How To Clean Peloton Yoga Mat

How To Clean Peloton Yoga Mat | The #1 Expert Guide In 2022

The thing about peloton mats is that they could easily break down if they are not cleaned properly and regularly. As much as yoga is more of a form of meditation than it is a workout, you’re bound to produce some sweat some of which is bound to soak into your mat.

Luckily, there are lots of ways how to clean peloton mats but it’s all about doing it right which is what we’ll be covering today.

Before we dive into how you can get one clean, it is important to note that peloton mats when wet could attract a lot of dirt, grime, and dust which cling onto the Peloton. As such water alone won’t cut it.

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to get them clean.

What Do You Need?

Thankfully, everything you need to get the mat clean is not hard to come by. These include a plastic spray bottle, distilled vinegar for the cleaning, water, and essential oils.

Step By Step Instructions To Get The Mat Clean

First things, before you start cleaning the mat, first remove the peloton from the mat. This allows you to be able to clean the entire surface area. Additionally, the weight of the peloton would create indentations in your mat which is where there’ll be a lot of grime and sweat.

So, first things first, you’ll need to fill the spray bottle about ¾ full with water. You can use warm water if you don’t intend to use the solution later on. But, for the sake of hygiene, it is important to boil the water first and allow it to cool off before you put it in the spray bottle.

Next, add 1/4 of the distilled white vinegar to the water in the bottle. Vinegar, as it turns out is quite amazing for cleaning grime, sweat, and dirt, and to add icing to the cake, it won’t deteriorate the quality of the mat. As far as the smell of vinegar is concerned, you don’t have to worry about this since the solution is well diluted.

Next, add about 3 drops of the essential oils such as lavender or tea tree to the vinegar-water solution. Either of these has anti-bacterial properties which serve to remove any odors from your peloton mat.

Last but not least, spray the entire mat with the cleaning solution, then use a kitchen roll to remove any residual dirt and sweat from the mat.

Tips And Tricks To Getting Your Mat Clean

In addition to knowing the best way to clean a peloton yoga mat, here are some things you ought to observe for the best results.

Avoid Using Boiling Water

If you happen to do this, the peloton mat will be damaged since the heat would be too much on the rubber. Similarly, it’s highly recommended that you refrain from using disinfectant or bleaching agents. These could not only discolor but bleach will also damage your mat.

Simply put, you should be watchful of most household cleaning solutions. It would be much safer to use a gym cleaning solution.

Do Not Use Soap Whatsoever

As much as it may seem smarter to use soap, it’s not advisable to do this since the soap can make the mat slippery and harder to clean. Additionally, soap will also create a gunky layer as you try to clean with it which you’ll find quite hard to get rid of using paper towels

Here’s when you should use soap…

It is advised that you thoroughly clean your mat once in a while. When you need to do a deep clean on your mat, you could take your mat to the bath and then use the shower head to get it clean with soap and water. You could also submerge it in water then give it a good scrub, rinse it off and air it to dry.

Could You Use Baby Wipes To Clean Your Peloton Mat?

Whenever you may need to do a quick cleaning of your mat, baby wipes are a viable option. The reason for this is that they don’t have hard chemicals that could potentially damage your mat. The downside to using these however is that most of them are scent-free and you may need to use essential oils to get rid of any bad odors.

Final Verdict

There are lots of ways to clean your peloton yoga mat but it all comes down to what is safe, and effective and won’t subject your mat to wear and tear.

It might be tempting to use what you already have in your cleaning kit. Though this could get your mat clean, it’s not recommended to use such while cleaning fitness equipment since they have chemicals that could be harsh on your skin in the long run.

Also, whereas a water-vinegar solution or baby wipes could get the job done effectively, deep cleaning is recommended every once in a while. For the sake of looks, it’s recommended that you hang the mat straight to prevent vent or kink formation.

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