5 Arm Blasting Workouts: Arm Blasting Techniques for Beginners

When it comes to bodybuilding fascination, most of us probably think of having a hulk-shaped arm if I am not wrong. So, it won’t be a wonder if you find the youngsters aged between 17 to 25 more or less hitting gym like crazy. However, it’s a matter of great shock that all their efforts don’t pay off as much as they really do expect in exchange for such hard work.


Why? Just because they tend to do the same things using the same equipment routinely over time, and occasionally with a little variation. Again, a number of them probably don’t how the workouts actually act together to form their desired shape.

Well, if you’re planning to get started soon, check out the following Arm Blasting Workouts: Arm Blasting Techniques for Beginners before you jump in!

1. The Descending Singles Method:

For this particular method, you can simply start with your 1RM weight. Now, do a single, perfect rep. Rest for 10-15 sec. Decrease 2% to 5% of the weight and complete another. Continue the same process and complete 6 to 7 reps.

Now, rest for around 4 to 5 minutes and complete another series of 5 to 7 reps. then, repeat the same process once again so that your count should be three series of 6 to 7 single, perfect reps in total.

For a more effective session, you can simply add a little bit of weight, be it only 2.5 pounds, for each workout. You can follow this Descending Singles Method for both biceps and triceps workouts.

2. The Extended Eccentrics Method:

In this particular method, you are free to start with any convenient weight that you are able to perform four reps. Now, when you are done with the last rep, wait for a while and add some weight, around 20% of the weight you’re performing earlier, is preferable.

Now, get your workout partner for assistance and tell him or her to lift the weight in the concentric phase. Remember, while performing this step, your workout partner will lift most of the weight. And, you will need to lower the weight slowly (taking 7 to 8 sec. is preferable), and of course without any assistance. Repeat the steps several times.

Now, take rest for around 4 to 5 minutes and repeat the whole process once again. In the Extended Eccentrics Method, you need to complete at least three sets as guided above.

3. Contrast Training:

For this method, you are advised to start with the maximum weight you can manage, and of course, maintaining the form. Contrast Training is some kind of true maximum effort set, and it’s the best workout for training your biceps.

To start, select the maximum weight you can perform. Do five reps and wait for a while (3-4 minutes will do fine, I guess). Now, increase the weight by approx. 15% or more if you’re comfortable. Start curling the bar as high as you can manage without playing any trick. Hang on that position for around 8 to 10 seconds and then lower the bar slowly. Repeat the same process as long as you can manage without cheating.

Now, wait for around 4 to 5 minutes and add some weight (around 2% to 5% will do fine) and do a full five reps set. Rest for a while and increase the weight a bit once again and do the same. Take some rest and keep increasing the weight gradually until you reach at least 15% of the total weight. Now, wait for a while and with that 15% increased weight, do two reps followed by the 7-8 seconds static holds.

Now, rest for another 4 to 5 minutes and get back to your 5RM. Give the workout a finishing touch with another five full reps for the last time and there you go!

4. The Post-Tetanic Facilitation Method:

In this particular method, you need to place the safety rods in a power rack at such a height that you can curl the bar max 4 to 5 inches. Now, you need to curl the bar with the max isometric effort against them and hold there for 7 to seconds. Get a workout partner to slam the bar with his or her fists.

Now, rest for around 4 to 5 minutes and add some weight (around 2% to 5% is preferable) to the bar. You are more likely to lift this much weight without any issue as the post-tetanic facilitation will enable you to lift up the weight.

Perform the second set following the same process (isometric effort and slam) you did for the first one. Now, rest for another 4-5 minutes and get back to the previous weight and perform a set of full curls this time to give your workout a final touch.

The “isometric effort and slam” process of this method will help your biceps to stretch rapidly to cope with any dynamic load and cause the muscle fibers to protect your biceps from injury. Anyway, this particular workout method is designed only to train your biceps. And, you are advised not to follow this method when training your triceps.

So anyway, You can also check the sage Northcutt program that has been used by many athletes.

5. Strength Curve Supersets:

For this particular bodybuilding workout method, you can perform 5 to 6 close-grip reps at first. Now, take rest for around 10 sec. And perform 8 to 10 incline dumbbell curl reps. Perform five supersets this way with 2 to 3 minutes of rest between each set.

Note: When starting with this particular superset workout for the first time, you may experience sores in your biceps. However, you will get used to it with time and don’t forget to continue with this particular method due to soreness in your biceps at the very beginning.

By the time you scrolled down to this section of our post, I hope you have come to realize what it takes to blast your arms and take it to the new level of development. However, hitting the gym like a mad dog isn’t all you need to shape your arms the way you dream.

You also need to maintain a healthy eating habit along with regular exercise to ensure the smoother development of your arms, biceps, and triceps.  Here goes a little hint regarding the diet habit you should practice. Let’s check them out in the following without delay!

Why Is Diet Important?

As mentioned earlier, exercising like crazy is not sufficient enough for arm blasting. You should have a healthy eating habit too. Yes, you need to consume the right kind of food your body requires to function properly and support the hard work you do to shape the body, building muscles, and blasting arms.

Here is what you should include in your daily diet and work as guided above for arm blasting;

Protein: In order to build healthy muscles, you must consume a sufficient amount of protein every day. Precisely, you need to have at least 1.5 grams to 2 grams of protein for per kilograms of your body weight. Besides, you must track your protein consumption when trying to build muscles and blast arms without affecting your body. Fish, Meat, Eggs, Cheese, Milk, Soya Beans, etc. can be a decent source of protein.

Carbohydrates: To ensure your body is functioning properly, you must intake a certain amount of carbohydrates as well. It provides the body with the fuel it requires to run smoothly. So, it’s needless to describe the importance of having carbs in your daily diets, and of course, after every workout session and in the morning diet.

Fat: No! You didn’t read it Wrong! Fat is also very important to keep your body healthy and fit, though most of us take fat as the enemy of our body. It helps to form healthy cells and provides the body with some energy to function without issues as well.

Mineral: Mineral is second to none to keep your body hydrated and ensure the proper functioning of the organs of the human body. Along with a healthy eating habit, you must have plenty of water at the same time. Apart from water as the vital source of the mineral, you can also try some superfood drinks as a secondary source, though water is preferable as always.


While concluding our post, I hope, you went through the lines and came to know the top 5 Arm Blasting Workouts followed by the importance of having a healthy diet. Now, it’s your turn to get started within the shortest possible time if you’re madly fascinated by arm blasting. Hope this post was helpful and you enjoyed reading. Happy Bodybuilding!

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