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How to Choose the Best Balance Beam for Home Practice?

First of all, for the most of us, choosing the right balance beam is somewhat a daunting job with such a variety in types, colors, shapes, and sizes. Plus, chances are there that you may even give up due to tons of confusions as toddlers balance beams are way more different than the professional-style gymnastics’ one.

Thanks to the experts that they pointed out several factors to consider to find out the best one depending on the particular purposes. And, a little bit homework on the following factors can help you a lot to pick the right one out of all available options in the market.

How to Choose the Balance Beam for Home Practice

Here are some most crucial factors to consider when you are going to buy a balance beam for the first time. Let’s check them out without delay!

Balance Beam Types:

The very first thing that appears at the top of the list is- the type of balance beams. Yes, as mentioned earlier, each type has some specific qualities and they are intended to be used for different purposes.

Balance Beam

Depending on the skill levels of the practitioner, you have the options to choose from High/Low Balance Beam, folding balance beams, and Stable Beams. And, we expect to provide you with a more detailed guideline on this later on so that you can determine what particular type of balance beam will suit your purpose.

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The inner core of most of the balance beams is made of different types of materials to suit each particular purpose. For example, the interior of beginner’s balance beams is made of padded foam which makes it safer than the regular beams with an interior made of wood or steel. Conversely, the interior of advanced level beams is made of high-quality steel that makes it more durable.

So, the type of materials used in the construction of the beam is extremely important and it demands of your kind attention when purchasing a balance beam.


It’s another important factor that deserves your kind consideration when it comes to purchasing a balance beam for home practice. For example, if you are buying a balance beam for your toddler to practice gymnastics at home, a high beam with a solid core like wood or steel won’t be the best choice for sure, right? Again, a lower one with soft padded inner will definitely be of no use for the advanced level practitioner, isn’t?

Considering the situation, going with the lower height one for the beginners will be the right choice while you have to upgrade to the advanced one as the skills improve.


Price is another most crucial consideration that you should always keep in the mind. Depending on the types and built-in materials, the price of the balance beam usually varies from brand to brand and models. Remember to make sure that the piece you are going to buy meets the considerations as stated above and then compare the price within the range to come up with the best one.


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