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Best Punching Bags – Choose Yours From Our Depth Review

Boxing has a lot of benefits. It is a great workout physically, and you get a lot of cardio. You can also hang the best heavy punching bag in your home and workout constantly. Many find boxing exercise routines to be therapeutic.

For anyone who has ever shopped for a heavy bag, the selection and features of each can be a little confusing. Some punching bags pertain to different fighting styles while others are great as budget-friendly starters for beginner fighters. 

So How Do You Pick a Punching Bags?

The best heavy bag will have a lot of features that give you the most opportunity to build strength and condition your muscles.

Punching the right bag will give you an incredible workout. The bag should have the right feel for your hit style as well. Bags are better for different reasons pertaining to weight, style, stand, punching bag type, and so forth.

New fighters should also consider what the best punching bags are for beginners. These could be smaller, more forgiving bags that you develop a rhythm and style while you work up to a 100-lb or 200-lb bag. 

Best Punching Bags Reviews

In each review, we look at features, quality, design, and other considerations to make sure that you get the most value from each bag.

We cover a wide variety of punching bags for different levels, so you can see what is available for very young fighters all the way up to professional levels.


Products Name




24 Pounds

27 x 27 x 68.5 Inches

29.1 Pounds

8.7 x 8.7 x 8.1 Inches

6.2 Pounds

17 x 17 x 63 Inches

100 Pounds

14 x 14 x 43 Inches

77.2 Pounds

41 x 12 x 12 Inches

70.4 Pounds

43.3 x 14 x 14 Inches

17.6 Pounds

52.3 x 15 x 15 Inches

The Century Wavemaster is a stand-up martial arts training bag with a high-quality striking surface.

 You can work 360-degrees around this heavy bag with its 69-inch tall free-standing bag design


This heavy bag is made for you to practice high-impact punches and kicks. The vinyl cover is a little bit cheap for the cost of the heavy bag, but it contains high-density foam fill that offers a little forgiveness. When full, it weighs roughly 270 pounds.

Design and Quality

Overall, the bag is a little bit wobbly and has a vinyl cover. You likely will not be able to hit this bag in training each day for over a year without seeing some damage or needing it to be replaced.


The Wavemaster XXL training bag can be filled with sand or water. The issue with this is that you have to choose the fill type and do it yourself.

Everlast is one of the top brands in punching bags. With the Everlast 2228, you get a free-standing bag that is easy to setup and uses tri-disc foam structure for the maximum energy dispersion. 

This heavy bag features an adjustable height option, from 52-inches to 65-inches.

It uses high-grade, shock absorbing foam fill with Nevatear to increase durability.

Design and Quality

This free-standing bag is perfect for 360-degree workouts. The all-black design with Everlast logos on base and bag are also quite sleek. Base can be filled with water or stand for extra stability.


The free-standing bag design can be a little bit prone to falling over unless you choose the right base fill. When filled completely, the bag weighs approximately 250 pounds.

The Pure Fitness Boxing MMA Target bag offers a smaller free-standing option for children.

You can use this bag to train different target exercises.

This punching bag is color-coded with different hits for target practice. The vinyl construction can withstand most kicks and punches.

Design and Quality

At 64” tall, this is a great bag for kids to start on to practice hits especially if under the age of 13. The bag is a little poorly designed for a serious fighter. It can wobble too much for heavy hitters even at the beginner level.


Base can be filled with stand or water for stability. You will want a heavier weight for taller, heavy hitters who pack a good kick.

04. Muay Thai Heavy Punching Bag

This heavy-duty Muay Thai training punching bag comes in red and black with a Outslayer emblem on the top. This is one amazing looking bag for any gym.

With a sleek exterior, the Outslayer Muay Thai bag offers a long punching bag that should be in every gym. It is extremely durable and filled with fabric layers.

Design and Quality

This is a Muay Thai kick boxing punching bag that is exactly 6-feet tall and weighs 130 pounds. It includes straps with D-Rings so you can attach to a heavy bag stand or ceiling chain. You can also add more weight to the bag if desired.


This bag comes with a 10-year warranty that covers the bag against most damage excluding weather issues and sharp objects.

05. Boxing MMA 100lbs Heavy Bag Filled

The 100-pound Outslayer Boxing MMA Heavy Bag is an essential hanging heavy bag that should be in every fighter’s ultimate training gym.

Made for MMA fighters, this boxing bag is a quality punching bag that comes with a heavy-duty vinyl cover.

The exterior is all black and features the Outslayer logo down the side.

Design and Quality

The design of this punching bag is definitely for those who want to hit hard. Made from heavy-duty materials, this 100-pound heavy bag offers a great work out for those who want to train for martial arts, boxing, fitness, and MMA styles. The bag is 55” tall and approximately 10” hang with straps


This bag comes with a 10-year warranty to protect against most damage besides sharp objects and weather damage. It also comes with an extra vinyl cover.

