Body Fitness Impacts Hair Growth

5 Undefined Ways Your Body Fitness Impacts Hair Growth

Body fitness is essential for the mind, body, hair and other areas. Staying fit and working out has numerous benefits that can influence hair growth, American Journal study suggests.

Body fitness also includes eating the right type of food which is necessary for a healthy lifestyle. People who often exercise will realize that their hair is a lot healthier.

Body Fitness Impacts Hair Growth

Staying fit increases your overall health and improves the circulation of blood in the body. Increased blood circulation fuels growth in the hair follicles. This in return means that if you have good overall health, there will be the facilitation of healthy hair growth.

Moreover, a lot of exercises can be harmful to your hair. They can lead to chronic stress in your body that can lead to immature hair shedding. Also, excess exercise can make you sweat a lot.

The salty sweat can build up in your head causing damage to your hair or shedding of your hair. While body fitness is necessary always try to avoid exercises that are extreme which can lead to hair damage. Here are five undefined ways in which body fitness impact hair growth.

Reduced Stress

Regular exercising helps in stress reduction. In one way or the other, our hair can be affected by stress. When we are incredibly stressed our bodies produce a hormone that is called cortisone. Cortisone causes shedding of hair on your head. The lower your cortisone levels are, the thicker your hair will be.

When we are exercising our bodies, produce a hormone which is called serotonin. Serotonin helps to reduce stress, and also it creates a feeling of happiness. The way you feel can affect your hair growth either negatively or positively.

Also, body fitness can improve your mood and also reduce the chances of getting mental disorders like seasonal disorders. The less stress that you have, the more your hair will grow. If you know that you get stressed easily try working out often.

Regeneration of Body Cells

When you go to sleep, there’s an increase in the production of cells and a slower breakdown of proteins. Mostly our hair is generally made of proteins. The protein is needed in our body for hair and cell growth.

Exercising regularly gives room for better sleep which leads to better cell renewal, and in return, it leads to the general health of your hair.


Boosts Oxygen and Blood Flow to The Scalp

When you are exercising your heart rate increases, and your arteries begin to dilate allowing oxygen and blood to reach your scalp and skin. When the flow of blood is increased, it means that more nutrients will be delivered to the scalp.

This also repairs the damage and cures your itchy scalp that might have been caused to your hair by exposure to the sun and environmental pollutants. Also, there’s collagen production which is caused by the increment of the nutrient supply to the skin. Collagen helps in the reduction of wrinkle formation.

Improved Overall Health

Body fitness is essential to our bodies. Exercising regularly toughens our cardiovascular systems. Also, they help in the reduction of sicknesses and medical conditions which might affect hair growth.

Having a body that is healthy is a good way of having hair that is healthy, naturally glowing skin and tail fibers. When your body is healthy, it will function well, and this includes growing hair that is strong and healthy.

Relaxes Tense Muscles

Regular stretching and exercise are vital for your health, including the condition of your hair. The advantage of being an active person is that you increase your body fitness and strength, and also you improve the health of your hair and skin too. The more you occupy your body with good food and exercise the healthier your hair will become and grow.

Exercises That Can Help in Hair Growth


Activities which involve a backbend or an inverted pose will increase blood flow to your head and scalp. Yoga is an exercise considered a perfect way of promoting hair growth as it includes various upturned Yoga poses such as shoulder stands, downwards facing dog, and sun salutations. Yoga is a calming exercise, and it also helps in reducing stress levels.

You can practice yoga to improve your hair growth and other physical illnesses too. Exercises make you feel good, and they strengthen your stands, postures, and how you sit and walk.

Vajrasana or the Diamond Pose

This is one of the most straightforward exercises, and it can be performed after dinner or lunch. The diamond pose exercise helps in improving the digestive system which leads to healthy hair growth and body. Vajrasana or the diamond pose is an excellent exercise for meditation or breathing exercise.

If you have problems with your joint muscles, it’s advisable to avoid doing this exercise. The Vajrayana promotes the growth of hair to a great extent.

Scalp Oil Massage Exercises

Giving an oil massage is also a form of exercise. Oil massages can be used as exercises for your scalp. Scalp oil massages improve the blood to your scalp, and it boosts your hair growth.

oil message

The scalp oil massage exercise aids in the provision of essential nutrients to the hair follicles making them be healthy and increase their productivity.

Upside Down Exercises

This is one of the best scalp exercises for the growth of hair that can help your hair to grow well. With this exercise, you use your head to balance yourself on the yoga mat.

If by any chance you have neck injuries, you should not perform this exercise without the help of your supervisor. Take your time to learn this exercise though it might take some time. Continuous upside down activities will help in your hair growth


Body fitness is vital for the overall functioning of the body. Body fitness includes exercising, eating well and sleeping well. One of the ways that body fitness can impact hair growth is by regular exercising. Regular exercising will improve your hair growth and the overall health of the body.


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