Innova ITX9600A Inversion Table Review – The Good and Bad Explained!

As surprising as it may be, inversion tables actually work!

The hang-up equipment has proven to be an effective method that relieves stress, pressure, and many other factors that could be beneficial for people dealing with body pain.

While searching through the market, you’ll find many of these inversion tables available. Out of the bunch, Innova ITX9600 is the one that shines above the competition due to its affordability, and its outstanding efficiency while you’re using it.

In this article, we’ll cover the many reasons why getting this equipment would be a good choice to deal with body ache.

Let’s see what this product has to offer.

This inversion table offers the perfect balance between quality and affordability. Not only is it among the cheapest offered by Innova, but you’d also have a hard time finding a product from other brands that delivers a similar performance for the same price.

innova itx9600	 Inversion Table
Innova ITX9600A Heavy Duty Inversion Table
  • Construction - A Durable Steel Frame

Despite its simplicity, the heavy-duty steel frame surely puts up with a lot of pressure. After the assembly, what you get is an inversion table with a firm base on the floor that won’t move an inch.

The steel frame also makes it an inversion table for almost everyone. It’s compatible with people up to 300 lbs. As for the height range, any person between 4’10” and 6’6” should fit comfortably.

  • Adjustments – Height, Headrest Pad, and More!

Whether you’re 4’10” or 6’6” as mentioned before, the inversion table includes several adjustable mechanisms for ultimate comfort. There are two that come to mind specifically, which are the adjustment tube, and the headrest pad.

The adjustment tube is pretty easy to handle. It shouldn’t take you more than a few seconds to get it at the right level. Once you do, the inversion table will accommodate your body perfectly.

At the other end, we have the headrest pad. This headrest offers three different positions, which you can change depending on what you need. Adjusting the headrest pad is necessary and easy to do too. It’ll allow you to achieve the perfect relaxing position for your head during the inversion.

With options to adjust the height, headrest, and foot, Innova ITX9600A turns into a True Balance structure. It’s an ideal system that provides the perfect center of gravity.

Undoubtedly, that’s what the Innova ITX9600 is: an inversion table for almost everyone regardless of their height or weight. Even better, you won’t need a ton of money to get it either.

Of course, that’s not all you can expect out of this product. It wouldn’t be a good inversion table without comfortable features and safety measures, right? Luckily, the Innova ITX9600 also delivers in those areas too.

  • Safety & Comfort – A Secure Inversion Table with No Unnecessary Pressure

Another great benefit of this inversion table is how it manages to be safe and comfortable at the same time. Old models would offer security but in exchange for a lot of pressure over your ankles. That’s not something that should worry you with this product, though.

  • Six Angle Pin Slot Mechanism – Featuring a Protective Cover

The table features the Six Angle Pin Slot system to deliver a safe and consistent inversion during each session. Adjusting the pin is a quick task, as you only need to set it in the desired angle, and that’s it. After that, you can rest assured your inversion will be safe.

Also, the protective cover keeps the pins hidden and safe.

  • Ankle Holding System – Tight & Comfort

The inversion table features an ergonomic ankle holding system. It’s capable of enhancing the inversion experience for everyone. Not only will your ankles remain tight, but there won’t be any uncomfortable pressure over them.

There are two methods to use the ankle system: one is the rear foam rollers including U-shaped holders at the front; the other method is the rear U-shape holders with front foam rollers instead.

Regardless of which one you prefer, the ankles feel secure and comfortable all the time.

  • Backrest Pad & Soft Foam Handlebars

Finally, we have two other features that continue adding up to the user’s comfort. One of them is the backrest pad, which is pleasantly thick. During the inversion, your back feels relaxed from beginning to the end.

 Additionally, the soft, foam handlebars allow you to have a firm grip.


  • Adjustable mechanisms for height, headrest, and ankles
  • Comfortable backrest and handlebars
  • Six Angle Pin Slot system
  • Durable steel frame
  • Stable over most surfaces


  • Requires assembly
  • Not the best for activities other than inversion therapy

What to Know Before Buying innova itx9600 ?

Now that we’re aware of its many benefits, it’s only fair that we go through the disadvantages you should expect while using this inversion table. Realistically, these aren't disadvantages necessarily, just some things to keep in mind.

  • Requires Assembly, and It Takes Time

Most inversion tables require some assembly, but since most of the parts come already pre-assembled, there’s really not much work you’d have to do.

Other than setting up some parts and making the adjustment to accommodate the mechanisms to your body, the setting up process is usually easy.

Unfortunately, that’s not necessarily the case for the Innova ITX9600 inversion table.

Setting up this equipment isn’t as easy as you’d expect. There’s a seemingly countless amount of little pieces needed, which are better to handle if you choose a specific area in the house and have a lot of space free to separate the parts.

All things considered, it’d be a faster assembly if two persons take part doing it, and they must have some knowledge on the matter too. It’s not a fun experience at all if you have no idea how to set up the frame and the rest of the parts.

  • Only for Inversion Therapy

Something to keep in mind before purchasing this product is that it's ideal for inversion therapies only. You could use it for workout, but it won't be as versatile as other inversion tables.

Then again, if you’re looking for an inversion table for that purpose only, this one will allow you to go through the therapy sessions with comfort. Also, in due time, the results of the inversion will start to show significantly.

Precautions Before Using This Inversion Table

Before buying the Innova ITX9600, or any other inversion table for that matter, it’s important to know that not everyone should use it. Here’s a list in which we mention some of the conditions that prevent people from using this equipment.

  • Conditions that result in unexplained tingling, seizures, dizziness, fatigue, disorientation
  • Brain conditions like trauma, intracranial bleed, stroke risks, or extreme headaches
  • Heart conditions or circulatory system deficiencies, like high blood pressure or hypertension
  • Digestive conditions count too, like acid reflux, hernia, or kidney diseases

The list goes on, mentioning many more conditions that may result in a rather unpleasant experience while inverting. So, as you can see, even though inversion tables are good, users must before from some medical conditions.

For a detailed list;

You could check this link. It’ll take you to Teeter’s website, where you’ll encounter more information about the different conditions that may keep you from making the best out of the inversion tables.

If you don’t have any of those conditions described above;

You should be able to use the inversion tables without any negative reaction.Still, to prevent any issues, make sure to consult a professional physician. They should be in a better position to tell you whether or not it’d be beneficial to you.

Just to be on the safeside;

As mentioned previously, setting up this table takes quite a bit of time. For preparation, pick a room or surface with enough space to separate the pieces and keep track of them during the assembly.

Don't be afraid to ask for assistance from another person too. Previous customers mention that four hands would handle the assembly process much easier than just two.


Although setting it up may be tricky, the result is an incredible inversion table that delivers good results on many fronts. There are several settings available to increase comfort, and the different angle presets provide an immersive inversion therapy session.

For the same price, we’d have a hard time finding a product as good as this one. We wanted to test the Innova ITX9600 to see whether or not it’d deliver quality despite being a cheap table, and so far, it has delivered many great results.

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