How to wear shoes that are too big Man & Woman

It is one of the most irritating situations as well as a dilemma to the shoe lovers. Guess why? Any idea? Okay, let us explain. See, you have got a nice pair of shoes with unbelievable discount but incurred with a slight problem. Yes, what if they are more than a bit large to fit decently?

We know how you would probably feel at that very crucial moment. And that is why we are going to share some really effective tricks with you in this post on How to

Yes, what if they are more than a bit large to fit decently? We know how you would probably feel at that very crucial moment. And that is why we are going to share some really effective tricks with you in this post on How to Wear Shoes That Are Too Big.

Again, you come up with an amazing one with an incredible discount on sale, and that is the last remaining pairs available which are larger than your feet. What would you do in such situations?

  • So, say goodbye to your silly problem, have the smile on your face and go through the tricks below:

Put on Thicker Socks:

If your shoes are just a little bit larger to be fitted decently with your feet, wearing the thicker socks is second to none in this regard. If the gap is big enough to be filled with a single pair of thick socks, you can surely try with multiple pairs to make the padding thicker than the gap.

What you need to make sure is- you are feeling comfortable, no matter whether you are wearing two or three pairs of socks. Because no one is going to investigate how many pairs you have worn. Probably it is the easiest way to wear larger shoe.

But, if you feel uncomfortable with multiple pairs of socks to adjust your feet in the larger shoe, simply give up this step and follow another most effective one.

Use a Filler Material:

If the trick stated above doesn’t work with your pair of shoes, give a try to this one. It is also another effective way that is almost cost free. Yes, you can use filler materials like; tissue paper, thin rags, or even toilet papers as well. Though these things don’t cost much, they can be really an unbelievable solution to your problem.

You can use any of these cheap and easily available filler materials to adjust your favorite pair of shoes with your feet without spending too much effort and money.

Rubber Strips: 

Rubber Strips can be another effective solution in this regard as they are made especially for this particular purpose. If your shoes are not that large then it can be the best choice to wear a pair of shoes that is larger than your feet.

To apply this hack in the easiest way, you need to determine the space first by walking for a few minutes wearing your large pair of shoes.

Then stick one single strip inside your shoe just at the end of your ankle and wear the shoes again. Now, repeat the job till you get your desired fitting. We hope this trick will help your purpose.

Even if this trick seems quite tiresome for you, we do not end here. Keep scrolling and find out the easiest one for you from the following:

Use Insoles:

Insoles are basically used for more comforts and cushioning. Usually, a shoe insole is made of soft foam and kept below the shoe sole to provide added comforts for those who are having posture problems. It can be an effective solution for filling the space inside your shoes as well.

So, if you are looking forward to adjusting extra space in your favorite pair of shoes as well as making them more comfortable to wear, using a shoe insole can be the best choice for you with an added expense of a few bucks.

Seek a Professional:

If you are still in two minds and can’t decide whether you should follow any of the tricks presented above and adjust the space your shoes by yourself, you better seek for a professional. Though it may cost you a few bucks more, there lies the opportunity to get the best fit too.

Going to a professional can be a permanent solution for adjusting extra space in your shoes if you are willing to spend a few bucks.


Apart from the tricks that are stated above, there are a few tricks that require more involvement than that are presented earlier. For instance, you can shrink your shoes dipping into the water or by spraying water if you can risk. Though some shoes can endure the process of wetting them and then air-dry, we don’t want you to risk your investment.

Yes, your large pair of shoes may get smaller following the hack, but it may damage your shoes as well.

Final Words:

At the end of the post, we hope you went through the tricks on How to Wear Shoes That Are Too Big and probably decided which one you are going to follow. If you have that time and patience, you can do the job on your own and save your pocket. You can apply any of these quick and easy tricks to adjust your large pair of shoes effortlessly.

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