The Complete Beginner Guide Choosing Cross Training Shoes

Are you a fitness enthusiast? Love to go to the gym, cycling, or simply jogging? Looking forward to buying a pair of cross training shoes? If that is it, we ensure you that you have landed to the right place.  Yes, in this post, titled as “The Complete Beginner Guide Choosing the Best Cross Training Shoes” we are going to share some most effective tips and tricks about cross training shoes.

Well, before going to the core of our discussion today, let’s have a glance on the overview of the post. This post contains every single thing that you need to know about cross training shoes.

Yes, from choosing the right pair for you to using the shoes in an exact way. In a word, this post contains the ins and outs of the best cross training shoes that are available in the markets these days. So, let’s get going without delay!Beginner Guide Choosing the Best Cross Training ShoesBeginner Guide Choosing the Best Cross Training Shoes

What Is Cross Training Shoes?

In our day to day life, we are bound to wear a different type of shoes for different purposes. For example, we don’t use the same pair of shoes while going to the office, hanging out with someone, attending ceremonies, joining the party, going out for jogging, cycling, or any other form of outdoor activity.

So, changing shoes becomes a must due to different purposes as mentioned above. Changing shoes for a few times in a day is undoubtedly irritating, right? Even if you are quite sporty, we know how boring you feel when you can’t help changing shoes for different types of fitness activities you usually take part.

Cross Training Shoes in this sense is such a pair of shoes that can help you get rid of the problems you face every single day. A pair of cross-training shoes can simplify your extremely engaging life as well as save your hard earned money.

It is also familiar as an all-in-one shoe designed for different types of sports. They are simply awesome, durable, and fully functional to meet your versatile purposes. That is why people who are engaged in various athletic activities, go outdoor for recreational activities, as well as those who like to join occasional sports, love to call it “Shoe of Choice”.

How to Choose the Beginner Cross Training Shoes

While you are going to buy a pair of cross training shoes, there are a few things that you need to keep in mind. A there a number of brands and varieties, you may simply wonder which one to buy. So, it is very important to know the hacks of choosing the best one out of hundreds of varieties, especially for beginners.

Whether it is your first time you are going to buy a pair of cross training shoes or going to buy a new pair, we hope these tricks will keep you on the track!

Let’s have a look at the considerations that you must keep in mind while choosing the best pair of cross training shoes for you as well as your near and dear ones.

Foot Shape:

Of all the considerations, determining the shape of your foot is the most important factor that deserves to be paid proper attention. First of all, find out if you are flat footed or having high arches. If you can’t do it by yourself, ask for store staff’s assistance in determining your foot shape.

If you are one of those who is having high arches, we would like to suggest you go for cross training shoes with more cushioned sole. Otherwise, you may feel uncomfortable as well as pain while working out.

For flat footers, the neutral shoe can be the right choice to go ahead. Neutral shoes help in keeping your feet at the exact position. Therefore, you will have full comfort and control while exercising.


It is needless to describe the importance of fitting while buying exercising shoes. Wondering why it is important? Well, both too small and too big shoes are risk prone. If your shoes are too big, they are likely to cause painful blisters. Again, if they are too small, you will surely feel uncomfortable as well as intolerable pain.

No matter, whether you are buying an expensive one or just regular cross training shoes, you must ensure they are properly fit with your feet and enough comfortable to wear. If you have the option to go to the stores and buy your shoes being physically present, put on your workout socks and have a quick trial before buying.

Can’t decide what if they aren’t enough comfortable? Well, just avoid the pair and try another. If you are buying from online stores, simply return them and ask for a refund. If you have issues like a fitting problem, return the pair and ask them for another size. If your ordered pair lacks comfort, then it’s better you return them and go for another brand.


When you have measured the shape of your feet and already decided which one (Neutral or Extra Cushioned) is required for you, it’s time we look onto the shoes. The upper portion of your cross training shoes is as important as measuring your foot shape in terms of comfort while using.

Though almost all cross training shoes are stable as well as having supportive features for more comfort, it is always better to think of the next step of comfort. We mean the one with the best option for quality exercise.

If your feet are more likely to get wet, we mean tend to produce sweat while exercising, we would like to suggest you go for a pair that has breathable material in the upper portion. If your feet don’t get wet while exercising, we would like to suggest you go for a more supportive shoe with leather upper.


Traction is also another notable consideration that you need to keep in mind while choosing the perfect cross training shoes for you. We hope you don’t want to slide off from the treadmill as well as slip while working out! Right?

If that is what you want to avoid when exercising, you must ensure maximum traction in your exercise shoes. Though Cross Training Shoes are usually designed with more traction other than running or walking shoes, you too can’t overlook this consideration.

