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Bowflex Xceed Home Gym | Better Than We Thought? Review

Today I share with you my six months of experience with Bowflex Xceed. When it comes to home workout equipment, there are so many models on the market today. One of the best machines that you can get for your home gym is the Bowflex Xceed. Unlike other workout equipment, this one provides you with over 65 gym-quality workouts making it one of the most versatile on the market. This home gym will help you achieve your health and fitness goals. I tested lots of home gym machines, but this price range that clearly best.

In this review, we have thoroughly discussed the significant features of the machine. It features all the essential specifications that modern gym units should have-The machine suits both small and large compartments. Apart from its compact size, this workout machine is also easy to operate. It is purposely designed to provide strength training and muscle building. Let us check the outstanding aspects of this workout equipment and why most of the fitness lovers happy with it.

Bowflex Xceed

Who Is This Product Designed For?

This is one of the most versatile workout machine that you need in your home gym. According to the information our team collected from reviews, the machine is suitable for the following people:

  • Users with up to 300 pounds body weight
  • People who want to strengthen and build muscles
  • Home who love exercising at home
  • Users with limited space at home
  • If you don’t have enough time to visit the gym and want to live healthy
  • Users with up to 6 feet 5 inches tall

Bowflex Xceed Why Enough For Home Gym ?

What are the things that make this machine worth your investment? How is it different from other home gyms on the market? Well, when it comes to the features, there are a lot of things that many gym-enthusiast will appreciate in this machine. Apart from its compact size, which makes it ideal if you have a small space, here are other great features that you will enjoy from this workout equipment.

Padded Height-Adjustable Seats

BowflexXceed features compatible adjustable seats that provide extreme comfort. This is a fantastic machine that features a unique seat and backrests. Both the backrest and its seat feature an inch of form padding. These premium foams ensure excellent comfort for perfect exercising. Polyurethane high-density material is used in the construction of the foam cushion for durability.

Unlike other models, this model has a broader backrest to deliver plenty of lumbar support. However, you do need to note the backrest is non-adjustable, but it features two integrated foam padding to promote comfort. The polyurethane is tearing resistance as well as waterproof for long term services.

The seat is capable withstanding up to 136 kilograms or 300 pounds of weight. This quality Bowflex suits both short and tall users. This is because you can adjust the seat to various height positions. The seats can be adjusted between 6.5 cm op to 196 cm.

Stable and Durable Construction

When you are buying any home workout machine, the most important thing that you need to consider is durability. The machine is made of heavy-duty stainless steel material so it can withstand extensive use for a long time. Also, the material used in construction is rust resistance.

To improve stability, the machine features rubberized pads to increase the flow grip. Besides its quality pads, it also features adjustable stabilizers, which are not familiar with other models. This high-density construction makes it suitable for both light and heavy users. Due to its durability, the BowflexXceed qualifies for home use and gym and commercial use.

High Weight Resistance

The Bowflex Xceed home gym features a trademark rod resistance system. The system helps to minimize the need for weight stacks as well as dumbbell plates. The machine lacks weight stacks, which are familiar with other BowflexXceed models. However, the trademark power rolls are essential in providing the weight resistance you require during your exercise. The system is made of a particular elastomeric for durability.

Besides that, the elastomer is fully coated with a thin high-quality rubber material. Each rod comes with its precision machined rings that ensure quick and easy cable hooks attaching. The power rod seat provides a maximum weight resistance of 210 pounds.

If you feel its weight resistance is too light, you are capable of upgrading it by increasing more rods. Lastly, the maximum weight the power rod can accommodate is up to 410 pounds. This feature makes it unique from the rest of the regular models.

Bench Press and Press Arm

This machine features a bench press that gives you the chance to customize your workouts depending on your needs. In addition, it is designed with a multi-purpose press arm to help you work your upper body and lower body with ease.

Pulley System

To make this BowflexXceed suitable for everyone, it features a pulley system. The machine has a maximum of eight pulleys, which are well fixed. Fiberglass reinforcement is added to improve and increase the durability. The best thing about this model is that the included pulleys swivel in all directions hence giving you the chance to perform all the exercises stated in the manual.

High quality and sturdy stainless steel bars are available. The robust construction helps to ensure smooth operations achieved during exercise. The pulley system can easily be adjusted to several positions. This makes the machine to suit different types of users. The pulley works excellently with varying kinds of cable, which is not the case with other pulley systems.

The pulleys are capable of withstanding high weight, making the machine suit all kinds of gym users. They swivel in different directions to increase the overall performance of the unit. This ability makes the machines to perform all the exercises that the user may want. For perfect exercising, several cables need relocation from one point to another.

Also, the pulleys can be adjusted from one exercise to another, making it suit a lot of activities. However, the top lift and the front base typically do not require relocation. Therefore, you can easily set up to 4 – 5 types of exercise.

