation which cheating to execute more reps causes bodybuilders. The biceps are forced to do the heavy lifting, thus building them up faster.

This product will rank favorably with all the other brands out there in terms of being comfortable as it comes with a supreme v2 foam neck padding.

When it comes to quality arm blasters, this brand ranks favorably among others. It is packed full with beneficial features and is surely a must-have product.

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Farabi Fitness Weightlifting Arm Blaster Biceps Isolator Gym Support Straps Wraps

Want to enhance your arm strength and build bicep muscles?

Then the Farabi ultimat solid metal arm blaster was developed with you in mind.

This device locks the elbows in front of the body, which is the best position to build your arms.

While focusing on efficiency of usage, this product also places a premium on comfort by utilizing Nylo-Fab XCR straps and PU_X core padding in its construction.

The result is a very pleasant experience for users of this device. The design of the metal plate using a unique NHT curve helps restrict movement and momentum of the user’s arms and elbows, thus allowing the impact of the bicep curls to be felt mainly in the biceps.

It keeps the posture of the body right while exercising, thus giving users a great aesthetic body as the outcome.

Arm Blaster – Buyer’s Guide

As I mentioned earlier, using the arm blaster in building bigger biceps is a better alternative to preacher curls and spider curls.

The arm blaster equipment is basically a harness with a metal plate which has two grooves. The adjustable harness is worn around the neck, allowing you to lock your elbows in the grooves on either side of the metal plate on the chest.

It is a lightweight piece of equipment worn by bodybuilders when performing bicep curls. This equipment holds the elbows in front of the body and keeps them stationary, thereby forcing the biceps to lift the weight of the dumbells.

Without an arm blaster, the natural thing would be for you to swing the elbows backwards and use the momentum generated to lift the weight.

When it is in use however, the biceps must work harder to lift the weight, thereby helping you to achieve maximum gains on the biceps. This “elbow in front” principle is what preacher curls and spider curls use, though they do not have the extra advantages which the arm blaster possesses.

Preacher curls are performed on a preacher bench. The bodybuilder rests his elbow on the bench thereby keeping it stationary, while spider curls are done using the incline bench.

​Here are a few things which make the arm blaster equipment a better alternative to preacher and spider curls.

  • It is portable so you can take it with you anywhere
  • The arm blaster is far cheaper than the preacher’s bench or the incline bench
  • It is also more versatile as you can curl using straight bars, dumbbells or e-z curl bars and you won’t require spotting.
  • The bes arm blaster equipment are much more comfortable to use than the preacher’s bench or incline bench, that is, if you use it correctly.

Final Verdict

Let me make it clear that while I am not going to place any particular brand ahead of the other, the best arm blaster equipment are the most efficient hardware when it comes to building massive biceps and triceps.

While the preacher’s bench and spider curl are some of the contemporary methods of building biceps, the arm blaster has made a resounding comeback because it is widely acknowledged to work as well as, if not better than them.​

Add this to the extra advantage of being more portable and versatile, and you will appreciate why you should get one too.​Each of the brands considered have their own advantages.

While the Cannon Curl + Fit Grips gives you a combo product at a relatively cheaper price, the RAD brands have been acknowledged to work as advertised.

​In terms of efficiency, the 4fit arm Blaster is very similar to the RAD brand and Ader arm blaster. All the heavy duty arm blasters also have recorded similar success stories, but the Farabi fitness arm blaster. seems to carry the day in terms of efficiency and comfort.​

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