Elliptical machine vs Treadmill: which one’s better for weight loss?

All things considered, it all comes down to the elliptical trainer and treadmill when it comes to losing weight or toning.

As much as both of these are effective, it can be really difficult to determine which one is better in getting you a fat-blasting workout. Because of this, there’s quite a fair number of things to debate on which is why we’re here to clear things out for you.

What style of training should you stick to? Which one will help you get to your goals faster? Who should use which machine and when? These are just but some of the questions we’ll be tackling today and with that being said, let’s get started, shall we?


These stand out to be one of the most common types of equipment in both the commercial and home gyms and for good reasons. Treadmills are as close to running as you can get and as such if you are a runner, this is definitely what you ought to go for. Here are some things you’ll highly appreciate while on a treadmill.


How much is the impact of your workouts?

Something else you should be concerned about is the intensity of the workouts on your joints. As compared to running on the pavements, running on a treadmill has a lower impact on your joints.

The small impact you get from treadmills has an advantage and disadvantage. For the advantage, your bone density will be maintained as you age and on the contrary, if you have an injury, it would be wise to stay off treadmills.

Treadmills are honest

Yet another benefit you get from using treadmills is that once you set the speed, it will be consistent until you step off. Additionally, you can also specify the incline and the time depending on how much you want to gain from your workouts.

When strength is a priority a treadmill will do the trick

Yet another reason you should get your hands on a treadmill is that they strengthen your leg muscles and cartilage. You should, however, bear in mind that you need an effective plan or better yet an experienced coach to help you best optimize your treadmill workouts.

They feel more natural

A feature that will be highly appreciated by runners, hopping on a treadmill gives you a natural feel. You can also walk slow, run at a slow pace, or even sprint, and to make your workout more resourceful, you can easily utilize the incline option to add some resistance.

Treadmill disadvantages

  • They have a high impact on your joints
  • The belt size could change the way you run or walk over time
  • You could easily fall off and hurt yourself if you’re not used to being on one.
  • Staying on one for prolonged periods may cause muscle loss.

Elliptical machines

Though ellipticals cannot replace running in the outdoors or on a treadmill, they are some of the most common home and commercial cardio machines and for good reasons. For starters, they are ideal for the injured athletes and are low impact as well. Here’s more you should look forward to upon getting one.



They deliver a full-body workout

Since they come with handles, your biceps, triceps lats, and most importantly your core will be engaged during your workouts. At the end of the day, you improve your overall balance and tone up your body quite well.

Amazing for burning calories

Since they engage lots of muscle groups, you can be able to burn as much as 300 calories in a 30-minute session. Though this is similar to what you can get from a treadmill, the difference here is that you’ll be engaging other muscles for better results.

They are easy and low impact on joints

This stands out to be the greatest advantage an elliptical machine has over a treadmill. While on a cross-trainer, there is less pressure on the bones specifically the knee joints since the elliptical’s motion simulates climbing stairs. As compared to running on the pavement or treadmill, it’s safer to be on an elliptical trainer.

They incorporate strength training

While on an elliptical, you can play around with the resistance levels to get a more intense workout. Additionally, you can be able to target other muscles by pedaling in reverse and at the end of the day get great results.

Cons of using an elliptical machine

  • Since they don’t impact your joints, they won’t strengthen them
  • The motion is a little unfamiliar as compared to running normally
  • They may leave you with a tight hip flexor

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