How to Select the Best Height Adjustable Desk for Home Office

According to the researches, sitting at a stretch for hours is not safe for health. It invites a number of life-threatening health issues like diabetes, high blood pressure, different cardiovascular diseases and many more.

And, the most dangerous part is –chances are there that you cannot get rid of these diseases how hard you try once you are affected. It can even cost your life in some cases as well.

From this above-mentioned excerpt, you have probably got a brief idea about the adverse effects of sitting down for a long time, especially when it becomes a regular issue.

It’s sorrowful that in today’s world, the lifestyle of humans has been changed dramatically. And, the most of us need to work for at least 8 hours with a few breaks, and sometimes just a single break for lunch.

According to a number of medical journals, to cope with this situation, you need to walk around the desk, stretch your limbs, and take short breaks. But, most of the time we see this time consuming which causes delay to finish the work.

And, most notably you will hardly find offices that allow several short breaks during the business hours. However, you cannot deny that you need to give your limbs some rest while working.

Anyway, to sort this problem out, scientists have invented height adjustable tables for home and office. It helps you adjust the height of the table whenever and however you need it. And, you can even work standing without any interruption if needs be. 

Why do You Need a Height Adjustable Desk?

Ok, it’s very simple. When you work, your body requires more energy. While you stand up, your heart beats well and the overall blood circulation of the body gets stimulated. This makes your mind more alert as well as active.

Physical inactiveness makes you feel drowsy and sleepy and your duty as an employee gets hampered. But by standing, your productivity increases and thus you can do more work without getting tired that much.

Additionally, people who sit down for a long time often encounter severe shoulder pain, back pain, numbing, disc damage, muscle pain, neck pain, and so many issues similar to these. 

Women are more prone to get attacked with leg soreness, varicose veins and feet soreness. Sometimes they may even end up with nerve problems that are too hard to cure.

According to researches, standing tables can help you to a great extent to get rid of these problems. Plus, you can maintain a good posture with the help of these tables as well.

If you already have back pain, you are more likely to experience less pain after using it for about 7-10 days as is claimed by many users. Besides, alternate standing and sitting also help you to feel comfortable and you can relieve joint pains this way as well. 

Anyway, if you start having back pain then you can also try to use teeter hang ups inversion table that help you to relief your back pain! 

How to Select the Best Height Adjustable Desk?

As you scrolled down here, we guess, you have already come to know why need to have height adjustable desks in your office or home. Now, the fact is- choosing the Best Height Adjustable Desk out of hundreds of available models and brands is indeed a daunting job as always.

But, a few things are there that can help you to a great extent to find out the best one according to your requirements as well as budget. Here is how to select the best adjustable desk for home office. Let’s check them out in the following;

Consider the Height of the Desk:

The height of the desk is very important. Set the table first (if you can manage while in the market). Then sit down and stand up a few times alternatively to check if the position is okay for you. If not, then adjust as you want it to be.

Remember, the desk should be placed such a way that your elbows lie straightly with the table and your armpits.

Double check if the top surface of the table is lower than you need. It will force you to have a very curvy spine that will ache later. If the table is higher than you need, then again, don’t forget to adjust properly. 

How Exactly Can the Chair be Adjusted?

Now, there arises another question and that is how exactly the chair should be adjusted. Well, the answer is –the desk and the chair should be placed in such a way that is convenient for your body.

The backrest, the seat and the armrest should be adjusted as much as possible according to your level of comfort.

The chair of your desk should also be adjustable like the other parts. It comes with the perfect height and you can adjust it during your standing position and sitting position as well.

Seat by leaning against the backrest without bending. If you do bend, your posture will be broken down and you will have back pain.

The depth of the chair should also be adjustable to the backrest and armrests. Be in a straight vertical position whenever you stand or sit down. That is how you can manage to support your pelvic area as well.

The Height of the Armrests:

The height of the armrests also matters when it comes to having a convenient workstation. So, you must ensure the armrests are adjusted evenly to the whole body so that you can work with ease without having any problem.

In this case, we would like to recommend you to invest in such a standing desk that stores quality and safety.

Now, when your elbows form a 90-degree angle with your wrist then you can think that you are in the correct position. The desk and the armrests should form the same height together.

Generally, with the adjustable desk, you can easily adjust the height according to your need. When the table is high, adjust your armrests accordingly. Use a footrest in other cases.

