5 Yoga Poses for Skateboarders

Skateboarding is a kind of aerobic activity that is similar to hiking and bike riding, but the skateboarder needs proper fitness and exercise to reach a high level in this sport.

Yoga is a key tool for all type of sports there are a variety of poses which can protect your ankles and offer more stability to your foot, also strengthen your legs and improve the core muscles. If you are a skateboarder either for enjoyment or a serious level then you must have a strong and healthy core muscle.

So you must follow the yoga exercise to enhance the performance and advance in the sport of skateboarding. The core of a skateboarder plays a crucial role because the core is where the strength rests, you can do the yoga pose to achieve this.

5 Yoga Poses for Skateboarders

Yoga offers the perfect workout for skaters because it combines strength as well as flexibility. A skateboarder needs proper muscle function and weight to keep skateboarding at a top level of performance. Flexibility is the most important to consider if you need to skate smoothly on your skateboard.

1. Half-moon Pose:

The core of a skateboard plays a very crucial role because balance is the key to stand straight on the skateboard on even as well as uneven surfaces. To get a good balance, just lie on your back and keep the legs stretched in front of you, you must raise your legs together as high as you can.

You can start this exercise with a standing position and gently bend over from the hips towards the floor, bend your knees and place the left hand on the floor and right hand on the hip.

Hold this pose for few minutes and reverse the movements to get back the standing position, this yoga exercise will help to build your core muscles strong and it is very essential to stay straight on the skateboard.

Core strength gives extraordinary support for a skateboarder because it has a good connection with the upper and lower body. So you must have a heavy workout for attaining strengthen muscles, it is also possible to perform strength-building workouts.

Core training should be short and it must improve your game to a high level, the most important benefit of this core strengthening is to stabilize the body and balancing it.

2. Triangle Pose:

The triangle pose can help to stretch the arms, knees, ankles, chest, and legs so that the skateboarders can gain a strong, flexible back which may be useful to layback spins without injury. You can just stand with the legs but it must be wider than hip-width apart also stretch your arms parallel on the floor.

Your feet must be pressing the ground and keep your right arms out over the right foot and then touch the right hand to the floor. Hold this pose for few seconds to get good back support which may be useful while you use the skateboards for riding.

Yoga exercise can relieve you from stress, anxiety, as well as back pain, also increases the physical and mental equilibrium. Stretch your body maximum and be steady and take a long breath which can help you to relax the body more and more.

When you inhale just raise your arms down to your sides and try to keep your feet straight, repeat this for some time to get good stamina and energy. It also supports the muscles which are very important while skateboarding; the muscles are the best part to get good contact between your hands and legs and for making your body to perfectly fit on the board.

3. Pigeon Pose:

Pigeon pose helps to open the hips to release the unwanted energy stored in your body, you can just kneel on the floor and then extend the right leg behind you so the quad can easily touch the floor. It helps to increase your hip flexibility and also improves posture, alignment, and overall suppleness.

Bend the left knee and tuck the foot under the right quad so that your knee will be pointing forward, to attain a good balance gently press the hands on the floor and hold the pose. This pose will strengthen and stretch the legs for improving the balance.

You can use the arms for supporting the lower body and adjust the hipbones so many blankets are necessary to maintain this alignment below the left outer hip, this can help you while skateboarding or longboard carving.

The main goal of this pose is to avoid creating tension in the neck and shoulders as you open the hips, so stand in a correct position to keep your upper body relaxed.

Once your hips are open you may be able to craft a well-balanced pigeon that gives a good benefit for your hips and lower back. It prevents you from lumbar tension and soreness, so you can be active and energetic while skateboarding.

4. Warrior 1 Pose:

Warrior 1 strengthens the legs, opens the hip and chest also stretches the arms and legs, this pose improves the circulation and gives extra energy to the entire body. Just raise your arms perpendicular to the floor and reach actively through the little-finger sides of the hands and turn your left foot into 45 to 60 degrees to the right and place the right foot 90 degrees out to the right.

When you keep your foot over the skateboard you need an appropriate balance and fitness, so by doing this exercise, it is possible to stand straight on the board.

It strengthens your shoulder and arms also the muscles of the back, so with the help of muscles, you can stand on the skateboard in a crouching position for a long period of time. If you continue this exercise it will develop your balance, just extend your arms to the side at the height of your shoulder and keep your foot flat on the floor.

Bend the knees and roll towards your feet, then gently reverse back to the same position. The standing poses require core strength so you need to spend extra time to practice specifically on developing isometric strength in the core musculature.

5. Bridge Pose:

The bridge can be useful to stretch the neck, hips, chest, and spine and also highly increases the circulation of blood when you feel your body is not active or energetic then settle down towards the ground.

This can make you breathe comfortably and steadily and drift back toward the center of the ground to soften every part of your body. You need not take the entire weight of your body to the bridge because it’s an ideal place to develop the strength and flexibility which are essential to protect your lower back in an upward bow.

Keep your feet and thighs parallel, you may lie down evenly through the corners of each foot and then lift your hips. Just begin lying on your back with the help of your legs in a neutral position now bend down your knees close to your buttocks, this posture is very important for backbends.

Make sure that your feet are hip-distance apart and parallel to each other, your feet will be kept parallel when they are turned out. Move your chest towards the chin don’t allow the back of your neck to touch the floor.

Bridge Pose

Wrapping Up!

Skateboarding is a popular sport that is loved by everyone. I hope that the above-mentioned tips will be helpful for you while skateboarding. Have great fun and make your ride the most memorable one!

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