Exercises to Boost Your Hair Growth

Most Effective Exercises to Boost Your Hair Growth

Hair loss is a common condition among both men and women. Both men and women go through this condition at some point during their lives. Nowadays this problem is increasing rapidly and many people have become bald too.

There are several factors which contribute to hair loss. It is believed and researched that hair loss is mainly due to anxiety, stress, depression, and overthinking.

Apart from this, there are other biological disorders, thyroid problem, nutrition deficiency, and hereditary reasons which cause hair loss. It is suggested that a healthy diet, adding nutrition’s in daily diet food, and following certain precaution can help in reducing hair fall.

Exercises to Boost Your Hair Growth

One simple remedy to boost your hair growth is exercise. By performing certain exercises you can enhance your hair growth. This is the easiest and simplest way to boost your hair growth. Regular exercise increases the blood circulation level in the body which stimulates hair growth.

It is also important to properly tie or cover your hair while exercising so it doesn’t come in contact with sweat. But this should be kept in mind that sometimes exercising much will work reversely and will cause harm to your hairs. Excessive exercises result in more perspirations and salts from the glands which cause hair loss instead of hair growth.

Exercises to Boost Your Hair Growth

Following explained below are some of the most effective exercises to boost your hair growth quickly. If every day almost half an hour is given to these exercises than positive results will flourish.

1. Scalp Massage:

This is the easiest and coolest exercise anyone can perform to boost their hair growth. In this exercise, one must apply hot oil to the hairs and slowly and gently do massage in a way that the oil is evenly distributed to all parts of the hair.

It is recommended to massage with wither coconut, olive, or lavender oil. This increases the flow of blood to the scalp and enhances hair growth. Due to massage other sustenance required for hair growth are made available to the hair follicles.

2. Running/Jogging:

Running/ jogging is yet another most effective exercise which increases hair growth. A person must do jogging for just 30-40 minutes on the daily basis as it increases the blood flow level which in turn causes sweating. Due to frequent sweating, the pores of the scalp are opened which releases harmful noxious from the scalp and results in healthy hair growth.

3. Neck and Head Exercise:

Performing different exercises of the neck and head may help you to increase your hair growth. One simplest way is to move the neck in right, left, back, and front direction while heading in the upward direction. This not only increases blood flow level but also the circulation of oxygen in the body and mainly in the head and results in hair growth and less hair damage.

4. Cardio Exercise:

Cardio exercises are considered best for hair growth. There are various cardio exercises including aerobics, biking, swimming, and working on cardio equipment’s. By performing these exercises extreme workout is done which causes to release an oily substance commonly known as ‘Sebum’.

This substance functions to coat the hair strands helps the scalp from getting dry. Additionally, it helps the hair from getting rid of harmful toxins which affect hair growth and helps in boosting hair growth.

5. Nails Exercise:

This is the humblest and artless exercise in which you just need to rub your nails. Acupressure points are points located in our body which increases hair growth.

These are present under the fingernail and are required to be massaged properly because they increase the blood circulation to the scalp and hair follicles which are vital for hair growth. These points also stimulate certain growth hormones which are crucial for hair growth.

6. Stretching Exercises:

There are various stretching exercises which Stimulate hair growth. Stretching is very beneficial for hair growth as they reduce acids from building in the cells and muscles and as a result reduces hair fall.

Stretching exercises are a good way of improving hair growth. It increases the blood flow level and made available the hair cells which are vital for hair growth.

7. Yoga Exercise:

Yoga also stimulates hair growth. It’s not just associated to release stress level but is also good for healthy hair growth. By performing yoga on daily basis helps to increase the blood circulation level to the scalp which boosts hair growth.

8. Breathing Exercises:

Numerous breathing exercises not only releases stress and anxiety or helps in attaining peace but are also important for hair growth. Breathing exercise such as Kapalbhati pranayama helps to boost hair growth. By performing this exercise oxygen is made available to the scalp which stimulates hair growth.

9. Upside Down Exercise:

Keeping your head down on the yoga mat and being in an upside position seems a little weird but this exercise is very useful and effective for boosting hair growth. Anyway, Check out our teeter hang ups inversion table review and buying guide because inversion table helps you to hanging upside down!

Upside Down Exercise

Remaining in this position for minutes will help to enhance the blood supply level to the scalp which stimulates hair growth. Not only the blood circulation level is increased but a supply of oxygen to the scalp is also increased. The more oxygen reaches to the cells in abundance more quickly it will boost the hair growth.

10. Side to Side Hops Exercise:

This exercise is one of the best ways to reduce hair fall and boost hair growth. You can perform this exercise anywhere. Either you are in a park or home you just need to hop from side to side and your blood circulation supply to the scalp will increase which will enhance the growth of your hair.

With regular exercise, a person must take care of his diet to avoid hair loss problems. Hope that the above-given knowledge has awakened you and highlighted the importance of simple easy exercises in everyday life. Apart from the regular exercise routine, if you’re looking forward to maintaining your weave hair extensions, consult a Chinese hair vendor right away!


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