Depth of Desk:

The depth of the desk is also equally important. In most cases, the depth is almost 30” which is sufficient and convenient for most people.

If the depth is less then this measurement, then the computer monitor will seem to be closer which will hamper your eyesight and increase other visual problems. If you are planning to buy one, check this particular thing very carefully.

Width of Desk:

Now comes the width of the desk. To be honest, the width varies from one desk to another. You can buy what you want or can order a customized one if you wish.

It’s totally up to you. Again, there are various shapes as well. Choose one that is good to look at and serves your purposes at the same time.

Weight Capacity:

Every desk comes with a huge capacity to put on the laptop/desktop, flower vases, printer, stands, holders, ceramic, and other heavy things. To be very precise, most of these desks can accommodate all the workstation necessaries.

However, if you are planning to put some other things on the top, choose one that comes with more weight capacity than the regular one.

Durability and Quality:

As always, never ever compromise with the quality and durability of any product. High-quality desks are naturally made of high-quality materials and in most cases, they last comparatively longer.

Yes, a number of options you might have while in the market, and even online, but don’t invest in something you would regret.

Do a little research, and check out expert’s recommendation to find out the Best Adjustable Desk that will provide you with the best return on your investment.

So, don’t compromise on the quality and seek for the cheaper one. Invest your hard-earned money to buy something that worth, not the one that lacks quality.


Okay, we are here to point out another important recommendation now, and that is the mechanisms of the desk, of course. A pneumatic or an electric adjustment is suggested and is available in the market.

However, if you want to choose the crank adjustments then make sure you have the patience to handle it carefully as it takes time.

Plus, there will be cranks during the adjustment as well. A standing design with an electric adjustment is just the best for all, as we came to realize so far.

Adjustment Speed:

It’s another notable consideration that you should keep in mind when purchasing your adjustable desk. Like the load capacity, the adjustment speed of these desks also differs from model to model.

However, a basic math is common on every desk. Yes, you always can “adjust” anything since it’s called the adjustable desk. While some desks work faster and adjust to your expectation, some may take a bit more. So, make sure you are going for the right one as per your requirements.

The Noise Consideration:

Now, here comes another important consideration that begs your utmost attention. When you use the electric adjustment for the desk, you may have to cope with the noise that comes from the motor attached to it.

Keep in mind that the sound range also varies from one particular model to another. When you place the desk in your house or any private compound then it’s not that bad.

But, if you are in the office and share a common workspace, the sound may distract others which you need to keep in mind. Anyway, no desk is that much annoying provided that you’re going for a quality one. So, you don’t need to worry about it.

Keyboard Tray:

A keyboard tray is sometimes ignored but you need to understand that it’s an important part of the standing desk. It helps to get the keyboard near to you to type comfortably.

If you ask me about my personal experience, I’ll say that I cannot even think of a single day without my keyboard tray. Every time I type anything on the computer, I pull the tray out and start typing. It helps me to avoid back pain too.

Monitor Arm:

A monitor arm is another important part of your adjustable desk. It’s kind of an arm attached to the table and connected with a nut and bolt. After installing the monitor arm, you can adjust the monitor the way you need and keep it the position for the entire day.

A monitor arm is specially designed to comfort your back, eyes, and neck. Just go for a high-quality desk comes with monitor arm to get the best out of your workstation.

Does an Adjustable Desk Worth Your Investment?

It’s one of the most common questions that might pop up in your mind like so many people out there. And, we guess, you’ve already come to know the answer, provided that you went through the lines.

Well, in case you missed, let’s give you a hint once again. If you are someone that spends most of the working hours on desk jobs, nothing can be an alternative to an adjustable desk that you can use as per your choice.

You are probably aware of the health issues you might encounter if you work for a long time bending forward while sitting on a mere chair.

An adjustable desk in this regard can be a win-win option if you don’t want to let your work harm your health and at the same time let your health hinder your work. 

Moreover, you will have a boost in your performance while working on a desk that you can adjust to your comfortable position. Considering all these, an adjustable desk definitely worth the money provided that you spent it wisely and of course on the right product.

Final Words

By the time you scrolled down to here, we expect that you read between the lines and came to know how to select the Best Height Adjustable Desk for home or office. While guiding you in the post, we also tried to cover some benefits of having a workstation that you can adjust to your comfort level.

We hope this post was helpful and you enjoyed reading. And, as always, feel free to let us know if you have any query related to the topic in the comment section below.


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