Ringside puts out a top-rated heavy bag that works for martial artists, boxers, and MMA fighters.

This bag is all black with four chains hanging from the top.

Heavy bag chain and swivel are included. It features a soft fill only made of composite materials.

Design and Quality

Many customers rank this bag higher than many others for its leather cover and D-ring bottom. It has a soft 2” foam liner that provides a forgiving hitting surface. If you are a heavy hitter, this bag may not be stable enough for you as it is smaller.

Younger fighters can appreciate this smaller 70-pound bag kit that comes with heavy bag gloves and real 108-inch hand wraps.

The kit is a great starter for beginner boxes. It comes with a 70-pound heavy bag as well as a pair of real globes and hand wraps.

The bag is stuffed with a custom fill of natural and synthetic fibers, making it more forgiving than other bags.

Design and Quality

Everlast is a well-known brand that has put out a quality product for years. This bag can be a little misleading for those who are starting out but who still have a heavier punch. You likely want to get a 100-pound kit instead of the 70-pound.


This is a good choice if you have a metal heavy bag stand and want to practice routines around a smaller area.

08. Ringside Powerhide Heavy Bag

Ringside Powerhide is the ultimate heavy punching bag option for MMA and Muay Thai workouts.

This bag is made to take a beating from kicks and punches. This heavy bag has a 2” foam liner that allows for a forgiving yet sturdy hitting surface.

Both professional and amateur boxers use heavy bags with this foam liner for training. 

Design and Quality

Ringside designed this bag with a soft fill for a 100-pound bag that hangs on a heavy-duty swivel chain. Fighters who are training kicks, footwork, and different punch targets will appreciate this bag best if hung from the ceiling.


The bag is made of powerhide, which is a combination of leather and other materials. It is powerful and stands the test of time from consistent use in a gym, although it can be placed in your home as well.

Everlast offers a 70-lb MMA poly canvas heavy bag for those who want a special blend filler and a forgiving surface for kicks and punches.

This bag uses a premium synthetic poliycanvas cover with a heavy bag construction that is very resilient. 

It has heavy-duty nylon straps that provide extra security and safety. 

Design and Quality

The bag is approximately 53” tall and weighs 70 pounds with a 13.5” diameter. It uses softer, blended fill that provides a hard surface. This bag should be hung from a beam to get maximum use for MMA training.

Century offers a sturdy heavy bag that has been named one of the top bags for the money.

 If you want a good workout and training as an MMA fighter, this bag is a good pick. The Century Hydrocore bag is very impact absorbent but quiet. 

You can hit the bag over and over without feeling like it’s too hard due to its forgiving soft fill and canvas cover.

Design and Quality

This bag was designed to be hung from the ceiling and strapped to the ground. The chains are included with a ring at the top.


You should hang this bag at least 7.5 above the ground. You can also purchase with the Century heavy bag stand for a quicker setup.

The Punching Bags - Buyer’s Guide

Best Punching Bags

Once you pick the right punching bag, you will start having incredible workouts that work you out from head to toe. You can train as many fighting styles as you like and develop combinations that work for you.

A great punching bag will continue to deliver durability no matter how hard you hit it. These are a few considerations to choosing the best punching bags. 

Bag Weight / Size

The best heavy bag is probably the universal 100-pound bag which you find in most professional and home gyms. The most important part of picking a bag is knowing the size that you want. Getting more information for heave bag size click here

Typically, fighters choose a 70-lb, 100-lb, 200-lb, or 300-lb bag. If you are just starting out, 100-lb punching bags are the most common for every fighting type and hit style.

If you are larger and a so-called “heavy hitter,” then picking up a 200-lb punching bag may be ideal for you.

Type of Fill

There are three different types of fills offered for punching bags. The first type is called a hard fill, which is made from shredded fiber fill.
According to Livestrong, there are also soft fill bags that have slightly more give and are enclosed with a 2-inch liner.

Finally, water-filled bags, which are in a different class from the previous two. Water-filled bags have a unique workout because there is lots to give, which makes it easier if you have joint problems. 

Type of Bag

Every bag is a little bit different according to size and weight, but mostly, you will see a similar shape and design. However, there is also a bag currently being tested that tracks your punching stats smartly.

You may want to pick up a heavy bag, double-end bag, or speeding bag. According to HealthyLiving, for this guide, we review heavy punching bags as they are typically found in every fighter’s garage or gym. 


There are a few different covers you can pick for heavy bags. The first option is always leather, but if you do not want to spend as much, you can pick between between a “nevatear” bag and canvas bag.

A nevatear bag contains composite materials. Canvas bags are just as good as leather bags, and they do last a long time.