Comes With Accessories And Attachments

This fantastic Bowflex Xceed home gym comes with several accessories and attachments. This helps to make your work easier as no extra tools you will need to purchase. Some of the tools that come with the Bowflex Xceed machine include 2-d handles. The handles features are rubber construction to increase comfort and stability when you are doing almost any exercise.

Also, the rubberized grips are strong and sturdy to promote most of the possible exercise. These handles features are stainless steel construction for along lifespan. Also, the machine includes a high-quality bent lat bar to enhance your triceps, back and shoulder exercises.

It also features a squat bar to help you work out your back, triceps, and shoulders. The ab training strap and the ab harness allow you to strengthen your abdominal muscles by adding some resistance when you are doing abdominal exercises.

The curved bar is long enough to suit different sizes of people. It is 50 inches long, unlike other ordinal machines that come with a short bent bar. Another unique attachment that comes with this excellent and durable machine is a straight, squat bar. The squat bar is suitable for performing some complicated exercises. To ensure enjoyable and classic exercise, a leg developer is also available. Lastly, 4-inch leg rollers that give you the chance to perform leg exercises.

Compact Size

As compared to many counterparts in the current market, you can consider the BowflexXceed home gym if you have limited space for exercise. The ergonomic design makes the machine suitable for home and commercial use. Also, it is a medium size machine that can suit small rooms. It takes approximately 124 by 135 cm square and comes when fully assembled.

However, the manufacturer recommends 244 by 196 cm square allocation for safety purposes. Despite that, it's your choice to make the final decision. Moreover, the recommended height is around 82 inches for comfort exercise. Lastly, this compact size makes it suitable for small as well as large compartments.

Stylish Appearance

Most people like a home gym that is an eyesore in their rooms.  The Bowflex Xceed fits perfectly with most of the home decors. That is why the machine often placed in locations that are not frequented by most people. You can easily re-assembled it for storage purposes, making it suitable for small compartments. It is designed in three colors which include gray, red and black which gives it a stylish look.

Lots of Exercise Options

This high-quality BowflexXceed designed to perform several body workouts. Sixty-five body workouts ranging from arm exercise, abdominal, chest, back exercise, shoulder, and leg exercise. A lot of activity makes the BowflexXceed unique from the rest of the machines. For more exercise, the device comes with an exercise booklet that will instruct the user to perform uncommon activities.

Quality Frame

This Bowflex Xceed features a similar frame construction like the extreme to extreme model.  For durability, the frame made of sturdy and durable steel bars is available. Besides that, the steel bars are chip-resistant and rust-resistant paint finish. It takes around 135 by 124 cm of space when the frame is fully installed. However, you need to note that the machine doesn’t fold.

Highlighted Features

  • The machine features are a pulley system
  • Designed with a sturdy stainless steel construction
  • Includes squat bus, Ab training strap, and lat
  • Adjustable polythene high density and form cushion
  • It features 210 lb of rod resistance
  • Upgradable up to 310 pounds or 410 lb
  • The machine features multiple cables for custom exercises


  • The device suits small offices and homes
  • More compatible than the average home gene units
  • The unit features are cheap and rust resistance coating
  • The machine comes extra assembly tools
  • This is easy to assemble and use
  • It has adjustable wear and tears resistance seats



  • The machine is not fully foldable
  • It requires some modification to perform an extra exercise
Bowflex Xceed review

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are the main advantages of Bowflex gym as compared to free weights?

A: Bowflex has several advantages as compared to the free weights. First of all, Bowflex is considered as a secure and safer workout. Besides, Bowflex is more durable and sturdy as compared to the free weights. While using free weights, you require a lot of space to accommodate the entire loads. 

Q: Which is the best type of modern Bowflex Xceed?

A: It’s not easy to provide a straight forward to such kind of question. This has been that different people have different opinions depending on their thinking. But we have several goods unites gyms that you can get in the market. BowflexXceed is one of the best models you can get in the market.

Q: Can this bow flex be folded?

A: NO, however, the machine has a compact and stylish design that makes it occupy a small space. Also, the unit can be easily re-assembled for perfect storage and handling.

Q: Does the unit come when fully assembled?

A: NO, but it's straight forward to assemble the machine as compared to similar types. Besides being easy to assembly, assembling a booklet is available. You can also use video to install the unit as recommended by the manufacturer.

About Bowflex Brand

Bowflex is a recognized company that has been making quality and innovative fitness equipment since 1986 to date. The company produces a wide range of fitness equipment that is suitable for pros and beginners. They have a team of fitness enthusiasts who prides in providing the best workout machines to help users achieve their fitness goals.

Final Verdict

In conclusion, every choice that you make may lead to either a positive or negative impact. Therefore, while purchasing any gym unit, consider getting the best quality machine. For that reason, this review has the best gym unit that is affordable and readily available. This Bowflex Xceed home gym is among the best models that you can get in the market.

When it comes to its functionality, we can't afford to negotiate on that. Bowflex Xceed workouts are exemplary easy, and unique to improve your body fitness. You can perform a wide range of workouts to help you achieve your workout goals.

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