Before you buy a pair, put on the shoes and shift as well as twist your feet to ensure proper traction. If you feel comfort and more grip while wearing the shoes, you can surely go to grab that perfect pair.


Brand of your exercise shoes is always a matter of concern. We hope none wants to waste their hard-earned money in exchange for a product that lacks quality. That’s why you must count on the brand of your cross training shoes.

Confused which one to buy with lots of options? Well, if you don’t have prior experience with any specific brand, try at least three or more brands before selecting your perfect one. We all know that each brand has some difference and they will fit quite differently.

In this case, your most trusted brand may seem unfit while it’s all about exercise shoes. So, don’t even think of sticking to the same brand you are wearing for years. Yes, the brand is always a notable consideration as we mentioned above, you need to focus on comfort especially when buying any kind of exercise shoes.

Additional Reminder:

Once you are done with the considerations mentioned above, look for authentic user’s opinion if available, especially when trying a new brand. If possible, go for a renowned brand even if they cost a few more bucks.

If you have gone through our expert’s considerations as stated above and keep them in mind while buying your cross training shoes, we hope you are going to buy a Piece! Happy Buying!!

What Are The Benefits Of Wearing Cross Training Shoes?

Well, if you are wondering about the benefits of wearing cross training shoes, let us tell us the benefits in brief.

It is said that cross training shoes are basically one type of hybrid shoes combining different features of various athletic footwear. For example, a cross training shoes may have lateral stability, the feature of tennis and basketball shoes, heel cushioning like running shoes, or forefoot cushioning like volleyball shoes.

Cross training shoes are made of both flexible and leather type materials. And both of them have different benefits for wearers. One of the notable benefits of wearing a cross training shoe is- it can be used for different purposes. It can be a decent option especially for those who take part in various activities, precisely, jack of all trades and aren’t fixed at one.

Why Should You Go For Cross Training Shoes?

Well, if you are still in two minds and can’t decide why you should go for a decent pair of cross training shoes, let us remind you a few points.

  • One single pair of shoes for different types of workout
  • Comfortable for various types of sports
  • Saves both time and money as you don’t need to wear and buy a new pair for another activity
  • Serves the purpose of numerous fitness activities
  • Durable and longer lasting than general walking or running shoes
  • Modern, Fashionable, and Classy to look at

Apart from all these, cross-training shoes are designed to let you feel more secured and comfortable while taking part in different types of physical activities. In a word, they can be termed as “master of all exercise shoes”

For What Activities You Can Wear Cross Training Shoes?

From the discussion above, we hope you have already come to know the purposes of wearing a cross training shoe. If they aren’t enough clear and you are still confused, let us guide you in brief in the following.

First of all, you can use them for various sports, elliptical training, all sorts of workouts; especially low impact workouts, inside and outside the gym and what not. In a word, they are such a shoe with more flexibility, protection, and comfort.

One of the most notable advantages of wearing a cross training shoe is- you won’t have to wear different shoes for different purposes. For example, you can wear the same pair of shoes while going to jog, cycling, running, as well as taking part in sports like tennis, basketball, or volleyball. In short, cross training shoe is one single pair for a number of purposes.

Let us tell you some specific activities where you can wear your shoes to get some specific benefits in the following


Cross training shoes can be a decent option to be worn for walking. Wearing a perfectly fit cross training shoes can maximize the comfort of your feet very easily. You can also use them while running to grab more support.

Basketball & Tennis:

Jogging, cycling, running and walking, you can also wear cross training shoes for both Basketball and Tennis as well. While playing basketball, they can provide you with more cushioning and comfort every single time you jump. You can also get lateral support while playing tennis as well. They can be helpful to get you quick cuts in tennis court too.

Indoor Workouts:

Wearing cross training shoes can also be very beneficial for indoor workouts like weight loss training, pushups, jumping rope, etc. as well. You can avail more stability wearing a right fit pair of cross training shoes.

When Should You Replace Your Cross Training Shoes?

Along with grabbing the benefits that you can get wearing a pair of cross training shoes, it is also very important to replace your shoes after a certain period of time due to safety reasons. According to fitness experts, you should not use a pair of cross training shoes for more than 100 hours, even if they remain usable.

Even if you follow expert’s advice, you can surely use a pair for at least one year if you use them for moderate working out sessions of an hour for two days in a week. If you are one of those more vigorous people who exercise more than 3 or 4 hours in a week, you might have to replace them every 6 months.

At the end of the post, we expect that you have gone through the lines and got a clear concept regarding cross training shoes. If you have any query after reading “The Complete Beginner Guide Choosing the Best Cross Training Shoes” feel free to contact our professionals.

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