Neck and Shoulder Pain

10 Tips to Relieve Your Neck and Shoulder Pain

Neck and shoulder pain are among the most discomforting conditions that most people face in different parts of the world. Neck pain is a term used widely as a result to describe the annoyance caused by the condition. When one experiences these pain, it is important to find an immediate cure to prevent further medical complications.

Home Remedies for Neck and Shoulder Pain

Neck and shoulder pain causes failure in the normal body functioning and therefore limiting one from carrying out their day to day operations.

Neck pain to be precise restricts one to move or node the head in any direction and this causes pain at the back and hence extending the effects to the shoulders.

Neck Pain Could Be Caused by Several Factors Some of Which Includes:

  • Poor Sleeping Postures
  • Experiencing Stress and Tension
  • Spending Long Hours While Browsing or Even Studying
  • Injuries That Could Also Cause Pains in the Neck

The following are some of the ways you may consider to get control of shoulder and neck pain while at home.

Undertaking Some Neck Exercises

This is one of the widely used home remedy procedures to quickly reduce the neck and shoulder back pain. It only requires a simple procedure and therefore it is easy to do it. Doing some exercises on your neck will stretch the neck muscles and hence help relieve the problem.

You can slightly move your head forward and backward for some few minutes. Later you can nod from right to left to relax your neck muscles. You can do this on your own or just ask someone to help you do it.

However, you need to be careful not to sharply dislocate your neck muscles by making swift movements. You may repeat the procedure for about 20 times to quickly relieve the stiffness.

Yoga and Meditation Techniques

As stated above, neck pain could be as a result of stress and tension and hence trying to meditate on what bothers you and sorting it out could be a good move to make. There are a variety of yoga asanas that one may carry out to I’ll several conditions. Some of them include:

Trikonasana– This is a significant technique in relieving both neck and shoulder pain.
Savasana– This posture is meant to bring total relaxation of the mind and the body and as a result of relieving the general body stress and tension.
Marjariasana – This posture is referred to as a cat pose which simply stretches your spine and back muscles all aiming at relieving the neck and shoulder pain.
Balasana– This is the kid’s posture whereby you carry out some stretch techniques in order to relieve the pain in the shoulder and the neck.

Using a Mixture of Natural Oils

There are a variety of natural oils that can be used to calm down the situation. Extract some drops of oil from basil, cypress, lavender, and peppermint oil. After extracting the oil you can now mix them with some warm olive oil. When the mixture is ready for use, gently massage the neck to relieve the pain. The oils perform different healing functions and hence contributing to the total relieve of neck and shoulder pain.

Massage Therapy

Gently massaging the neck could also play an important role in getting control of the whole situation. You could decide to use either olive or coconut oils for the therapy. Doing this for a couple of minutes aids in stimulating the floor of blood in the body and therefore providing healing solutions for both neck and shoulder pain. Now a day’s different kind of neck and shoulder massager that is great for massage.

Using Ice Cubes

This is a simple home remedy that we could assume but it could be very important in controlling the whole situation. The procedure is simple and hence anyone can use it to prevent further health complications. Place some pieces of ice cubes in a towel and place the towel on the shoulder and neck where the pain is being experienced. The ice cubes generally reduce inflammation and hence relaxing the shoulder and neck muscles.

Use of Epsom Salt for Neck and Pain

Epsom salt contains both magnesium and sulfate components which play an essential role in increasing blood circulation in the body and as well as reducing stress and muscle tensions. Put about 2-3 cups of Epsom salt in a warm water in a bathtub. After completely mixing the salt in the water you can soak in the solution for approximately 15 minutes to reduce the neck pain.

Applying Hot Compressions

Making a hot shower on your shoulder for about 15- 20 minutes to relax the muscles. This will as well as reduce the shoulder pain. An electric pack can also be used as an alternative technique for the hot shower to relax the shoulder muscles. However, you should always be careful if you go for the electric option to avoid further injuries. Set the pack on a medium heat and not on a high heat level.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Vinegar contains some antioxidants and anti-inflammatory compounds which relaxes the body muscles and as well as relieving the body pain. This ingredient works best when applied regularly to the affected area. Soak some cloth in the cider vinegar and immediately place it on the neck and shoulder where you are experiencing the pain. Vinegar is highly recommended for relieving stress in the body muscles and hence reducing the pain.

Use of Vitamins

Vitamins are widely known for maintaining a healthy functioning of the body and therefore it is used to relieve both neck and shoulder pain. Anti-inflammatory effects are also felt on including vitamins on your diet.

Using a Neck Collar to Reduce Neck Pain

The collar is mainly required to enable the neck to comfortably support the head when healing from the pain. The procedure is also very simple since you are only required to tie the collar around the neck for some time until the pain reduces. Stretching the neck and shoulders after also helps to relieve the pain.

All the above techniques are very essential in helping to relieve both shoulder and neck pain and hence it is important to consider them for a quick solution on the condition. It is also important to determine the extent of your situation if it is too severe then there is a need to see a medical physician to avoid further complications.


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