The one cover type to stay away from would by vinyl heavy bags. These just do not stand up to repetitive hits over time. 


Most heavy bags have a warranty for a limited time. This is to protect against any defects or sudden blemishes that the manufacturer should correct.

Free Standing or Heavy Bag Stand

How do you plan to train? For free standing bags, these can be placed on the floor with a heavy weight on the bottom. With a hanging heavy bag, you would get a wall or ceiling mount and hang the heavy bag so you have 360 degrees of training ground.

However, heavy bag stands also offer a lot of versatility, and they can be placed anywhere. 

Brand Name

Some brands are historic to boxing, such as Everlast. These brands are known for high integrity products and durable materials.

Pre-Filled or Fill Yourself

Most heavy bags today are pre-filled. Sometimes you may have to fill the bottom of a free-stand with water or sand. If buying online, you should make sure to find a retailer that has free shipping.

Punching Bag Stands

If you are purchasing any heavy bag, then you also want to be able to mount it or hook onto a heavy bag stand. Hanging a heavy bag is a great option if you have structural support. Guides recommend using a concrete wall or 12” thick wooden beam to support heavy bags.

Heavy bag stand kits can be purchased for an all-in-one price, or you can purchase a stand separately. There are different options depending on what stations you want to exercise as well.

You can choose an extra wide stand for better footwork or pick a two-station bag stand that offers a hook for a speed bag as well. 

Best Room Type for Heavy Punching Bag Training

Truthfully if you can hang or place a heavy bag stand in your house, then you have the perfect all-in-one training tool that also works out your body. If you do plan to hang the bag from the ceiling, you want to pick a good support.

If you are unsure about adding mounts or holes to your walls, then you can also pick up a heavy bag stand and place in a room in your house.

Gyms have a variety of stations with different punching bag types as well. Your placement will depend on the type of fighting style, heavy bag, and other exercises you want to do with the bag, such as footwork.

Punching Bags for Beginners

A beginner fighter may not be expecting the hard surface of most heavy punching bags. The 70-lb bag is typically smaller and more forgiving. It is also easier to set up with a heavy bag stand if you want to create a home gym.

There are also bags that are made specifically for beginners, including the Everlast Punching Bag kit that you can create with a 70-pound or 100-pound bag.

If you have a kid that would like to start training and learning different targets, there are free-standing heavy bags that are made just for smaller, new fighters. These bags will have targets labeled and color-coded so the fighter can practice different hits.


Most heavy bag stands are pre-filled, but you may find that you need to fill with sand or water for the base. If you are hanging the bag, you will need to buy the bag stand or mount separately. Many punching bag reviews will tell you what fill is necessary.

What Punching Bag Size Should I Pick

There are a number of different bag sizes depending on the fighting style and height of the fighter. If you are practicing fighting moves and want a lighter weight bag, you can go with the 70-pound heavy bag.

However, the common standard for most fighters and fighting styles is the 100-pound bag. Only heavy hitters can work with bags that are over 300-pounds in most cases.

Heavy bags are great for building power and conditioning. The bag swings around freely so you can move as you like and develop footwork as well.

You may also want to add on a speed bag to train those quick jabs and punches. These are smaller bags that you can typically hang to do rapid fire punches.

You can start to develop a keen rhythm using different exercises without getting tired. It is a little bit repetitive which is why it is important to have several different punching bag options in your home gym.

There are also double-end punching bags. These are for building stamina and speed in the ring. These attach to a stand or to the ceiling and floor. You can continuously knock at a double end bag to improve accuracy and impact.

You get a lot more with these bags because you can train reflexes, hand speed, rhythm, timing, and accuracy all at once. 

Other Considerations

The type of fill matters if you want a harder surface. While most bags are filled with composite or rags, you can also get water-filled bags, which are much heavier and work best for hardcore training.

Even though a bag may be named for a particular fighting style, it does not mean that you cannot train other styles like MMA, Muay Thai, boxing, and other martial arts styles.

You should check your heavy bag for any flaws upon arrival. There are some defects in the swivel chain at the top and in some of the vinyl covers. 

Final Verdict

Whether you are setting up a personal gym or professional training space, these punching bags offer a great value for any typing of fighting style that you want to try.

The bags that stand out the most are made from high-grade materials and work for a variety of fighters. The Everlast 100-pound heavy bag is a clear winner because of its quality and choice of fill.

However, the Century Hydrocore bag is a great value for beginner fights who want a durable, long-lasting bag. There are also bags that are better for younger fighters, such as the 70-pound bag.

The Everlast bag kits are a perfect purchase for someone who wants to get started and does not yet have gloves. You can get a tremendous value out of the 70-pound kit and then build your way up to the 100-pound bag.

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