How to Set Up and Properly Use an Inversion Table?

Are you looking for an easy, effective, and complete guideline to set up your inversion table? After reading the user manual and set up instructions of the best inversion tables, our experts have intended to share a detailed inversion table guideline. Let us guide you How to Set Up an Inversion Table.

Now, let us have a close look at every single step in the following. We hope this post will help you largely to set up your inversion table by yourself very easily. So, what are you waiting for?

Just go through our expert’s instructions and follow them step by step. You are just a few steps away to set up your inversion table in the easiest way!

How to Set Up My Inversion Table?

After getting your inversion table shipped to your sweet home, probably you were thinking of the easiest way to set it up. At the same time, start working out within the shortest possible time.

Every single manufacturer of inversion therapy tables claims that their products are very easy to assemble, adjust, and use. However, the bitter truth is, they are not as easy as they claim to be, especially if you do not understand their instructions properly.

So, what happens to every single user at the very beginning- is some bitter experience. You may wonder now, is the process of setting up an inversion table very complex? Alternatively, something like that?

If you are thinking so, you are partially wrong. Setting up the best inversion table is a matter of trick. If you can master them, it will seem magic to you. You just need to follow these steps (mentioned in the following) very carefully, and in cold blood.

Things You Need to Know:

To set up your inversion table properly, you just need to keep three (3) key settings in your mind and pay keen attention to each of them. These 3 key settings are:

1. Weight Setting
2. Height Setting
3. Ankle Setting

These are the basic settings for most of the inversion tables that requires close attention of the user while setting up the table as well as using it. Now, let’s go to the steps straight.

Step 1:

First of all, you need to set up the body, the frame of your inversion table and then clip the weight setting into the frame of your inversion table. It is termed “Weight Setting” as the bar you have clipped with the body accommodate the weight of the user.
Note: “Weight Setting” may vary from brand to brand. If you don’t find the location of clipping your weight bar into the table, open up the instructions or user manual and find weight setting section to set it properly.

Step 2:

After setting up the weight bar successfully, you need to set up and then adjust the “Height Setting” of your inversion table. In this section, you need to determine your height first. While measuring your height, make sure that you put off your shoes.
Note: While setting up the height bar, set it 1” taller than your height. Though it is not mandatory, it helps to adjust the height while you are using the table.

Step 3:

Now, the next thing that you need to do is to set up the “Ankle Setting” of your inversion table. Ankle support being an important issue, you need to pay special attention to this particular section. While setting it up, make sure you will feel comfortable.

Step 4:

It is an additional setting. If your inversion table is featured with the ankle lock, then you need to work out on this section too. Before setting up the ankle lock position, you need to make your mind whether you are going to wear shoes, socks or simply barefoot while using your inversion table.
Now, tight up you ankle lock position and make sure it is tight enough to provide the maximum security, as well as prevent you from slipping out.
Note: Keep it in mind that the more secure your ankle support will be, the more comfortable your inversion table will be while using.

The Final Words:

After going through the steps above, we hope you have already understood How to Set Up My Inversion Table by yourself with or without a minor assistance. If you need any further guideline or anything that is not clear to you, feel free to ask our experts support. They are very friendly and love to assist our visitors in any circumstances.

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