Benefits of using an Inversion Table

Benefits of using an Inversion Table- 7 Proven Ways

Inversion tables come in different designs but at the end of the day, they’re mainly all about inversion therapy. Unfortunately, inversion therapy is overlooked by most. What most people don’t know, however, is that it’s actually one of the best and safest natural therapeutic remedies for back pains and complications.

Theoretically, inversion therapy will be able to help you in the following ways:

  • Decreasing inflammation in the back muscles.
  • Boosting the circulation of blood in the muscles around the spine
  • Removing or reducing waste from the spine
  • Inversion therapy helps create more spinal fluid around spinal discs
  • Inversion therapy reduces sciatica pain
  • Relieves degenerative disc disease

But how does inversion therapy work?

If you are planning to get an inversion table, then it’s only fair that you know exactly how inversion therapy works. The feet are basically above your head with the intention of reversing the effects of gravity on your body.

While staying in an upright position, gravity normally causes your joints, back muscles, and bones to be compressed on the spine. This then results in chronic back pain. With inversion therapy, however, your spine is decompressed, and just like that most people are relieved from chronic back pain.

The main potential benefits of inversion therapy

Here are the main benefits of inversion therapy:

1.      Increases mobility

Back pains make one dread even the simplest of physical activities. Because of this, it’s only recommended that one sticks to light but consistent physical activities since if otherwise, your back pain will worsen. With time, your movement will become more limited which is the last thing you’d want, right?

With the best inversion table, however, you can benefit the most from inversion therapy. The results will also be much better if you combine this with exercise.

That’s not all…

Inversion therapy also plays a huge part in giving a patient better flexibility. The spine is composed of a lot of tiny bones all working together and the best way to strengthen it is via small micromovements. As it turns out, there’s no better way to achieve this other than inversion therapy.

Inversion therapy also makes your body stronger overall and you’ll find it much easier to bend. Additionally, your posture will be improved which is highly beneficial if you are working behind a desk.

2. Prevents the need for having surgery.

Inversion therapy is proven to be one of the most reliable natural solutions to back pain management. Normally, the longer back complications go unchecked, the more severe they can become.

If you, however, decide to have a change in lifestyle by using an inversion table, you’ll be able to prevent further damage to your spine. This will be really helpful since if unchecked, you could require surgical intervention to ease the back pains.

As a matter of fact, studies prove that by sticking to inversion therapy, you’ll prevent the need for surgery if you’re suffering from lumbar discogenic disease. This is a condition that causes the thinning and weakening of discs in the back.

3. You’ll no longer need pain killers

As it turns out, most people living with chronic back pains turn to pain killers so as to relieve backpains. This, however, is not something anyone would like to stick to throughout their lives, right?

With inversion therapy, you’ll greatly be able to reduce the need for medication since it’s a natural pain management solution.

Depending on how much pain you’re feeling, you can invert the table at different angles. By remaining inverted for a few minutes of 3-4 sets at a time for at least 3 times a week, you’ll notice a huge difference after a few weeks.

In the long run, you’ll have a better posture, and your upper body will be flexible than ever before.

4. A safe and reliable way to stretch after exercise

An inversion table might be more useful than you think when it comes to working out. Since workouts such as squats can greatly be compressive on your body, stretching for a few minutes afterward will be helpful. By decompressing your muscles and elongating your body, you’ll reduce post-workout soreness.

5. Inversion therapy strengthens your core

Another upside to using an inversion table is that your core gets stronger with time. Besides just using one to stretch after an exercise, you can also use an inversion table for exercising.

An inversion table can help you develop strong internal and external obliques, lower back muscles, and abdominal muscles. The best part about exercising on your inversion table is that you get better support for your torso since the blood circulation will be amazing and you’ll be more flexible.

6. Inversion tables improve your spine health

Spine misalignment is one of the major reasons people experience spine health. Because of this, you may end up altering your posture which over time puts unnecessary stress on your spine.

One of the safest ways to correct spine misalignment is normally through gentle massaging and light spine manipulation which eventually relieves stress on the spine. The thing, however, is that you can’t always get a massage therapy whenever you want to which is where the inversion tables come in.

Since inversion therapy works in a similar way and you can have one at home, you can utilize the different inclination angles to get a gentle stretch from gravity.

7. Reducing chronic back pains

Backpains can be quite annoying and unfortunately, they aren’t easy to get rid of at all. Because of this, most people seek out gentle and non-invasive ways to treat their pain. Normally, physical therapy or surgery does the trick but the problem is, not everyone has access to these whenever they want to.

With an inversion table, however, you can ease pressure on the weight-bearing joints via inversion therapy that allows them to rest and recuperate. The best thing about inversion therapy is that its decompressing effects help relieve a lot of back pains such as joint or disc pains.

Final verdict

Whereas inversion therapy helps relive lots of back pains, your heart rate is decreased whereas the blood pressure is increased. This could put pressure on the eyeball and inner ear and because of this, inversion therapy isn’t recommended if you have heart diseases or high blood pressure. In a nutshell, it’s important to seek medical advice before using an inversion table to relieve backpains.

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